New DHS report: 'Dangerous overcrowding' in migrant detention centers

The report released by the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Inspector General said one facility meant for 125 housed as many as 900 migrant detainees.
28:00 | 05/31/19

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Transcript for New DHS report: 'Dangerous overcrowding' in migrant detention centers
And. Everybody welcome to the briefing room on this Friday and Devin Dwyer with the deputy political director Mary Alice park's great to have you with us today a lot of news to get to do including some stories that haven't gotten a lot of attention. In the spotlight Mary announced will be talking to a couple from South Carolina that is filed a lawsuit against trump administration over some new waivers that allow. Foster care associations. In South Carolina to discriminate against couples. It's really interesting case and my he sent some that take it back out into the states where it's I had really easy to. Lose sight of how the decisions made here in Washington are impacting People's Daily lives but the big talk today in here in Washington is one of president trumps most Connolly talked about subjects topic of immigration the president. Starting things off this morning with between April what is creating so much interest right at this hour is a bombshell new report from the Department of Homeland Security inspector general. About the conditions in the humanitarian crisis playing out right now at the border or whatever inner. Immigration reporter queen knowing who joins us from Los Angeles in Los Angeles bureau he's been tracking this today Quinn. This is the latest sign. That the administration is struggling to get control of the situation down there are simply stunning numbers the headline out of this report. Is that in one Border Patrol facility near El Paso they had 900. Migrants last week in a facility designed. For just over a hundred. That's right Devin agents on the border clearly overwhelmed by the amount of a migrants that are crossing many of them surrendered surrendering themselves to border agents. A lot of them are families that are just coming across sometimes between ports of entry making an illegal crossing to seek asylum. And at blue this particular station. The inspector general found there were several times over capacity and there were issues was maintaining sanitary conditions. Several of the detainees had soiled their clothes. And in limited access to showers. On these pictures that you're seeing here are from a record. Arrest of a group of 1000 migrants this week as well as separate incidents. It's the largest. One day a group of migrants ever detained at once. And the numbers are just huge and mean a 100000. Apprehensions. This month over 500000. Migrants who have crossed. Since October I mean that we can barely wrap our heads around the idea that made. People. In US custody any sport account and what's shocking is that this administration has taken such a hard line on illegal immigration they have troops deployed at the border. We know the president has tried all different sorts of strategies there but Quinn. Before I move on what is the administration saying about this latest incident this latest report involving these migrants. So it's the responsibility of immigration and customs enforcement that's eyes to take detainees after they're apprehended along the border. But when they're trying to get transferred from those stations right along the border into long term detention facilities. The the agents that eyes are saying that there's just not enough room to hold people and those requests for long term detention are getting denied some people are capped at facilities that are not meant tell hold on to people long term. And that's when these unsanitary conditions a rise. Well really astonishing stuff quite knowing thank you for shining a spotlight on it in for your reporting and where else is obviously. Frustrated president trunk keep his bat tweeting out overnight in fact this surprise has sent the markets in the spiral today take a look at the president's tweet. He is so frustrated with the flows coming through Mexico from Central America that he tweeted he's gonna slack. On a 5% tariff on all goods across the board coming into the United States from Mexico starting on June 10. And last Mexico does more to stop. Illegal immigration. Or else this is a huge deal Mexico is our largest trading power. And handed to economies are really intertwined and it's a controversial move because while the president is trying to have. Meaning tough policy they need a strong arm of Mexico. Terrorists and that there's taxes on the consumers back here so you're basically in the short term. Putting a lot of pressure on US consumers in the hope that in the long term changes Mexico's behavior route. Who most economists say we would shoulder the prices they are on everything from cars to tomatoes avocados to appliances. This isn't going on and well. And there's that I am a lot of sort of spinal products that are constructed where pieces actually move across the border multiple times you'd imagine a car sure where cases. Sort of builds here then moved back to Mexico for an additional days moved back here to be put in a final car or the other way around. These two economies just worked hand in hand and so much money and goods precedent where every single bag. And take a look at what the markets have done today in light of this news they are not taking it well markets. Have been down most of the day today and it's not just being felt on