Bernie Sanders Eats Pizza, Gets Laughs on 'The View'

The presidential candidate shows his New York roots by using his hands to eat pizza.
3:21 | 04/08/16

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Transcript for Bernie Sanders Eats Pizza, Gets Laughs on 'The View'
You love to talk about coliseum record but we're gonna ask you some some personal questions and I'm obsessed I don't know what I gotta go. I ask the first line is favorite fictional president. Well I like the west wing will remember the west. Pack. She nothing and I put that was actually. Fairly reflective. Of what really goes to one of the White House not add two more celebrity crush. Moon a. I never thought of joy. This morning meeting net really. As we can't win yeah. That is why you're Whitner 24. I mean Twitty 24/7. 27 years. What would she's saying. I'm. She stays or most annoying habit. Oh hatch number probably say we're still working given a break. Take some time off spend more time with the grandchildren that's who choose. Oh yeah what's hot in the grandchildren of your president Manning they'll. Well clearly share actually. The kids are already planning to movement argue that. Okay. Nobody is something I am very blessed. With seven beautiful grandchildren fourteen. How much like to get all the bubbles that are sold as well as they're created said. If I knew how much fun grandchildren. RI would have them first. I'm sure. Well you know you're a new Yorker on The New Yorker we don't agree on a lot of libertarian small government gal but you Hillary bulb this week for two peoples so well versed in New York. That's a trouble in the sub. As I hear Hillary Clinton aren't there extra eyes you can see she couldn't get and then you about hope we haven't seen income. I I thought before you. We have unnatural carnal. After Bernie because. That told you that you are a real New Yorkers because. Can't I used to use a token to go to the go to high school honest. Abbott is still instead asking if your real new Yorker we've got we've would got one more question for you I know this irked a lot of people when John Kasay came to town even our own mayor bill to block it eats his pizza with the court. I. I have a problem right yeah. I am lay you. And it happens and we'll you know I don't. Back pain. And pass out of organized if you haven't heard I'll know you know and the Lockheed. And its people jiggling my dinner. Show us how it's done yeah Bryant looks and feel not already being asked him. Flowers colorful enough. The local news. That high.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"The presidential candidate shows his New York roots by using his hands to eat pizza.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"38253003","title":"Bernie Sanders Eats Pizza, Gets Laughs on 'The View'","url":"/Politics/video/bernie-sanders-eats-pizza-laughs-view-38253003"}