Election Cycle: Flavor Flav on Meeting Donald Trump and How the Debates are Affecting the Race

ABC News' Michael Koenigs sits down with reality TV star and Las Vegas resident Flavor Flav before the last presidential debate.
8:17 | 10/19/16

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Transcript for Election Cycle: Flavor Flav on Meeting Donald Trump and How the Debates are Affecting the Race
Are here in Las Vegas, Nevada there's a big debate tonight. And I'm sitting in a man who has strong opinions on these candidates there in your own backyard today. If they get this election cycle. Well I guess Sheldon. Debate all come to speak to me. Yeah you know let me tell you like this may you know politics is what it is today you know insane and you know right now this is definitely been the tight tight tight race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. You know I'm saying that's been a lot going on you know you know what's in the campaign and everything you know and you know to meet. Every side his right the reason why say that is close to Republicans. Decide his right to the Democrats. This side is right so every side his right but I know one thing only one side can win. One tonight to win any new Donald Trump. What do you think it again. Well I don't really know what to say about them I mean at this point I mean the last time that I'm that Donald Trump. You know wasn't a good experience. You know on them saying when and this was at the time when. Howard Stern was opening up his new movie called private parts in the and I think Donald Trump wanna wanna. In known city in and I want to approach Donald Trump. He wasn't he wasn't nice to meet. Let's put it that way he wasn't he wasn't nice to me it wasn't good experience. So I don't know how he would. On the higher how he would be you know and presidency. And you better reality show Donald Trump. Got a lot of things from his reality show he what kind of political things you learn when you're in that reality show world. Honestly when I'm and the reality show world to know on Syrian. You know it doesn't include politics I don't really aren't too much about politics when doom reality TV. My reality TV you know involves with you know either Dayton girls' school. In the loss of real life. You don't seem there's no politics and and reality TV and you think Donald Trump benefited from doing apprentice. I say he did because a lot of people watch the apprentice in be being in. And not only that but it had higher ratings and had to do great things get high because of people watch didn't support me. And an even watching these debates. Yeah much in the debates men and they've been they've been. Kind of cut cannot be they've been getting heated you've known of sand and it's been good. It's been a good you know it's been a good ride for both candidates right now it's been a tough price for both overwhelming. You know him say is so. I'm me you know I don't know who's going to win this thing. You know one and saying. It's a foot race it's a foot race right now that is their number one issue for political and the number one issue. For flavorful a his. Sit back and watch what happens because it it expects you take it you watch. We're all that happens yeah yeah I'll just watch the world that as it happens you know and Syrian she let me say this you know my fan base. Is made up of Republicans and Democrats. You know on sale at you know I've got Democrats and Republicans my fan base so. You know a guy like me man I would not want to offend anyone. You know on scene and saw what noble wanna take sides in this state. You know on him saying because I like. Are located so all weapons. And the and it hinted that they did not isn't that clock. Apple irritated when people aren't good these debates and it was given time how much you know two minutes it's cited answer. You can make sure ambulance stand. Right down the line for there. Time during this debate. We'll see let me say this you know the reason mark. That I Wear this clock is because time is the most important element that we have in our lifetime. We can't afford to waste. And while we stop. It keeps going. You don't see and so. You know took time for us to be born in this gonna take time for us the dark. And that's why I'll always say clock in the Crockett and he isn't paying attention. To his Jay get better as the weeks already know what time it is. That's why winds clocked you know so everybody knows how important time is. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton they know how important time this and its. When all of the people over within a certain amount of time because as the last debate. An alleged time is real close right now so how much time do they have. It's a little days and then whatever time they have been Chardonnay utilized that time they get the most out of it so they can make sure that they win. The and it's really is down in the wider here than that as something of a swing state here in the middle here and Hillary Clinton what do you think of her and what do you think of active. Well I know one thing Hillary Clinton she's been in all season sees in the First Lady. In the White House before. And she's married to a president. She's been sixty terror real estate before. And I feel let you know she Knowles a lot about what to do what's been presidency. Donald Trump p.'s notebook bid in to politics before. Alone. I don't know how well he dole was. Presidency. I don't know you know I feel that Hillary Clinton Olson a little bit more than him because she's lived it. And then before citizen didn't want to put on the Mike if you wanna have a hot night. Trump ID C eight is embroiled in something a discussion about his hot night on Access Hollywood what you think in those tapes and his words. Well for us of all you know you. You've got to be careful what you say main waiter in politics. You known saving mainly what you're trying to win. Old you know when the volt you know from people. Gotta be careful what you say it did not only that but then also to win the vote of the people. You have to need what you say in you have the victim believe that you mean it. You gotta be talked in the right language if you're not talking right away which you will not get people. We're waiting that time is precious and is candidate. We at a great time to share your thoughts on this election cycle. I know one thing tonight's debate. I'm going to be watching this thing on television it's gonna be crazy. There's going to be heated. And not only that but hey this is bill last of the debates so you know they're going to really didn't really go at it real hard deny that. You know on CNN. All we do not get serious. And may the best live win. But it hasn't yeah there's a catch phrase. That's an enthusiastic catch phrases. And I don't know whether that ever comes up when you're just get really excited that these. They yelled into today's dominated the times in the watching the debates have an idea. We just God's love. She had Judy the old Sean does not worry. You don't seem to back and forth being bad before being back and forth thing bag book that you know I'm saying so. I mean Wright who would you vote for you will vote for the person or speak in the right right. You're paying close attention pretty thrill that was activate LaSalle claims that the thank you for six that's. So did anything off the air with flavorful. And now. And as it gets back hey India and in Las Vegas this is the best buy and only spot. So little the cover this election all night and that to you then thanks for watching here on ABC.

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{"id":42919207,"title":"Election Cycle: Flavor Flav on Meeting Donald Trump and How the Debates are Affecting the Race","duration":"8:17","description":"ABC News' Michael Koenigs sits down with reality TV star and Las Vegas resident Flavor Flav before the last presidential debate.","url":"/Politics/video/election-cycle-flavor-flav-meeting-donald-trump-debates-42919207","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}