The Breakdown - Presidential transition in full swing

Plus, COVID-19 cases surge in Montana and this year's holiday spending trends.
25:43 | 11/30/20

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Transcript for The Breakdown - Presidential transition in full swing
Hi everyone welcome to the breakdown I'm Diana Sam. And I'm Terry Moran and today president elect Joseph Biden will receive his first presidential daily briefing from officials in the intelligence agencies of the government that's a sign this transition is proceeding under the law. All this as the Biden transition rolls out top personnel announcements chief among them. Janet Yellen to be secretary of the treasury and congress is back in session today at the clock ticks toward a potential government shutdown. They have until next Friday to finalize bills to fund the government and it's unclear if any code in nineteen release will be included in that legislation. And for more on all these Deval as bring an ABC news political director Rick Klein talking about the incoming team to the president elect some new names. But also a lot of familiar faces from the Obama arrow we see red don't we and and I'm kinda wondering. Is this name on similar kind of fresh thinking what does this. Tell us about what the Biden administration is going to be like. Yes the return of the insiders carry you have a lot of people. Like Janet Yellen like Tony we can like John Kerry who are getting top posts in the by the administration were very well known in Washington circles known mostly as as being competent a lot of a lot of a lot of focus on just. Getting the basics on Ron claim that the White House chief of staff kind of a classic example of that. I'll a lot of the names are familiar ones and maybe not particularly inspiring but that's a lot of what we despite team they wanted to signal that they are ready willing and able to get the job done anything that is a contrasting to sell. From the team that presidential to surround himself. And I wanted to rid the Democratic Party has changed hasn't it since Sims 26 teams as the Obama heritage. Lot of progressives and they're pushing back on some of these nominees do you read that situation. I think it's a real dynamic and and I think it's forced some celebrations. Are so far there hasn't been on aggressive push. We're starting to pick up a little bit the I would near attended and chose chosen for the Office of Management and Budget a lot of conservatives upset with her but she's also been known as. Is someone that time and in favor of big bargains around the deficit and the debt that's something that the left isn't particularly enamored with so far though she's been able to manage other but Vice President Biden nor Bayh was able to manage the expectations on the last. They recognize that this is a divided senate even getting a nominee confirmed is going to be difficult under the best of circumstances and these are tight circumstances. So wherever they had their they're looking for ways to have a good not to the last but most of these are centrists moderates and and pretty well known and well regarded folks in the Democratic Party. The empire strikes back it's as Simmons had and moderate empire but that was during the current administration has Biden bill distinguish. President tremor is still refusing to acknowledge that he lost the election birch these legal losses keep piling up dessert anywhere. Left to go for president trump. He's running on autopsies and we're talking about defeat after defeat in court houses in state houses. I'm just two days a CB the results certified in Arizona the ended at Pennsylvania legislative session which means no the end around Goosen number that event at Gettysburg last week. Wisconsin also its latest senate to approve the final slate of electors. Today time is running out the avenues are running out realistically there's just about no chance left for president truck as he said he's just gonna need a bunch of judges to. To overturn the will of the people state lawmakers needed to step on his side he's not seeing it and they're just. Terry we're seeing just in bowl almost every possible avenue shop all of the trump forces these conspiracy theories. I just got nowhere. And the evidence isn't there at the end of the day if you don't have the evidence it's hard to make a case doesn't that Georgia. Which was one of those contested state secretary of state Grand Rapids Berger held a press conference. Railing against what he called quote fantastic claims about the State's recount there let's listen to a. There are those who exploit the emotions of many trump supporters it's fantastic claims. Truths. This information. And frankly they are mislead the president as well apparently. We're got to I don't know how much present job is being misled here but he is planning to visit Georgia ahead of that senate runoff they're both seats. In Georgia up for grabs. I do think he's his continued. Claims of dirty election is worrying. That you can't trust our democracy. It undermines Republicans are vote is going to ignore that. No question it undermines and return for more Republicans Terry who were concerned that the message that the president is sending about his recollection is going to. Tamp down turn out why would Republican shall we think it's the fix is in. I have this is all going to be engineered the Democrats anyway so they may kind of nuance argument that yes in their new the fix was in even a Republican leadership in in Georgia has ratified the Biden victory and that was somehow illegitimate what you gotta allow a vote also the argument that you need to hold onto the senate as a as a check against. President Biden that undercuts what the president has to say I'm interest and see how you Dallas is at this weekend and how the Republican Party balances. It very urgent need to be seated to win those who said it sees we have the self preservation instinct and these wild conspiracy claims that are coming in the pres. And it has lawyers. Can convince and then did the Republican elections there they're good they're okay once the Republicans