Cruz: 'Reasonable Inference' That Majority of Violent Criminals Are Democrats

Senator points to study, behavior of elected Dems to say the "overwhelming majority" of violent criminals are Democrats.
4:16 | 12/02/15

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Transcript for Cruz: 'Reasonable Inference' That Majority of Violent Criminals Are Democrats
Stan ABC doesn't like this that it's you know John Adams names. He look at the academics it's felons that are used for example and stated New York. Among felons that were released registered about 62% registers them. 9% as Republicans let's take in his statement. Bear. 55%. Felons released registered registered as Democrats 10% of now those are the facts I understand they're uncomfortable. It is an engaging in a process. That is called reasonable inference. So what homage to be. Please don't interrupt. I have been interrupted you. If ABC news is willing to report. That the overwhelming majority of acts that us. Are Democrats. Then I'm willing to send. That based on that fact that comes from the accident. Studies that it is a reasonable inference that applies as well two violent ex felons and so your entire criticism. Is it the data don't necessarily show the difference between violent nonviolent that's fine but I challenge you to air tonight. The simple acts. Of the numbers. 62%. In New York. Registered as Democrat 9% of Republican air those facts and then you can argue well gosh we don't know how many of them were violent or not. So we're really dismayed by reporting this back. You know as well I that whole sick it's not a whole woman it's not a pollster yeah not opposing it is an academic stuff. If it's not engaged. In in opinion journalism has it right studying us yes but but that study only fights he's seen as. How would a majority democratic. The democratic registration so you're searching that it reflects overwhelming majority. Nationwide is not accurate that. It is exactly accurate and I would point out the facts that I point to which you keep ignored. The facts that I point to when I didn't radiant and make this. Was actually based on the behavior of elected Democrats we can draw a reasonable and. When elected Democrats support putting judges on the bench that release violent criminals when elected Democrats such as President Obama. Try to appoint the senior Justice Department officials lawyers who glorify him lionized cop killers when elected Democrats push. To give felons the right to vote it is a perfectly rational and reasonable in. To say those Democrats. On interstate. That the overwhelming majority. Of violent criminals vote democratic you don't like and I understand that. But that isn't perfectly reasonable inference I think a lot of your viewers and agree with I began. With the numbers and the day in the State of New York 62%. Of ex felons who registered to vote registered as Democrats 9% registered as Republicans those are the fact. It's in specifics. That's a Democrat of violent criminals. Countries that those are the states for which we had. Now as I. Don't half past six. But we do have the behavior of elected Democrats. Which is how does not affect criminals and their democratic Republican registration because elected Democrats are he. In a way. That clearly indicates that he understands. That criminals vote Democrat and it's why they support. Putting judges on the bench the release violent criminals it's why they support. As President Obama did not enemy. To a senior Justice Department position. Earlier that volunteered his time in line Constance celebrated a cop killer you know what I'd much rather stand. With the police officers who greatly protect this country. Rather than celebrating cop killer. It's wine. Democrats push so hard. To restore the right to vote ex felons because they understand those ex felons are going to vote Democrat. That is a point that that is basic common sense and will point out the academic data overwhelmingly support.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"Senator points to study, behavior of elected Dems to say the \"overwhelming majority\" of violent criminals are Democrats.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"35521341","title":"Cruz: 'Reasonable Inference' That Majority of Violent Criminals Are Democrats","url":"/Politics/video/cruz-reasonable-inference-majority-violent-criminals-democrats-35521341"}