Congressmen speak out on Mueller testimony

Rep. Harley Rouda, D-Calif., and Rep. Will Hurd, R-Texas, reflect on the Mueller testimony and what it means for the possibility of impeachment.
13:41 | 07/25/19

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Transcript for Congressmen speak out on Mueller testimony
When out of the fallout from the from the testimony of us special counsel Robert Mueller yesterday and the clearly the close. Of the Russian investigation after two years Republicans today largely circling around president from Democrats. Deliberating what to do on impeachment as we said. I there's very little talk right now on Capitol Hill about what should be done to secure. Our next elections are Catherine folders or Capitol Hill reporters spend. Are running around the hill today as members prepare to get out of town for their August recess Catherine had a big questioner brings asking is what. Now. It yet and they're really has been Yahoo! News impeach him on DeVon leave seats to Democrats come on in the week. The moment hearing calling for impeachment proceedings but really it it's what's next now behind in meeting. With speaker Pelosi yesterday he suggested that maybe they should start drafting some articles of impeachment but really the focus on what she said. Was lawsuits. In the courts out where did they go from here we know from what Annapolis yesterday about. They're going to file a lawsuit a to get information from the former White House counsel John began their also a likely to suing the courts to get at underlying evidence for it no more required by the impeachment talk at least for now seems. But it's not happening. It is deflated today for sure Catherine fall there's thanks for that stand by we're joined now by. A key Republican and democratic member of congress to talk a little bit more about the path for what can be done. About our election security and George here in studio by Harley we're a congressman from California Democrat. I good to see you sir are also joined us from Capitol Hill by a congressman will her Republican of Texas he was on the committee yesterday. That questioned Bob smaller ones are with you though our congressman Ruda. Until two months ago you were opposed to impeachment said let's put the brakes on then you you changed in came out in favor of it. Does your calculus change at all after what you heard yesterday from from Bob Maher. No I didn't and chose further why we need to start impeachment inquiry that's what are your favorite team out in mid may. As a member of the oversight committee I've seen firsthand how the trump administration. Has consistently. Thumbed their nose at our request for witness says. Our request for documents that are pertinent to the the constitutional investigations were doing. And yeah it's common for administrations to slow walk witnesses and documents but it absolutely say no we're not going to give you anything you ask it's unprecedented. Is it fair to say that the movement towards impeachment isn't isn't it deflated. After yesterday I think just the opposite I think too much emphasis is being put on the performance of smaller and the performance of those asked him. Questions rather than being focused on what we heard it and how we can't we've got to face the facts that were present. And this isn't alternative taxis are real facts about Russian interference. And attempts why did trump and his administration in campaign members to try and thwart those efforts. What I've put to you something that congressman Al Green one of the leading. Advocates for impeachment had to say I just this morning on the house foreign get your response. Now one day since missed the Muller testified before the congress of the United States of America the judiciary committee on intelligence committee. As the Mueller has written his report. Yes that's the but that supply before congress. And now the question really becomes what are we going to do. Well we seek additional testimony I'm not a pulse to it. But odd don't believe this. At some point we will start to see. Evidence of what Doctor King called the paralysis of analysis. I believe that we are now seeing the initial evidence if we haven't seen it before. All of the analysis of a paralysis. That would ticket it take to break through the paralysis and. Deals more public momentum for impeachment which is sport. I think he investigations need to continue as well as the litigation in support of this investigation to trying to get those documents and she's my new evidence that might come out through that process would sort of sway people in a way that they haven't and so far out do you think unfortunately. A lot of people including members of congress had not read them all reports and I have read it twice. And I'm would imagine when you heard it has as well he's an excellent member of the house. And we need people to read it but we also need to continue to make sure that we are focusing other mediums and media on what has occurred because. If anybody reads this report you cannot help but walk away and say oh my goodness this is what our president and those around him have been doing. There's a lot in their 400 pages and it's a fascinating read. For sure want to bring in. Our congressman will hurt south Texas member of the Judiciary Committee also former CIA officer looks pick up were congressman room left off. Congressman heard speaker Pelosi has said that any effort toward impeachment at least led by the Democrats would need to be bipartisan. Wanted to get your take on this is there any scenario. That you could envision between now and November 20 Tony were Republicans would. Sort of start to get on board that train. I don't think so and also speaker Pelosi has said before though the mullah testimony. Bats and peach and was not from Houston pursued. And I don't think that changes. Or gets him closer after after the investigation yesterday when I hope. I'm happens over the next couple months is the same level of intensity. That went into white glove in the -- report goes into making sure that we're prepared for the two point one election. Especially around. This information. Bob Mueller said it yesterday during my question. The intelligence community. Apps you know this was not a one time thing. Abide by the Russians and that they're probably doing it why we were sitting there. And we need to be prepared for this we have bench than hardening election infrastructure since points sixteen. But when it comes to disinformation that is use the you know public and information social media. Two trying to influence and a population. Which ultimately the Russians are trying to erode trust in our democratic institutions. How do we counter that and this is the kind of conversation we should have because ultimately it's. A disinformation support Covert action and I'm a former CIA officer. And Covert actions responsibility of the CIA but unfortunately. At or fortunately however you want to see it the national security act of 1947 says the CIA. Can't do cover action the United States of America so. He should be talking about who should be doing this and I think congress has a role in driving that conversation so I hope. That we see our committees to various committees across congress looking into this and we get back in September. He'll ask you about that first want to play for our viewers your question yes or Washington examiner today actually call that. The best questions asked in