EXCLUSIVE: Biden supports bringing back 'talking filibuster'

"Democracy's having a hard time functioning," the president told ABC News' George Stephanopoulos.
3:11 | 03/17/21

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Transcript for EXCLUSIVE: Biden supports bringing back 'talking filibuster'
If we just took the tax rate back to what it was. When bush was president top pre paid 39 point 8% 6% in federal taxes that would first 230 billion dollars. Yeah we're there are complaining. Because I'm providing peace any tax credit for child care. For the poor for middle class. Keeping people and by the way. My proposal in in in relief and I put forward. It creates seven million jobs according on a whole range of people including. Moody's on Wall Street number one. Increases the GDP by over trillion dollars actually ring eases raises income and America. And diminish his death. In America. We're doing our talking on a mission to see you're not likely to get Republican votes for the tax increase you're not likely to get Republican votes for HR one expanding body rates at the John Lewis. Voting rights act so aren't you gonna have to choose and even reluctant to do with a filibuster arching have to choose between preserving the filibuster. In advancing your agenda yes. But here's the choice I don't think if the limit the filibuster have to do what it used to be when I first got to the senate back in the old days when used to be around. And that is that a filibuster you had to stand up a command the floor. And you had to keep talking on you couldn't call for a you know they don't know could say no quorum call. Once you stop talking you lost that and someone could move in and say I'm move the question out. Soriano worked for the filibuster so your for that reform for bringing back the talking filibuster I am. That's what it was supposed to vague look I think don't always a numbers George but I think. Between 1916 and 2000 rely on making this number I don't know paralyzed. You know. Fifty filibuster should now elect 200 sense since fiscal hold that's it yeah I mean how self. The idea it is almost has been reported where. There's no democracies have a hard time functioning. A hard time function. And so look. I'm not saying this is going to be easy George. But I do believe there's enough Republicans are part time we're gonna have looked. You're here they haven't had that epiphany you said you're gonna see in the can don't know what I've only about her six weeks top. Okay gimme a break kickers but there are six weeks I think that Tiffany's gonna come and twenty between now and 20/20 two. This is well there's 78% of people say they support this program 52% of Republicans that's a summits off by 50%. You're gonna go home we can't pay Republican voters. Want that. 15100 dollars because trouble. Republican voters want to be able to choose between being able ascend or go to work and send their kid to a day care that they can afford. Republican voters wanna be able to take your child care tax credit I mean -- it's not like. Every Republican voters is you know a billionaire. No they're by the way you. I'm not saying we'll check how do it again but I want Republican voters and super.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"\"Democracy's having a hard time functioning,\" the president told ABC News' George Stephanopoulos.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"76500446","title":"EXCLUSIVE: Biden supports bringing back 'talking filibuster'","url":"/Politics/video/exclusive-biden-supports-bringing-back-talking-filibuster-76500446"}