when the Democrats might be suspect again are you back to a well deserved. Post election vacation it is my. High honor and great privilege to play a little bit of stump Rick Klein right now sources say this is and I'm gonna have fun with his words about Georgia right there and I I was trying to think myself and couldn't. When was the last time this state of Georgia. Had two democratic senators that's what the Democrats are going for now was last that led to democratic senators. Were there to Democrats from George. So that it ended a long history of Democrats in Georgia was a democratic state for most of its history is only recently in the last couple of decades it has turned very red. And you don't accept our believes Zell Miller and Matt Leland were senators magazine tango. That is my god how truly impressed and that is why I'm certain mystery. You have let's see how long it last because Zell Miller as I'm sure you were all was appointed. Through his seat as a Democrat in the senate so bonus points here when was the last time Georgia elected two democratic senators who Wear and on the same date org community and their actual consumers of the anti precisely that that that's it when they were to elected democratic senators from state of Georgia. Single back a little further Sam not only one of them but I don't think I'll yells at the other one yes indeed you got together had there want one more 1986. Year. White Fowler was the other. Got it OK that's it that's it that's a good little twists I don't like here in the buzzer that I feel like I was pretty close to his. She's good stuff yeah I it is political director Rick Klein insightful enough bonds. Political information experimentally under who. Rick Jackson Amy and another man I'm giving her around and apply that I am and runs every single time thank you brand. All right onto the latest in current virus doctor Randy Cassie is now warning of a surge upon a surge in cases after a surge in travel this holiday weekend but at least two vaccines could be right around the corner infectious disease specialist and ABC contributed actor Todd Eller and she is you're not to break it all down for best actor Eller and welcome back you know won't we heard the warning from doctor stout she when will we know option if Thanksgiving did create a surge upon a surge as he puts it and it is there anything we can do at this point to stop that. Rice so you know the bottom line is it's going to be a couple of weeks before we know you know the incubation periods 527 days and then from patients get hot. Hospitalized more severe cases another week after the action and then reporting as always delays will be calling about them for weeks before we know. The answer is we really already out because we're all just mobility and there was a lot travel as we Hersh there is going to be another searches is a question of how high and how does this guy Shandon and again we have two major holidays bat to bat shins and we're really sort of re reading the same block after all of these holidays we have had surges so afraid that we really have to buckle down now and we have to help our sights on beyond Christmas. So masking now and and distancing and limiting the problems and ventilation doors all of is not going to protect us over the next few weeks but it's what happens after that. Is there anything that we were doing a not going into this concern holiday season that you think particularly for the next few weeks until Christmas. That even that we should cut out of our behavior. Is so different cult because these holidays Thanksgiving Christmas the geezer teaser all of don't bringing people together and right now is a direct recipes for viral transmission. So we have to limit the amount of travel and trying to. Just don't we we need to make it to these vaccines are just I don't want to couldn't go to second. Of this pandemic when we know that hell is around the corner touching that she'd organism come to this virus. Because of holidays and and people coming together social you know we know what we have to do but it is very challenge and solar are about it. I had deep well. There are using their dark days ahead M sorry and dropped but let's let's settle the brighter days ahead may be nowhere reaching no that's vaccine. I use and is right around a quorum in Daryn is asking today for emergency use authorization from the FDA for its vaccine. She Pfizer started that process ten days ago for its vaccine and the head of the HSH as exceeding HHS said that he expects shots in people's arms. By Christmas so what do you think about the pace of that. This is amazing paste this is door and pace think about just 161000. Patients in the mid Turner's trial received vaccine only eleven of them. Acquired disease compared to a 185. In the placebo group. His incredible efficacy we've heard no issues about safety very soon PD FDA is going to rule in -- while an indication we heard tomorrow to CDC is gonna come up with recommendations. And ultimately. We're gonna hear these vaccines are being shipped to the states and and the states will you know will distributed based on the items that does CDC and he FDA harmonized together and remember we're good at getting vaccines we know how to do this we do insulin we give. Hundreds of millions of doses of influenza she a year or we are going to rise it's been challenged. Even though this is a herculean task. Then on implementing the vaccine secretaries are also said that the governor's. Will be the quote air traffic controllers in charge of getting this to people not. The president and not industry leaders so do you think that's a best approached him. Don't remember so. Here's an example so it is just an example we don't know what to order a statement yet he could say the cold in nineteen seeing is indicated for patients eighteen and older so far I think the kids will come lawyer will say should and then what happens to get their priority groups and what the CDC says is we recommend the vaccine each in this dvds. Hearty dish Jesus. OK is the first phase you know the nation's Indian. Share facilities in congregants settings