Wall Street we're hearing it from people protest scene on main street a lot of companies are protesting this Capitol Hill today. We should see meraz even a Republican leader Mitch McConnell. Hoss has spoken out about this he sort of put a cool statement on Joni here in style and Chuck Grassley to Republicans from Iowa of all places much more explicit. Re really freaked out about this idea easily you can place are gonna gain who senator Republican or Democrat and be hard to tell. I think that on Capitol Hill. Worth seeing real push back against them this white house with senior Republicans careful in the past. They don't loan criticizing this president is in a les. But if it starts impacting voters and constituents and consumers in their home states. An idea breaking into them in. You just said the biggest sector that wound would be hit by these tariffs if they don't affect engine tent is the auto sector in the United States GM Ford Chrysler. All of them have big plans stunned Mexico back to GM's Silverado. Popular vehicle truck is exclusively made there. I for more on the impact that all of this could have on the industry is someone we've had here on the shuttle for Christian G check she's an economist and policy analyst with the Center for Automotive Research which is. The gold standard in the industry in terms of how a government policies will impact those jobs in those businesses Christian great to see you. So what's your take on this 5% tariff what damage will it do to be honest sector. Well it would be devastating you know those number Y and three and pork products coming from Mexico are vehicles trucks and car arts. And you know your lead in is correct that we're not just treating goods with each added we're building products together. And you know for some are auto makers they're getting up out a quarter. Of their production. Is sourced from public and en Mexico. And Albertson's you know quite at a lot of costs on industry is starting this are a little. And so markets Amanda's sharpening and L is just coming at the wrong time attic inked. The other concern that the industry has its wobbled as students knew the prospects for passing New. Year's Day. That statement at administered authority is just that yesterday. And that house and senate have to pick up that bill. With Canada and Mexico are considering legislation that in. I think this does make it much more difficult. Process US and sneer at Earth's air aren't click. Which is interesting because this president talks about that new NAFTA as if it's a done deal. He's evident this some latest move might make it more difficult the White House is saying. But the two are related and that one as a question of immigration and another is a question of trade. Is that how it's going to be received. In Mexico. Absolutely I mean these are beer what you. Tariffs on. That's affecting trade and we just negotiate a free trade agreement and you reach agreement. With Canada and Mexico. We had. Here it's just that we're space beyond the sighting of the agreement on steel aluminum those were just removes two weeks ago certain weird. A big hurdle or members of the house and senate skew Tubal for the NCA. Speaker Pelosi is saying she can get to guests for your Sims it passage that. It just made her job much much harder. Not only that we're negotiating with China with Japan with you. And when they see you can get to an agreement and make compromises and and come up with a new trade agreement and still be scrapped their parents that does make those numbers and record. In Christian but before let's ago want to ask you about that the jobs cited this equation it's been a really tough years. Offer auto worker jobs in the United States. The auto makers have really had to cut back despite. Some of the president's. It's how means to the contrary in fact the president just said today on Twitter he said that Mexico has taken. 30%. Of the auto industry from the United States to Mexico he says his terrorists that he's threatening here could actually help. Drives some of that back. Is there any truth varies it true they've taken 30% of the industry and what's your assessment as to whether. Tariffs could help bring some of those jobs back here. I can't get to the thirty respect number and the closest we can think is you know about twenty are about tort. About twenty I spent some of our auto makers are getting production source. Up bats and acts out. So it closed at thirty. But you know that has been going on out auto makers where it has continuously producing in Mexico since 1920. Went to Mexico is not a new thing and it depends I'm ready at least here cards are the new normal. Or whether these are short term negotiating tactic to change immigration policies that Mexico at they're seen as short term. That's not in the capital back items outs as black men whose biting. Yeah and we heard from the Mexican president today and Lowe who put out a statement. Didn't suggest he was going to be making any adjustments and the wake of these threats or we'll have to see what happens on Christian teacher at the center front of research thank you so much Kristen. I don't think the customer else has the last time we talk to Kristen the president was threatening. To close the border entirely. He backed off that threat creepy bluffing here he created a good bit of buffer them in ten days. In ten days and not a clear standard in fact I'm entirely bank's standard and those statements from the White House said that they would be the ones who determine if Mexico had done enough. And that has to be frustrating for the Mexican government