One-on-one with EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler

EPA plans to roll out national drinking water standards Thursday.
2:11 | 02/14/19

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Transcript for One-on-one with EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler
Everybody I've Devin Dwyer in Washington the head of the EPA Andrew Wheeler sat down with me. For an exclusive first network TV interview here on ABC news live know despite what president trump has said. Didn't do EPA chief Wheeler told me he thinks climate change is a problem. Not a hoax but says some of those impacts are overblown. But some of the conclusions were based on the worst case scenario I'm so I'm I'm. Trying to take the report as a whole we're using the tools that congress gave us or dress CO2 climate change. And removing four. Now Wheeler a former coal industry lobbyists told me he's look at that Democrats green new deal plan which would call. For zero greenhouse gas emissions by 4030 he said it's an ambitious proposal. But one in his view that's not ready for prime time. Did she didn't discount the need to have grid reliability and a than a safe secure electricity supply. And that is Paramount to human health you know when when we go into an emergency response after hurricane when the first things we want to make sure is that they electric system gets up and running. So that we can continue to provide safe drinking water to the American public impact it by those disasters. That today the EPA is unveiling a new action plan to take on too toxic non state chemicals. The touch millions of American lives but many of us are aware of the dangers they're called chief cost. An EPA chief Andrew Wheeler told me it's in the drinking water of sixteen million Americans possibly even more. He says the EPA is working to get those chemicals. Out of the water. We know where the chemicals are manufactured or no a lot of the areas where they're actually use or were born into those communities to see whether or not the water in those communities are contaminated. But this is a guy again this is we haven't slowed down we factually speeded up the process. Now public health advocates want the EPA to mandate nationwide testing for this chemical and to be aggressive about removing it from the water. Democrats say the agency's been slow to act Wheeler says they're on the case. He's expected to be confirmed by the senate. Later this month when I'm getting wire Washington you're watching ABC news law.

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{"duration":"2:11","description":"EPA plans to roll out national drinking water standards Thursday. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61080282","title":"One-on-one with EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler","url":"/Politics/video/epa-administrator-andrew-wheeler-61080282"}