Biden addresses jobs report and role of the American Rescue Plan

President Joe Biden outlined steps being taken to maintain economic growth.
3:41 | 05/10/21

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Transcript for Biden addresses jobs report and role of the American Rescue Plan
As we learned Friday the economy created 266000. Jobs and eight. In fact. Altogether. Since the time we took office. We've created more than one point five million jobs in the country. It's the most jobs created in the first hundred days in any prison record. More than three times a solid job creation President Carter saw in his first hundred days in more than six times the president Reagan's. In the three months before I got here our characters created roughly 60000. Jobs and want. Do three nonsense we've gotten here we've been creating 500. On average 500000. Jobs from. In the first quarter our economy grew at six point 4% rate. Outpacing the growth her seat from other our friends and heroes and because of the American rescue plan. For Chris forecasters are projected we'll see the fastest second. The growth in nearly forty years mom's job care of the steps we're going to be taking to maintain our products. First. Today we're opening a forum for state and local governments to apply for their the first funds from the American rescue plan. Because states and local governments have to balance their budgets. A lot of them had to lay off employees when the economy. State and federal state employees and local ways when the economy slow. Tax revenues. We're talking about one point three million state. And local employees out of work. But now the money we're distributing going to be distributed now he's gonna make it possible for an awful lot of educators. First responders. Sanitation workers to go back to work. Second this is a yearlong program second. We're delivering assistance to tens of thousands of restaurants and bars across the country. Today. We're sending out of first relief checks to 161000. Heart you restaurants. With help from any word follow. A lot more people are going to be employed. Ferrer. The employers bring back laid off workers to help them do that. We're going to remind them that there are some progress they can take advantage of programs Aegon big advantage for example. And florist can hire back there laid off workers part time. Without those workers have you give up all their unemployment benefits. Fourth. We're gonna provide real help for people struggling with the challenge of child care. Which is making it hard for Betty parents. Who need to work especially women to get back to work. During this crisis thousands of job care providers and Sanders. We're forced to close because they couldn't make ends meet with fewer students. And higher costs to keep them safe. As a result. Parents law supports it lost the support system independent not for child care. And tens of thousands of child care workers lost their jobs. Look fifty route. We're gonna make it clear that anyone collecting unemployment. Who's offered a suitable job must take the job or lose their unemployment benefits. There are Covert ninety related exceptions. So the people aren't forced to choose between their basic safety and fake check or otherwise that's the law.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"President Joe Biden outlined steps being taken to maintain economic growth. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"77605602","title":"Biden addresses jobs report and role of the American Rescue Plan","url":"/Politics/video/biden-addresses-jobs-report-role-american-rescue-plan-77605602"}