The Arkansas Travelers Head to NH to Support Clinton

ABC News' Brad Mielke catches up with the Arkansas Travelers who hit the road to campaign for Hillary Clinton.
13:48 | 02/04/16

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Transcript for The Arkansas Travelers Head to NH to Support Clinton
Well hello from Exeter New Hampshire I'd NBC's Brett milky. And I'm here and a very exciting week an exciting day actually. If your fan of Hillary Clinton the Arkansas Travelers group of 86. They are writing here they're about to come by invincible as actually if you already here you can see behind me with people waving signs and and is actually some bands coming around the corner right now so alert a little bit more about the Arkansas Travelers. The first that is when a seat at this moment is like someone to turn the camera around. Dinner of the people is to get ready for over lunch appeal. They. Right yeah. Brown Arkansas today. I have 86 people here by Friday evening. We're gonna going out canvassing hands. A. My money's. C news right now. Yeah. A song I ever. Hillary supporters will forever saying earth to me. What you'll hear why now. Selena. And money to him out here. Yeah let me give up her. And before he got these two are not things that there is before that's what's gonna be like this because nobody expects. Not yeah. Yeah. It is gonna understand. Same car. Learn breaking. Thank you very. Well we're continuing on here live on As you see more and more people idling it. They don't ready to England that it campus it won't get into some sort of grassroots work. In the next few days and this is Chris. It's not my entire life. Reader items right we'll get with Your life right now if you tell us what approximately this weekend we had them over to this for so long. Over thirty years we love our I. Tell her line. It's actually was evidently yeah bills Bill Clinton's side. The score a lot of us came along I'm cousin and I did not. But we. I. Going to be like randomness. Kids get doesn't know we're not doesn't realize that don't so what do you. He's going to be anything. Other. I'll about a week which would give becoming. It's going to be ground. You very much idle people would go inside right now and I see a full conference rooms set out. These people as they're about sort of go get their assignments and learn what the good to be doing this weekend and I'm going right now. Rental but ABC news you're live on ABC news awesome. You know what it's like to seal its. Yeah Saddam's latest so much fun it's the energy the excitement it's great itself where you. I live in California but I'm from Arkansas and my heart and if so I definitely. That we live all over the place Pittsburgh ball you know. People's rhetoric god so it felt like legal residents at the moment is tell appointments what's the message you're going to be sentiment spreading this. You don't leave it. This is the cameras but this is thought to be yeah we know Hillary as a person who we know her as as a parent politician as. You know what she's done for Arkansas programs and she just she gets things so don't talk about. Heard that that Hillary you know Hillary plus. Hillary who's done things for Arkansas for us for the last decade. So it it's a personal. Now here's my question and he can bring you guys when it come over just where you from but I am sure their magnate. Young adult he acted but travelers. That's. Ever look at you can telling them. Issued a New Hampshire voters care when he opened the door talked to Arkansas traveler might think with these. New Hampshire voters have never gotten to talk to Hillary directly. And they certainly didn't get to know her over the last 2030 years the Arkansas Travelers have known Bill Clinton since kindergarten summer. And Hillary since she went down and Gary. And so they've known her for years you know personal story Saturday kitchen table they've warned that occurred that they didn't used to. I watched Chelsea take can't think they know Hillary so for the people that just get your information. And eating and the personal and real stories of a warm funny brilliant woman and both live in Arkansas could talk about what's. As the First Lady Josie you know what does this she was just the First Lady. And it works raise the Arkansas educational standards. The words mean she is known today. And a record of success. The personal story the true stories of people that really know Hillary. That's that Hillary I know that it Arkansas Travelers bring New Hampshire and. You just doing just. Checking. Baggage and act out her ears out. To. So what. True. As I was gonna say you know Arkansas are cantons of course. Know a lot about the clintons but some of the people of New Hampshire Hillary Clinton won the state. Eight years ago it had she desperately need to win it she won a likable credit and emotional plea there was a famous moment where she actually. Teared up talking about how much this state palace this race meant to hurt some people of New Hampshire know her very well Bill Clinton of course. Was was famous for traveling the state. What about the organization what's in it it's we can make sure dozens. People from Arkansas or it will