Amy McGrath speaks out on challenging McConnell for Kentucky Senate seat

Former Marine fighter pilot Amy McGrath discusses taking on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and raising $2.5 million in 24 hours for her Senate bid.
7:41 | 07/10/19

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Transcript for Amy McGrath speaks out on challenging McConnell for Kentucky Senate seat
After president trumpet. Democrats in the twentieth when he race for the White House and congress are turning their attention to the top Republican in the senate senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is their top target. And they look to take out Mitch McConnell as somebody after bad who is the chief obstacle to their agenda and now he has a democratic challenger we're joined now. By their challenger in your grass she's a retired. Marine lieutenant colonel also a combat pilot she is hot out of the gate to take on Mitch McConnell and Swanee Swanee she has raised. Two would have million dollars and 24 hours that's a new record any great to see if thanks so much. For joining us is so what do you make of that donation flied what does that say about your campaign. Well I think really it's it's not about me it's about Kentucky and it's about our country and it's about senator tunnels. Failure. In net Peter sit Kentucky. And leadership in the country I mean I think people are her route lean. Obsessed with the dysfunction in Washington in the snow different around the country and at a news here in Kentucky. What do you think okay here's a weaknesses AA has a you know he's he hits definitely. Fended off challengers for years. As you look to take a mom what what's his biggest weakness right now. He's weak in many areas. You know me. Kentucky voted overwhelmingly for president trop. And they spend many kids are unions and are still barracks it present time been in a lot of it is because if you think about why. Many Kentucky in order for the president they voted for him to jury's long. CU do big things an infrastructure to do reasonable things like bring down that prescription drug prices and answer thing. And a lot of those things have been blocked buying. Senator cop and so I think that that that's that's really the message ending Kentucky ends don't really like the political parties can't they don't really think that the establishment that DC establishment has. Has worked for its. And and senator McConnell is that the base example. And add your opponents are already the PT EU is a scary. Candidate from the left in fact some of them have seized done. Some comets emitted a fund raiser recently wanted to ask you about them you reportedly said that you're further left more progressive. That anyone else in the state of Kentucky d.'s do you stand by that is that an accurate characterization of your. Here platform. Well it's really just being Republicans like the latest. And they won't release the entirety of the Clinton had you know. And that this is that this is standard in politics today. And I so yeah I remember when I remember about bats that says fund raiser was that that was right after the Las Vegas shootings and I was up in Boston folks got their work wanting to put on what I thought was beard restricted. Why does regards the guns and I was trying to explain to them he's. I'm consult him I'm somebody who. I Shia every weapon you can you in big I'm somebody nine millimeter struck my chest in combat and many executives were were pro second. And I am to him and gun owner. And I was trying to say look I'm reasonable things like better background checks. And it but you're not gonna get much more than that at a Kentucky. So units of Hugo and music speaks cleaning Kentucky back to you the folks up there. You're also married to a lifelong Republican here also somebody who has run before in the state you ran. Competitive race in in 2018 and what did you learn from from your loss Tuesday gets ready year and a half ago. Well you know I think we first though we defeated the Democrat party establishment. And we exceeded expectations. And you know this is a different race and and and so I look forward to presenting my case of the people of Kentucky became very close in the last cycle. And you know world aren't going against a different person assigns different race and I look forward to this. All right Amy McGrath four to follow in your campaign the democratic candidate. For senate in the state of Kentucky challenge you Mitch McConnell the Republican leader Amy think he's so much. For joining us suffer little more now on this race Barbara Phil Bailey he's up political reporter for the Louisville. Courier journal. Philip thanks so much for coming on what what do you think the defining issue. In this race will be. Presidential I mean Chris so won Kentucky by thirty points for Hillary Clinton there with you you heard from immigrant spokesman colonel Marine Corps pilot is essentially. She has to find a way to separate. President charm from some. Polling numbers show that president trumps approval rating is closed sixteen year income talking. With cinema Koppel's. The negative six tankers. Sold over on the approved rate. As a 32 point gap where immigrants is trying to do. Those folk to clear and more rural parts of the state. This say to them and leader urged to recruit know you early. Vote for presidential. Which equivalents and McConnell all much are you willing to give me chains it's it's a high task. The difficulty and tasked certainly hard but it's what she certainly weren't meant. So you're saying she's actually gonna have to win a whole bunch of people in Kentucky who would vote for trump. And vote for a Democrat for senate which is that is that is a tie but tall order if you look at at the numbers are you surprised by the financial support she's received. Right out of the gate here. Don't know mean we're thinking McGriff proved. Hurry sort of house last year she outraged incumbent congressman Andy bar about three million dollars. Ground against Mitch McConnell who relishes being the pull through reaper of liberal America Uga what happened from all across the continue with in the state are willing to give our money. Money isn't going to be an issue she's going to be able to compete with current beliefs. For eighteen months in this race. The hard math though is still at the ground level how cooking regret it people Tony Tony a year but the president will be on the ballot. There's not any Democrats. Are opposed when he so who renounced the current president comes close to beating Donald trooper believed Joseph Biden. It's about maybe 8% in Kentucky a close of president truck so immigrant past due. Asked about this tightrope all of saying look. You pupil of the presidential to drain the swamp well the biggest alligator in that swamp is Mitch McConnell could benefit the McConnell though is is that he can say he went to. He's made this argument both Kentucky and lacrosse and treat the disorder percent Kentucky Arabs and middle America look at the top four leaders. In congress they all that speaker of the house or California. Minority leader in the suburbs as New York. The minority leader in the house of its California might be a Republican chip McCarthy Stewart as California it's it's totally point is are there mil a matter. And that led to the Supreme Court look we're done with the judiciary so I think he has a very compelling argument themselves. McGrath over these next eighteen months has. Richardson and redeem its gonna be an epic clash Philip with a lot of money and that race and a lot of attention as you said the top issue in Kentucky will be president trump. Himself as they duke it out we have a long way to go but intercede to meet Amy McGrath told Bailey nice to meet you and have you join us today thanks so much. And.

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{"duration":"7:41","description":"Former Marine fighter pilot Amy McGrath discusses taking on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and raising $2.5 million in 24 hours for her Senate bid.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64252541","title":"Amy McGrath speaks out on challenging McConnell for Kentucky Senate seat","url":"/Politics/video/amy-mcgrath-speaks-challenging-mcconnell-kentucky-senate-seat-64252541"}