yesterday's. Judiciary hearing came from you so let's sector a little bit of that in that your reaction. Is this in your investigation did you think that this was a single attempt by the Russians to get involved in our election or did you find evidence to suggest they'll try to do this again. What in the single attempt they're doing as we sit here. And expect to do and join them the next campaign. Bob our audience wondering congressman Herman why there isn't more outrage from Republicans. About the fact that this is still ongoing wide committees as you see yourself talking about this. We're going to see some action let's again take wire installed here on this election security front well I I think most Republicans want to see more going on on the election security and it's broader I know we wouldn't talk more about a lot about election security and let's start with back in 2016. I'm actually before which we sixteen elections when Republicans were in power. In my held the first hearing on election security before the actual 26 you know actions and talking about how we need to Harden being the infrastructure. When there was a hacker conference that had a number of the votes counting machines were hacked into. I'm I was actually there during during that activity and so so after 2016 Department of Homeland Security. I'm sad election infrastructure so. The vote tabulation machines. The things that used to aggregate accounts you know all the devices and use an election were just words were we decided to be at a critical infrastructure. So that means apartment Homeland Security can help our states. With defending those I'm there's been a number appropriations bills. On this into our believe of 380 million dollars each. To help with election security and so that's that's securing the vote tabulation and and in that way elections work in America there's about a 100000. Different entities. That are involved in in counting votes so what the broader issue. This this this information you know one of the things that's interesting that the Russians created to fake. No social media accounts to FaceBook accounts. That they were both controlling their opposite sides of the issues and they ultimately got a counter protest and in Houston Texas and just based on using social media. It was incredible and then the evidence in the report as well that people actually showed up and turn out what is striking and I think a lot of people haven't even put their minds around that concept but I want to ask. Harassment or about this this idea of accepting help from a foreign power and is there. You know the president told George Stephanopoulos a couple weeks ago that if he were confronted by the Russians this go round with information on his Democratic Party he'd he'd take. Is there anything that Democrats can do to legislate on that is there any you can you focus on candidate behavior and limit their ability to actually. Take this help me sorry illegal. Well this shouldn't be a democratic issue that should be an issue for all of us concerned about foreign influence an election. Let's just pause for second to realize that he 440 page report by Mahler. The first half focus on Russian interference in our elections and you haven't heard the president of the United States save one single word about it. Not only has he not set a word about it he has as you just pointed out embraced. Interference by the Russian government. And that is a sad day for our democracy because. Our republic our democracy is based on having fair and free elections and when foreign adversaries can have the ability. To sway elections that should be concerned frost and I'm hopeful that the Republicans will join the Democrats. In working. To solve this issue in week we've got to get over this this fact this reluctant missed by some Republicans. That they're unwilling to. Really step forward into this because it may delegitimize. The election of Donald Trump what Donald Trump as the president we got that are right and we know that the Russians interfere. But this could also be. On the other side leave the aisle someday so let's work together make sure doesn't happen. There were rapidly and cage diving deeper into the twenties when he campaign right now congressman her going give you the last word and get your reaction to what the president. I asked congress member alluded to is insane at all about this yesterday he said on his way West Virginia that. This is a very big day for our country a very big day for the Republican Party. A very big day for me. Do you agree with that on all three points more. I think you know the hearing yesterday wasn't about one time winning or another sign loosing this was about getting further information and hopefully moving on to that we can focus on the real threat. And that real threat is the Russian government it's tempting to influence our elections. There chime to do this by making sure that we continue to fight on this and this has been and how many years since the actual election. And we're still talking about that person's talking about how are we defending. Our institutions how are we defending our elections. From a foreign adversary. That's our hope the conversation. And goes that we can get beyond that we can talk about what Russia is doing in Ukraine. What Russia is doing in Syria. They are a threat many places around the world and and there's and we make it very clear. Republicans and Democrats 100%. Agree. That the Russians attempted to influence our election there there is no there is no daylight. Between either party there and I think that's what we can build upon so we can start talking about strategies to protect ourselves from this in the future but also how do we protect. Our friends like Moldova and Ukraine and Estonian army and other places that have been dealing with the Russians doing this for. Decades and that conversation as you say congressman her gonna continue his. Though if you congress murder Ruda head back to your districts now for the August recess and last thought. Catherine fall there's or Capitol Hill reporter. You know as both sides go off into the summer break. Spinning this there's the big question is how the American people are digesting this I don't think we have a clear sense yet right. On we're this really isn't in the consciousness and has now a lot of polling for sure. Yeah and and I think. This actually need Republicans losing the White House doesn't I was speaking to and much happier than this hearing was delayed by one week because. Now they're going into August recess for one month. The messaging isn't going to quite there and the question is DeVon will there be an appetite for this. When they come back in September a lot of people are predicting that there won't be now listen haven't seen a new polling just of course following this hearing that was just yesterday but even according to arm pulling. And from last August the impeachment numbers. Support for impeachment was much higher than even after the Muller reports came out so it's good to be determined where public opinion. Goes with this and really what the constituents of these numbers are saying when they go home for the six month. Our catcher Paul there's forcing Capitol Hill thank you so much also our thanks to Republican congressman will heard of Texas. I'm congressman Charlie root of California thank you sir for goods and vacationing that you had me here.

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