Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to announce run for Senate

Sessions is expected to announce his campaign for the seat he filled before being appointed attorney general by President Donald Trump.
8:54 | 11/07/19

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Transcript for Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to announce run for Senate
Next to the race for twenty its warning a brewing drama developing today down Alabama the former attorney general of the United States Jeff Sessions a man who president trump fired. One year ago today a now wants to return to Washington as a US senator from Alabama of course she served in the United States senate. And for many years is very popular at the time he wants back in the game but he'll first have to face some Republican challengers in his home state. And he may have to face. President trump who could be supporting some of those challengers are Trish turner. Is up on Capitol Hill and has been following the senate battle as it begins to emerge down and Alabama's just a cover Jeff Sessions. Quite some time when he was up in the senate Trish. Why is Jeff Sessions getting in today do you think this is deliberate that he is wants to get back into Washington politics the same day he was fired. That's some irony event I would say there there is. There there's no chance that this by accident and there we expect this to happen today not only is it on the day he was fired. But he is going to go on and Fox News on one of president trounce. Favorite anchors show host Tucker Carlson it thinking we expect him to make this announcement that he is in the race so that's going to thing. And it's a seed that the Democrats currently hold richter said this is that's something that Republicans are very eager to pick out and they don't wanna screw. And that's exactly right so on essentially when Doug Jones to have their eighth on six years ago are not even pictures and to several years ago at the special election when fashion flap. You know I would say this is dean most endangered seats and Republicans lost present truck got involved and that's race. Roy Moore on who and when if. Scott got it got involved in the thrifty he you know he ended up winning the primary I mean it was just like a cascading series of disasters so. And being most endangered Democrat Doug Jones. I'm going into the 20/20 cycle so this is business. Totally right for Republicans to pick up the seats you know and they and they want to build a firewall they could lose a couple of other seats for shore. And us that they want to build a firewall to preserve their majority they certainly do not want to end up with Roy Moore again who is back on the ticket but they're six Republicans in this primary. Session skating and with certainly have a leg up. But I was told Devin that on in that seriously. Sessions fate is truly and Trump's hands short term as wildly popular in the state. And he's headed there this Saturday so we have in her fear any tweets we haven't heard anything from the president but. Standard or else me after. It's gonna really wild once he gets down interest her thanks so much the perspective from Capitol Hill as this begins to unfold let's go to White House quickly were White House reporter Jordan Phelps is tracking this is Jordan. As Jeff Sessions prepares to get in announce formally tonight a lot at stake here. He has been particularly quiet about Jeff Sessions and not. For lack of asking you've been out there asking the president what what do we know about his thinking towards his former attorney general. Hate coming out there is no shortage of bad blood between these two and a president's opinion on just fashion is certainly hasn't warmed since he fired him. A year ago to the day but DeVon the president has yet to weigh in so far I pose this question to Kellyanne Connolly one of the president's chief. Defenders this morning and she said that the president. Doesn't want to deprive Alabama voters of the chance. To elect their own representative. But DeVon make no mistake a senior official here tells me that the president has been fuming about this. Behind the scenes and complaining to aids. About this process prospect of sessions being in the race in saying that he doesn't. Watch him to do it DeVon this comes as our hill troops have some new reporting today that. Mitch McConnell has made a request of the president. To kind of sit out these Republican primaries the concern there being that the president. Will damage some glitz in the primaries that they end up being their general election candidate. I and in their her going into that general election but DeVon. It remains to be seen if the president will keep up this distant playing. On Jeff Sessions. He is not happy about that stuff. Yeah we will see if the president can can keep his tongue. Inviting keep biding his time on this front yard Phelps of the white as they so much road. The Alabama perspective on today's developments or are bringing Kyle whit Meyer. I he's a state political columnist or vale dot com joins us from Alabama sir thanks so much for joining us. Are remotely it's great to see so I got asked how popular is Jeff Sessions an Alabama right now as he makes this announcement is he. Immediately a front runner in this Republican race. I think is immediately a front runner but it's not clear that he's gonna have a majority right the gay. He's been wildly popular in Alabama for many years. At this friction with president trump has is you know. Taken rule that out you know away from him by. You know this is one of those weird things about Alabama politics it might be hard for outsiders to understand that it's possible for. Alabama voters especially Republican voters to support president trop. And Jeff Sessions bet the same time I mean that set that seems like a contradiction. But it's also worth remembering right now that. Twice already Alabama voters have. Rejected the presence advisement council local elections that an incredible fact. Yeah I mean he he endorsed Luther strange against Roy Moore Alabama voters picked Roy Moore. He endorsed Roy Moore over Doug Jones Alabama voters picked out jobs and this might be three for three for. You know that was gonna I was this. As he heads down their Kyle the president will be down for the big Crimson Tide LSU tigers who ignited Saturday which. You know he's kept his silent so far but we will see if if he can hold it when he gets down there in Alabama something tells me that he won't be able to resist but. Do you think he's still hate what will his influence win the day again I mean will he. Will he be able to break through this time as as we saw in save you know Mississippi the other night. I wouldn't even take what happened in Mississippi. It's you know I don't believe the trop gets credit for that. What gets credit for that is that Mississippi like Alabama's third and certain state and Republicans have an advantage here. And if you look at the margins and the governor's race in Mississippi four years ago there are actually much wider than what we saw the other Biden. I believe the what this does changed this race is this race right now even though it's had five contenders and it on the on the GOP side it's not been getting a lot of attention here in Alabama just for the reason that national politics right now. Is is the spectacle it's that thing that everybody you know wants talked about you talk to voters about. You try to talk them about local issues they wanna talk about trop. But this you know brings. The spectacle back to Alabama. And I'd I'd concerned us the other thing the other issues you may the other thing that's gonna keep attention here. You know. The deadline to to file is tomorrow we still haven't in the sessions has still not officially said he's a candidate yet. There are Republicans in this race who would not have gotten in this race had they know that Jeff Sessions is gonna do this chief among them. Represented Bradley Byrne there's no way he gets in this race six months ago yes. Jeff Sessions says that he has an interest in it. And so he gave up really a free shot for his his old seat. And in the in the house. To run our static out quietly. Yeah he's he's not and you know he has 24 hours now to figure out whether he drops out this race and trusts to run for his house is how scenic. And Kyle 'cause you real quickly because I'm almost out of time but I do want to just. Really shaken things up winning in Alabama does he stand a chance against whoever Republicans put forward here is that is that. Or for wrong conclusion you think. I don't think it's a foregone conclusion that he's gonna lose. I think that he as peers say. Path to victory forum however narrow that might be. But a lot of that includes chaos in the Denver in the Republican primary and and you know against this race had not really heated up until today and we now have Tom recoverable former Auburn football coach who has this race taking shots at Jeff Sessions. Going to be it was going to be a wild it's going to be a wild a couple of months ahead as this thing shakes out I am not a time but I would Mayer thank you so much for for joining us this afternoon costly political columnist. With ale that come up every back palaces thing heats up.

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