Economic impact of COVID-19 on small businesses

Small business owners are struggling to stay open amid the pandemic.
3:33 | 11/30/20

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Transcript for Economic impact of COVID-19 on small businesses
Co big crisis is impacted so many industries this year as the buyers forced businesses across the country to close their doors. Mom and pop shop says you know we're especially hard hit and are struggling to stay afloat admits dependent ABC's Rina Roy. Talked to some small business owners on how. Clough for. 20/20 has been harder than any mom and pop shop could've imagined. Ria ready. Total on some business owners this year. He and Celine. Then. Every way possible nine months into the Coke did nineteen pandemic many of them are hanging on by a thread. We don't. Really encourage everybody he shot political as much as he possibly can and is. According. Companies and millions of dollars are supporting. And how that's why small business Saturday was a lifeline of more than ever this year. This Friday and Saturday and not happen we weren't going to make it through the end of the M because we didn't have the sales. The income just a car that is. Listening to small businesses are a major part of the US economy nearly a quarter of them remain closed. Katrina Paris and mark Payne who have slid to New York city's Harlem for more than twenty years had to shut down their small lifestyle gift shop 92 for four months. Just say it's being high and didn't understand me and I mean it's it's there are intended to is that nobody's ever experienced before. And how much business have you guys lost with the shutdowns in just the pandemic in general less foot traffic know about this time compared to last year for me. At least 70%. The husband and wife duo had to rethink how their business could survived revamping and re launching their web site to draw in more customers. People had to kind of commitment and so vessel we had to do musical e-commerce wise because that's what really mattered to people they want to come to the stores. So we have academy where they war which is on line or Amsterdam her face. Supporting black makers and multi cultural creators from across the US is also part of their plan to stay afloat and help others do the same. Spotlighting the local artists inside an opening their sidewalk space outside to vendors in the community beaded. Adding a one or use our available outdoor space because there's no flea markets there's no vending opportunities he said look no no fees. No cost has come out and and hustle and and then things you know and make some money. And why do that because they know you guys don't get any of the proceeds you know why reach out to the neighbor had an open up your space. Japan is studded with the premise of being a platform for local making news. So it's insane it's just made sense to extend that parents and pay an open night Louis twenty to eighteen when he realized the neighborhood was in need of his shop that reflected its culture and diversity. Five years later is staying true to their purpose on small business Saturday everyone there felt the love. Shoot you mean we needed you know the attention focused and thankfully a lot of people haven't responded that way they wanna be conscious shoppers they want to think twice about where there. Spending their money the death and give us a boost. Just stop small south local shop conscientious. And Benjamin William Mathis. And it's not just small business Saturday that makes a difference business owners say shopping local will be especially important over the next few weeks says people pick up those holiday gift. Diane Terry home.

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"Small business owners are struggling to stay open amid the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74468775","title":"Economic impact of COVID-19 on small businesses","url":"/Politics/video/economic-impact-covid-19-small-businesses-74468775"}