'Election Cycle' Rides Its Way Into Times Square on Election Night

ABC News' TJ Holmes talks with Michael Koenigs about his cross country journey.
5:57 | 11/09/16

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Transcript for 'Election Cycle' Rides Its Way Into Times Square on Election Night
The full name is one thing but you've been gone by Mike on a bike to you appreciate that. It happened at van dyken who worked for a lot of panic and a nickname stuck had been wearing that outfit to work reload. I haven't done it yeah and that is I'm excited. Change back into civilian clothes with the thing is you have been in this outfit and on this bike or how long. For about a month just over a month and it's much you dear god got this map taken a few steps then iconoclastic. Was the journey you started where whether you're you're gonna understand in the second why then again this is one of our that they BC colleague by the way eight some random dude up the street. But where did you start your during. So starting time square. And I'll that outburst today which is just a 23 about Iraq and national test in New York obviously has a lot of candidates not to things seat comes home as a kid. Then we got to Chicago went from Chicago to the second debate Saint Louis that's all you biking. Out of banking at bank and then now Leland US Mexico border Tijuana got some tact as some fuel and right up the coastline. Through Los Angeles and then over to Vegas for that their debate. I'm actually learning I didn't know you did all this OK you know you're in Vegas now the third debate and then what. And then. Oh sounding. It's. Active. Members. At the meanness it part. How many miles. The meet the ball between. The debates between the convention's. It. Their voice heard. Are complaints he's been. The countryside nights every few minutes your viewers. That we gates that we told you. Other ways that. At it. And it's easiest way and it's your country. It is and the anybody ills by did you have a crew with youth some might actually pedal vols miles as well. Santa producer and a man who live and alive gone about it now as an academy at one flat tire in the desert inn Mack California. And so he could many Daimler is do you get yanked me that other than that once let did you have any other issues out there on the road. I think the issue is that in math Montgomery Alabama went up an F sixteen. And act as a lot faster than this bicycle and I wasn't quite ready to handle. But you had no that you want let you have any injuries while you're out there man a good sick by now. Now did you did you lose some weight it to I know you're you ride anyway you're pretty healthy guy because I know you Europe. Fiancee now I've Apple's called you go for it. This year. I've got then I don't tell me over but know you all health nuts if you will it's you'll exercising very active. So you can handle this that you do you stuff you a little more to do lose any weight. I was. It. As diners a Littleton match and managed to gain weight like it without the box. The out this despite though what's gonna have it is this or bike to get a special. That's sponsored. Gave us this and it it's estimate made in America many in Minnesota right where you're standing and so they're pretty rad that they make him meaning here in the states. Ours and are you ready to retire that's definitely. That it basically ran the stairs. I've just. Oh who do. Baghdad's. Congratulated those earning like auto by you know you rated you know this it's actually if you had stated to almost thirty. I'm knows you got here injury. That is the rather. This man beauty had to return to bite. Check it holds about. This is Mike of the buy votes this was the happenings. He bicycle ride off the map. Watch the steps and walk wise thing no go votes okay. Allows cities we've we've got oil go and OK we got yoga class going out here right now. Now this is as we have shown you this evening. Some judges still do some yoga puts around the strong yoga as with gold do not bids its into the settlement screaming viva. But we had DC park who is one of our. Or what colleagues actually ABC. And she's pretty healthy young lady which is leading some of our folks out here these folks who polo the crowd some voters. In a little in a little yoga. Now is part of our theme this evening as a part of what we have been doing out here is we've been talking about you know how stressful this. Has been a lot of folks this election has been on people and we had therapy dogs that he would help was just released and of course. Yoga could do it as well metal music out here so what this is supposed to be a good night and have a good guy. And we got yoga going now I'm in a suit I am not about the politics. I don't do yoga action the human. UW now well what's he do it okay but I'm told this is fantastic. Everybody having people live by it's it's a light but the Coetzer. But it's not something I have ever ever done. Look of a man in the back you got to see the red cap got a man at a Macomb make America great again votes wrote that there was some yogurt you'll see that every David.

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{"id":43425512,"title":"'Election Cycle' Rides Its Way Into Times Square on Election Night","duration":"5:57","description":"ABC News' TJ Holmes talks with Michael Koenigs about his cross country journey.","url":"/Politics/video/election-cycle-rides-times-square-election-night-43425512","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}