to health care workers followed by you know patients with chronic mental condition the elderly etc. and then going down from the air so goes to recommendations will be harmonized. And then ultimately the State's role will follow. Us yes I do believe the governor is and and and they are advisory committees how. Going to be able to you know distribute. Really got what they do it seems remember the government can't really control is on a national level we need communities and an end and you know the pharmacies and hospitals and medical clinics to be able to give it to the patients that we see shed. And that's obviously going to be based. On the CDC and the FDA guidance. All right it does feel like we are just so close tax valor and thank you absolutely stand by is still holding out how quick you. And thanks to doctor Eller and for that one of the bigger challenges as they were just talking about. In administering this action's gonna getting it out to large swaths of the country including including rural areas and getting people to take fish so joining us now to talk about that John Shelton he's the president and CEO of river stone health in Montana. In Billings were my daughter is currently living so John I'm I'm gonna ask you from your standpoint there how confident are you at this point about the take is they say about people it. I'm getting the vaccine about being willing to get it in getting in into the arms of people in Montana what are your concerns. If it's out of me on the liberal perspective Israel important. I think there's a lot of anticipation about people are really thanking our so. I'm anticipating what. A I think the challenge in in rural America is going to be. At the distributions. And is and spoke system. The larger communities don't get doses in need to share them but region. And that takes a lot of regional and fortunately and waste our region were pretty good at and but it now. I'm close states like Montana Wyoming who really knew guys were originally spared mostly from the corona virus pandemic should. Recent weeks as I follow the Billings numbers almost every day you seem. A record numbers of infections and sadly deaths as well so how should bench. Inside the health care system that can you describe first what you're witnessing. Them people are really tired I think I'm the general population is tired of the iris. Or were illegal workers have been working. Really unbelievable hours since the iris a ride to Montana. And middle march. And we are possible somewhat Asians and art history of hostile Billings. I'm. And a 1450. Lead in patient in the U. And by nobody else in presence. In the region typical press. Did you know those children I got boarding when Indian unit and lighters out. You know people are our have been working really hard and got a lot of patients. I think the other thing is you know dead. Your workers are entirely stared. At the ball that it. Arnold's out on. Miller. But do you shared doctor Trout she's concerns about this post saying Thanksgiving surge. There I do you think. We've talked about people being tired and arms a virus giving money meant Montana ends and others have put themselves at risk. This holiday weekend. Yeah I think we probably saw more armed more gatherings. And events and we would like to have seen this year she concerns. If we believe that. History gives us insight into what's wrong. We saw eighty increases after the Memorial Day weekend or holiday. Labor Day and we've really been urging people you enjoy. Thanksgiving. And later holidays. In a different way. And your cameras and your prints. Try to do it in in very small groups and news technology. Our concern is is just reviewed her in the next should we expect will see. Another big increase its. And on all these issues on on their vaccinations. And on by the spread of the virus itself funeral of the country's been going through really. In this divided way haven't divided along our political and regional cultural lines do you see it there did you get a sense that there's. That there's an argument over something that really should have brought us all together. I just keep each other six. I don't think there's any doubt any any new denying that this virus be highly politicized. What I am saying though. Is. We have we have orders and our community related. Occupancy percentages. And then the governors issued statewide mandate. The massing amended I've seen it like you over the last few weeks. It seems are racially. More people are wearing masks. Learning more cautious. When they're keeping distance. I think were were reaching the point it is so widespread. The agreement everybody knows somebody who has the virus. Did I don't remember who it. And we are seeing oddly better compliance. We we really tell people why. Maxine looks like it's going to be great it's gonna T. Please don't give up on being air. Gets. Sure sure well. Thanks very much John Charlton and good luck to the people of river stone house in Billings as well all thanks for my image. And when we come back we'll hear from small business owner struggling due to the pandemic. Keep their doors open yeah after the break. And welcome back their co big crisis has impacted so many industries this year as the buyers forced businesses across the country to close their doors. Mom and pop shops as you know we're especially hard hit and are struggling to stay afloat admits dependent ABC's Rina Roy. Talk to some small business owners on how they plan. To plow fort. 20/20 has been harder than any mom and pop shop could've imagined. We have already. Total on the opposite owners this year. He and so any. I. In every way possible nine months into the -- nineteen pandemic many of them are hanging on by a thread. We don't know from an. Where increments going to come around this really encourage everybody he shot political as much easy Leakey and is. According. Companies and millions of dollars are supporting. And how that's why small business Saturday was a lifeline of more than ever this year. This Friday and Saturday and not happen we weren't gonna make it through the end of the M because we didn't