Facebook takes on election interference

The social media giant unveiled plans to combat interference in the upcoming presidential election.
4:46 | 10/22/19

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Transcript for Facebook takes on election interference
And for more FaceBook and foreign attempts to influence voters in the Tory Tory campaign I'm joined now by Jennifer grind Golan assistant professor. Communications at Syracuse University also social media expert Jennifer it's great to see you. Is so what did you make of this news from FaceBook that the Russians are back at it again using the platform. On do you think the companies doing enough. Absolutely not and all a lot of attention not what Russia is doing what I am staying thanks I'm here politics. Answers that I can gain on what's called US state media. And not just calling attention to this because a lot of people don't understand that's. United States government also met state media here and added that used based look at that route last two years. So innocent announcement from ace but they also mentioned something just called government in your ear and said that. It's especially egregious when the government again guys it's essentially its own people. Some pure today eight drop public attention it isn't anyone who has read the residents suites today are last week or last month. Understand that domestically mediate the east yours so why do you boats will be taught about Russia and I Randall you need to be taught about what's happening here. We have and that he abused by so many actors. Who are seeking to push misinformation including some of the campaigns as you know well and I guess it begs a question after going through between sixteen cycle hearing. And this reports from Robert Mueller about what he found on the platform I mean how can all of us. Better equip ourselves to sauce out fake news misleading information foreign interference. On FaceBook I mean what practically speaking it in specifically what can we look for. Did to nowhere if we're seeing it in action right before our eyes. That's a great question a lot of people get news and misinformation. But we need to just about the basics of influence and propaganda at this point so. In the past. And federal law that have been considered here in the United States don't do. The public understand that these social media arms are not regularly. And FaceBook and Twitter and others putting for the site yet and they're doing more to prevent this meddling that took place. And 116 that it had done enough. So there's our dinner use labels that we need to make sure that the supplies. All of the media out here that will be influencing us when it's not like. Free press in the media. Us you know described as publicly funded liquor and PR. Stuck in the same category and it's like whites and America. Which in mean. Yet here. Or Egypt has been labeling actually a little while let you know Russia today and that's. You know local state media our state patrol beat just knowing that there are. A multitude. Of places where we could be experiencing influence. Both domestically and foreign me and you know people just make sure that consuming. You know it highlights from folks that they know and trust and you know the considering the source even more so going into one point. And news decide. And you we saw so many of these accounts that we're just remove it also and 2016. Were of groups purporting to be grassroots organizers of political activity rallies for Donald Trump. Perhaps some protesters against Joseph Biden or whatever the like. Mean how do you would you be leery if you were. A politically engaged FaceBook user or participating in any of those groups right now I'm in should they're sort of be a blanket. Skepticism. Of any of those tools. Any label it geek you know fraudulent. At this point loss since you and ripping off the patriotic terms like freedom or liberty especially. Knowing of those hurt out of needs that are popular. Within politics what's shocking and the latest announcement is that ELN new. News it's an account that it's brought down we knew that black lives matter group what was our. I just can't believe that FaceBook is not seeking more proactive research in an attempt to make sure that that wasn't being used. And so they introduce those kind of look protect protect. Government officials and it won't Alexander but I'd be running for office but we need to do a better effort with some of the people who are running for its whose wealth salute you know. The leaders in political movements or social movements as well it is they are also eating our. Jennifer bridal is a cute deputy assistant professor of communications at Syracuse University assumption the expert. Jennifer thanks so much for coming on appreciate your views.

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{"duration":"4:46","description":"The social media giant unveiled plans to combat interference in the upcoming presidential election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66453150","title":"Facebook takes on election interference","url":"/Politics/video/facebook-takes-election-interference-66453150"}