actually get the passage that would like. Are. Well we. Working on its stance that part. Thank you sir we tell me. And hawking and we do a lot of breast what will be giving every day getting that we we believe we. Get up early planes don't sleep. So this tells us a little bit afloat exhaust partying again. Start this estimates or not or not I don't work. Now. We are going to rallies we are doing everything we had it not every single part or. Actually we're here to talk about Hillary weekend. Connors with the child. That's the real person. Of character and person. We first place in hell network. Attacked her. That this is Sheila brawn and she sort of head of the Arkansas Travelers who looks at what's it like it. They've been working for this for a really long time. Trying to get everything together Marcy back here and ensuring joys and work their hearts you know aren't being filmed. And we gonna be stripped of its and that he's actually. Getting ready for everybody and some in our New Hampshire resident here help but this ranks over that is really here and we're rid the streets they throw their luggage in their room right now they're gonna get back these bands and rocked him. Many people in the van by the way. When we probably get them Ali and eleven other people over the. How many kids you have a home gets so it's going to be a packed weekend for the amount a lot of southern accents this weekend. We can't ask everybody in New Hampshire for their. Important election. Advocates but this isn't critical clinical atlas was the first time you met the clintons what was that. In seven these. You can really go back yet but hey he. That was attorney general. I definitely look around the corner from me and yes we've it is really. And here in New Hampshire you know we're just a few days in which ideas with the New Hampshire primary. Another car full of people. This is a little loud review. How important New Hampshire is to the clintons because Bill Clinton this really. She changed his campaign back in 1992. India and New Hampshire saw it didn't work because of the way they handled the primaries and everything here today. They've really listened to folks and they pay attention to what you're signing and they want to know this. And so that's what we're here it is 1992 yes and it's extremely. Close relationship. New Hampshire. Builds up your lot he's come back a lot this I always meant tremendous things to him that means the same thing Hillary. She's been here a lot she's going to be here all week then that's their right to sit here any time and want to. I could see ice just awesome by there was some hotel employees are to come out here just to see what all the commotion was about. Accident. Marvelous work with. Because let's quickly just talk about the stakes of this week because this is the state. Corporate Sanders had this double digit lead people think that Hillary Clinton it is an English. And but. Guys seem most important. While talking to every little. Or with every. Catholic. As I. How. Fast. It. Historically. A person out. And things differently. Types who came here you know. With. Him. Who owns songs. All right we have some organizing rights. A little excitement will this quickly follow it we'll see some of that some of the things they've laid out for these guys just. Enables her to let these guys get to work here but let's just follow following some people here that looks as you can tell. High energy today as just an. Thanks there are the they got a little welcome baskets for all them the room keys are all but taken just a few minutes ago there were dozens of those waiting out to be taken. When a follow them down the hall of you just turn the camera aren't. Here they come as the Arkansas Travelers would actually six people. From Arkansas all staunch supporters of medical bill and Hillary Clinton to get ready to release breakdown what you're going to do this beacon has plenty inside his room. Earlier. And and I saw earlier and here are the opinions definitively these are all names of people living entity stands. The signs they've been putting out that they will sort of how with them all we get and this is what this what does this. Well his latest provocative o'clock am our outrage and we really spam and we're we're the travelers we're gonna help Hillary. That's already we're gonna walk we're gonna operate freely pastor. There you know well. And here's where a sort of an organizing will happen there's going to be here for a few short. Over what they're gonna do we hear ABC digital reader to stick with these guys for a little while longer later today we will see what this door knocking as like as a lot of people from Arkansas descend upon the state of New Hampshire. Until then. IBC's Greg milky we'll see you next time on ABC digital.

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{"duration":"13:48","description":"ABC News' Brad Mielke catches up with the Arkansas Travelers who hit the road to campaign for Hillary Clinton.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36718181","title":"The Arkansas Travelers Head to NH to Support Clinton ","url":"/Politics/video/arkansas-travelers-head-nh-support-clinton-36718181"}