government to not know what enough is but you're exactly right also make it easier for this to be a bluff. We shall see a big story headed into the weekend. But to some breaking news now are on the issue of abortion which you've talked a lot about here this week it's been in the headlines all I say they've been a Missouri. The state with one abortion clinic functioning they have been in dispute. A Planned Parenthood has with the state Health Department over some regulations there. To certify that single clinic today Planned Parenthood won a restraining order from a federal judge just a few minutes ago. A to keep that licensed it in place they will rollout be allowed to continue the procedures they are from Mary Alice not out of the woods. And stick it just has one abortion clinic YouTube is sort of a symbol of just how tough things are getting for abortion rights and some of these red states. M is there is passed other very restrictive laws in the last few months. Those have been put in place they say this judge is saying they don't want. And candidate and the courts don't want any new laws are a new regulations to be put in place. And held there can be a fair process through the courts the courts look at the final say here most likely the Supreme Court look at the final say as we've been talking a lot on the show. And much more on the court coming up but not a story that hasn't been getting a lot of attention it also involves a clash between politics and religion in this country. And it's over the Foster care system specifically which families can't adopt from privately run Foster agencies that receive federal funds are Sophie Tatum is RO investigative reporter that has been looking into this and Sophie. An interest in case on the South Carolina and it's drawing attention to all this. Same sex married couple there tried to adopt herb Foster some children through a state agency they were denied. And it's all because of the trump administration's new policy tell us about it. So essentially you know bringing Welch and Ian Rodgers married for three years they decided that they wanted to try and be Foster parents they go to this Foster care. Provider miracle held. Industries and what happens is they say that they were turned away it all comes back to this waiver that the trump administration granted. This Foster care provider essentially. Excluding them from v.s that. Anti discrimination laws or put in place during the Obama administration and so now they're going back and suing the trump administration saying that that's okay. Quite simply just simply put in prior to the trump administration you couldn't discriminate against couples if you receive federal funds now. The trump administration is slowly starting to roll that back seems. Seems like in this case specifically yes but you know we're still kind of rings T what's happened more broadly bunker this. It this place that's that's that's what's happened is we've gotten us religious protection essentially. Even though they are seen front. Funds tend to real impact on a lot of families are joined now by Bernie Welch and eaten Rodgers from Greenville, South Carolina it's great to see you both thank you for coming on you guys. Have filed the lawsuit there with the help of these CLU and others. To challenge this new policy tell us about your experience what was it like how well how are you told. That you wouldn't qualify with this particular agency. I'm we hurt we haven't done application online and Weaver. I'm rejected the email. I'll bet that we wouldn't. Where I'm online live here. Their religious sound standards are there. Their Arab I guess that's their doctrine. Is based on each additional Christian values. That we are. There values. Hang in Foster parents of four white and joining part of parents now. Eat it we know we're crossing before we had two daughters who are already eaten so he had a and leave it there there are not they he's in my bearing ten suddenly can't. Our. There are no technical kind of plaster. It was never really questionable whether we want you are not religious matter. When I pray for our family. And we are usually limited to play a story had more space and we you know we've listening chapters so we went ahead and have a client. A lot of people are surprised. At these various barriers to fostering in in South Carolina and other states in fact. We talked to the state. Department of child and apparently services they've got 4700. Kids in Foster care in South Carolina they need 15100. New homes. So there is definitely a need. For families like yours to take in some of these kids here's what miracle hill ministries had to say about all of this they gave us a statement. And they basically said that they are unique ability to partner with Christian parents who share their convictions. Has helped them greatly increase the pool of Foster homes they're saddened that miss Rogers in this wants or unwilling to Foster children if they can't do so. With miracle hill these. I go on the city be honored to work with you if you did share their believes it and hope that you can volunteer in other ways that I guess it does beg the question over and you needn't. Are there are other agencies that you could work with instead wouldn't. He wouldn't it be better for both of Buford dam and for you guys to be with a group and our facility there wanted to work with you. I am then there are other agencies that they are earnest if and we don't really know what they are standards aren't there are you know. Rules artist artists whose activities not I don't see looming generic good will