have the sales. The income just a car that is. This anymore small businesses are a major part of the US economy nearly a quarter of them remain closed. Katrina Paris and mark pin who have lived in New York city's Harlem for more than twenty years. Had to shut down their small lifestyle gift shop nine do for four months. Just say it's being high and an understatement I mean it's it's there are intended to is that nobody's ever experienced. People and how much business have you guys lost with the shutdowns in just the pandemic in general less foot traffic. Done about this time compared to last year I mean at least 70%. Husband and wife duo had to restate how do business could survive revamping and re launching their website to draw in more customers. People had to kind of commitment and so vessel we had to do musical e-commerce wise because. That's what really mattered to people that it want to come to the stores. So we have academy where they war which is on line or Amsterdam or FaceBook. Supporting black makers and multi cultural creators from across the US is also part of their plan to stay afloat and help others do the same. Spotlighting the local artists inside and opening their sidewalk space outside to vendors in the community. Decided hey YEU's are available outdoor space because there's no free markets there's no vending opportunities he said look no no fees. No cost just come out then and hustle and and then things you know and makes money. And why do that because they know you guys don't get any of the proceeds you know why reach out neighbor had an open up your space. Japan is studded with the premise. The being a pot. Com for local makers so it defeated just made sense to extend that parents and pay an open night Louis twenty to eighteen when he realized the neighborhood was in need of his shop that reflected its culture and diversity. Five years later are staying true to their purpose on small business Saturday everyone there felt the love. She did you mean we needed you know the attention the focus and thankfully a lot of people haven't responded that way they want to be conscious shoppers they want to think twice about where there. Spending their money the death they give us a boost. Just south small south local shop conscientious. And Benjamin William ounces. And it's not just small business Saturday that makes a difference business owners say shopping local will be especially important over the next few weeks as people pick up those holiday gifts. Diane Terry and thanks to reader Roy for that report. And for more on this and ABC news business correspondent intervals inch. I hear those stories are just another reminder of the struggle that so many small businesses. Have been going through how things to look sir small businesses over the holiday weekend. On Saturday some of these small businesses really did get a much needed boost and an if you look at analytics from Adobe Atlantic state on all these kinds of records even online. Or smaller businesses they netted four point seven billion dollars so that's about a 30%. Increase from last year. But to the queen of the guests that you featured earlier this disadvantage for a lot of these local stores is that they really benefit so much from foot traffic and from brown H and if we're really seeing shoot she seems so far this holiday season as to what we're spending and why. The first scene is online a lot of people just steal safer shopping from home. And then the second scene is mobile songs she'll. Almost half the online purchases that we seen any business. Almost half have been on mobile songs and that does it tend to claim better to larger retailers who have had their. I am running for years and actions imagine some of the web sites even though they worked so hard on them. Aren't always compatible with an easy mobile experienced. When you look at at spending patterns so far this holiday season any big takeaways there. There are some big Siegel raised. Probably not surprising but home goods super super strong so far if you look at Thanksgiving and if you look at Friday and part of that is as everybody is working leaving entertained recruiting if you like home these products are going quickly outdoor gear even retailers such as LL -- recording really strong two performances aren't wow 72 hours. Also she slammed serie specific items that are definitely the hot items this holiday season and days with one retail CEO she was reading for delivery of his you have to extend the seasons and able to socialize with friends and Stanley exterior and obviously an associate for environment. I actually -- is where Alice's Doug Alice are amuses CEO I was signing. And she's ready you know I'm not surprised he's records say now because he's in June NY STE. Has thrown out all of us he's at there are so many people. Really want to leave their steer by saying yes to family and friends and you about the normally celebrated with and that it will not have time she'd been rendered your choosing not tune for health reasons and he's and he's not surprised. By the online traffic that were seen as you run out today's Cyber Monday. I expected to be a record anywhere between sixteen and thirties aren't percent higher. Then what we saw last year Diane. Endeared her as people do shop online particularly today but really throughout the whole season. He easy ways for them to find small businesses that it can be patrons. On the Internet. American Express is one Sabena has made in very vocal and public commitments is shopping malls shopping local and for example people who do you have panics are actually give you money back on your purchases if you shop is small and local church but then just good old Google just small shops near me that our border checks or whatever your category is in your sharing get a ten was pretty IRA is sometimes a simple is best irritable and we appreciate is always thank you. Just. And that'll do it for us here down on the breakdown on territory Hannah and and is Edelstein back here tomorrow at 3 PM eastern. Have a great thank Monday night.

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