CBO estimates shutdown delayed $18 billion in federal spending

An Alabama A&M economics professor breaks down the new CBO report about the shutdown's impact.
2:56 | 01/28/19

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Transcript for CBO estimates shutdown delayed $18 billion in federal spending
Every any guest now Kristen Brody a economics professor and Alabama and M university thank you for being back here on the briefing room and and professor couldn't walk us through. Why their didn't damage is real why the damage happened we heard a lot along the way about. About workers who missed paychecks for the White House kept saying that the basic functions of government would continue. Why is there are why is it fair to assume that there was actual damage to the economy. He's asked for having me first La. That's the CD crudely than a day angry at the total crack at eleven billion. Rebellion in the fourth quarter when he eighteen and another eight billion in current wearing. So that rarely interact money I understand that they were saying you're surely not there. That the holy means of it wouldn't happen backer act but you rarely hear about evil that did not get it and are those barrel. I weary and cash it better and act like it are. So what about people who are your home the current in Erie error. It they may not be able it back and I think that I think that don't eat eat bigger. We need to consider and act on individuals and additions you eleven billion barrel macro number. Is that a certain part of the economy that was most impacted. By the government shut down. Well I mean when you look at parallel federal workers they're located and EC and elsewhere even here in Alabama earlier we have great Ers now. Though the eight government Erie and is. And then the Erie federal acting. I'll expanding. Rate that goes to bounce. The U. Just what it did you on this point because we heard from Larry Kudlow the president's economics and a advisor that there would be no damage is no long term damages the economy he acknowledged. Personal hardships and he tried not to diminish that but he said quote. The switch goes right back gone is that true are or other services that were not rendered during this time. That will linger in terms of economic impact. Somehow I agree yes the switch is that climate Aaron backed case. We're kind of people quietly you look at eleven billion network lack eight billion is is and I'm back what about the other three billion line. I'm looking here at a macro point of view you may not think that the three billion as a lack. But he can't let people who laugh your cars that you're not going to be able to get back my network last. I'm of the area's homeless shelters women are yours and dining area where does he associate it cannot get I. Though it couldn't. The government and well being narrow slit your there's no way you get backpack and eat well. Kristen Brody from Alabama and M university professor of economics thanks for being here really appreciate your your insights on this. Think you know.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"An Alabama A&M economics professor breaks down the new CBO report about the shutdown's impact.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"60686857","title":"CBO estimates shutdown delayed $18 billion in federal spending","url":"/Politics/video/cbo-estimates-shutdown-delayed-18-billion-federal-spending-60686857"}