because you know artists and retired. And literally I'm longer. Finally are pouncing. It bathroom when and. And yet meet meet and it's a route should yeah. Because of the reasons this and an hour and stay on the album sold as CE. Teacher. Yeah and an end finally before we let you go what is it that you hope comes of this court case and what message do you want to our viewers to take away from. From the example that you put forward here. I'm Pamela only hope and a broad picture is drummer Max. Being Ito then I agencies and in particular agencies are CB funding crown bank government. Would be non territory so they would allow anyone that obviously. Follows all the standards for me air. Mainly it's. Regardless of year they or years denomination or church where. Or sexual orientation and all of I don't end all got an answer here that anybody in here. And more litany our our goal Meehan and this is beef up your parents deal brokered loans. Earlier her and. I'll hundred million and trying to international the. It's we hope you get there because they're certainly are so many kids in your state and all across the country that need good parents and a lot of love brandy Welch and Ian Rodgers thank you so much. For sharing your story and taken the time book mama for us today. And Sophie this who just as we wrap this up he we were saying before the so this is much bigger than South Carolina and facts or other states that are looking to roll. Back those protections tech so before this lawsuit was filed yesterday actually. A couple months go the Texas attorney general asked the trump administration. Two completely repeal that's Obama era rule on the anti discrimination rule and so what we're reporting is that the administration is currently awaiting however. Adds a lot of health care praying and I've heard from many states and local governments that the O critic fanatic has really increased the need for Foster care in Foster families. Across the country like you said as is often more kids looking for homes I am. There's just kind of add steel misfire. Thanks for putting the spotlight on ends important case an enemy we phones of its Soviet Tatum thinks he's some honest. I'm moving on now to a big story or the Supreme Court that's coming up we're indecision time here in June the Supreme Court prepares to release its. Final opinions of the year we have. I think some in the handful laughed every Monday on hand in enchanting and Andrade while there are dozens occasional pipeline a handful of big ones that we want an hour. One of those is the case of a World War I memorial across the forty tons sixteen foot marble cross up in a Maryland. You've been there Mary Alice you know about this this is a cross that has drawn so much scrutiny because it's smack dab in the middle of a road continue to. And I'm like any symbol of what it represents and for people that dumb don't want and there it represents a federal the federal government turned. Proselytizing endorsing a big religious monument there are others that say. It's exciting it's historic it's beautiful years and then there are grown on time. Com and and that was struck by some of the arguments in the last few days. People that's hotly emotionally about. About it being a slippery slope about where and what about an across the comment on the gravestone that's in a federal. Graveyard so you can imagine how heated this conversations become. And as this case comes to head the decision due any day now could come down on Monday or Janet Weinstein. Traveled up to blades Burberry at Maryland to meet for people on both sides of the cross an American veteran and American. Humanist who had some pretty compelling arguments on both sides tickle us. This was actually erected on American legion property initially and it stood there without a problem until the highway had to be expanded and when the highway had to be expand they took the property the state did. From The American Legion and thought at that time perhaps of of removing it but there such a cry in this community. That thought. That they built the highway around and left standing in the media. If you drive by it's not at all immediately apparent that it's a memorial. It just looks like a giant crops you have to actually get out of your car park across the intersection before you realize that it's memorial to patterns. I'm for personal stake in the in the crops. When I was thirteen years old my father took me to peace crow since. Some I want you to look at this cross this represents. What the people of this county. Think about soccer person service. The men who died here. Obviously the fact that it's a forty foot tall giant Latin cross to meet makes it seem like a religion is is being condoned by the government of Williamsburg NC Maryland's. And being on religious and being a person who doesn't believe in the god and is not Christian. I fine and that. Frustrating and confusing and makes me feel like I am outside of the mainstream of what our country is. My grandmother. Pearl Fenwick was one of the gold star mothers who worked with The American Legion. To have cross erected they picked the cross because in France where the men were buried originally. They were buried under white crosses that crossed years. It's. The sayings. Like desecrating. Something from a cemetery. That's exactly how I feel. But the cross was put out by a private organization when it was put out. And that private organization made decisions to exclude other religions from their memorial but as a private organization they have the right to do that. Now it has been maintained in pot and taking care of by the state of Maryland. As so that private organization and that private memorial is no longer practice public. Because it's an immediate and it can't have private property in the highway mediums against the law and so it has to be a public property. It is eroding that wall of separation between church and state. And so we don't want the memorial to be destroyed we want it either removed and put up somewhere else or we want that land under it to be transferred to somebody else. I hope that they do Supreme Court comes up with a much clearer definition. The separation of church and state. We'll see if the Supreme Court comes up with a clear definition. As we've been reporting Mary Alice they have for years. Have fumbled this one it is a murky area of law varying consistent standard. And when I was in that courtroom for the I do think that possible probably end up standing rules we shall see experiencing. Fascinating case today with eight moving national tribute plain out this afternoon on the National Mall. A tribute to survivors of sexual violence in this country. It's on display it's called the monument quell just a patchwork of stories and survivor tales more than 3000 of them. And a powerful symbol to what so many women have endured and are Serena Marshall is out there on the National Mall. And has been studying the quote today Serena gets your impressions tell us about it in some of the folks have been talking to. Seven Mary Ellen this is really something to behold like you said 3000. Wells. Former football fields long it goes from the Washington monument all the way down to the capitalist balls out not alone no less Cecil Lexus vanished. Each quilts made by one form multiple survivors supporters of victims of sexual assaults. And each landing so unique and so different some of them are very simple simply saying you're not alone. Others have a letters that they bring it to themselves their family members and in some cases to their accused. Great vests and our joints here actually buy you one woman who created one of these and worked with the victims of sexual assault arena. Telus flying. Equipped software this base that he opened so vibrant. For survival is that sometimes that the bank signed they then in their own story to somebody. Because they have been keep meeting inside fifty. They feel shame and will sell its base the feel that they and on and on and your social worker you've been doing this for quite some time. You've told me earlier about the transformation you've seen some people do as they went through this process. Breaking this diocese follicles and that's what the I delete with the quilts for Feinstein dating there's still is simply that hours. And feeling that that trauma they survive is another bowl. But these and other cited some holes before they mean designation. His legions in their lives and you helps us some survivors make some of these also take a look this is the one guy here. Do you think he's seen them line. More than thanks so much of the four it wound when they don't get that last for US souls. Who was helping him there doing their will. And he says this all the don't be mean that's a survivor of domestic violence. And that I'm mini all there is many more quick outs we made another storm my niece Alex found that it was going to be he had to malvo. Who was simply issue four sixteenths yet and now he's out and he's going to be being asked. Because we had also been landing spaces Tokyo was so by but it. Kia and the season where that I many monuments but not even one for survivors of enemies by. And that you have this on the National Mall in front of the capitol you want members of congress to. Come out here read these and listen why is listening so important. Because the survivors know what do they need they know all web changes CE dole has to be me disappointing because. Right now always defeat that the come up with their own stony. Identical to the bullies and report what has happened is being really iffy. And survivors have the votes was different from more than there one day experience before. Ed there's one message you want people to take away. I won all the survivors don't know that they had not at all that they egg group of people and waking supporting them. And the when he takes them navigate so what is by glancing at the blame game. You think you are in and think you've heard joining us out here DeVon Mary Alice it's really it's quite amazing if he can't come down the National Mall this weekend where. I was told you expect up to a 100000 visitors they are going to be taking these wells Alex I into different communities throughout the next couple of weeks. Serena thanks so much the weather looks beautiful for this weekend as well meat Turkey. Yeah she said breaking the silence his powerful I couldn't agree more and it's early incredible any Dina and before we go today wrap up this busy week looking ahead to this weekend a lot happening out on the campaign trail for 20/20 ray. Should be seeing had to hang I think in. I'll meet the signs that California. And a Clinton math from New York City and though they are rarely are there around Oregon never OK guys in California then we see an altogether in along time and they are gonna be in there. As this weekend in a lot of political reporters that he never Molina covering that live right here and ABC news live full team covers wrapping up on Monday right here every from 3:30 eastern time greats of Mary Alice. Parks is always on Devin Dwyer thank you for joining us to see on Monday.

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