Farmers promised $16 billion aid package

President Trump announces a bailout for farmers who are affected by China tariffs, and the U.S. prepares to respond to Iran's threats.
26:58 | 05/23/19

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Transcript for Farmers promised $16 billion aid package
And. Everybody welcome to the briefing her money c.'s Devin Dwyer Washington great to have you with us on this Thursday big developments today over at the White House where president trump. Is announcing a big bailout for America's farmers as this protracted trade war with China. Continues causing a lot of economic pain across the country we'll talk to two farmers today. About that will also go over to the Pentagon to get into a just what plans are on the table to potentially send thousands more American troops. To the Middle East and we pay tribute today to our friends at the view which are gaining some much well deserved recognition by the New York Times who. Bring that to you at the end of this year to David you wanna start. With this news on the trade war with China the president announcing today that he's in dealing another infusion of cash for America's farmers sixteen billion dollars. On top of the twelve billion dollars there was. Handed out through I depression era program by the Agriculture Department last year this is for farmers of soybeans cotton corn wheat and dairy. In there you saw it. Sixteen billion. He had seven the president is announcing sixteen billion dollars in aid for farmers this is the second installment in aid for farmers. I since this ongoing trade war has been raging. I and basically what the federal government is going to be doing here is. Directly buying some of those crops. That these farmers otherwise aren't selling because of the trade war. And we I have to farmers here with us in the briefing room today to talk about the impacts. That's those those tariffs are having on the sale of their products and I'm joined here in. In the brief here in Washington by Matt Russell he is a fifth generation Iowa farmer. You your husband farm mostly produced tomatoes some grass fed beef as well and spend your trailer for sometime also joined from our California by Javier is a Mora. Is a very farmer with GSM organics look at it looks like he's out there in the field right now Javier great to see you. I'm out there I'm gonna sort with Matt Matt. You have actually works. As a member part time member of the ED Farm Service Agency few years back out in Iowa. Your well connected in the community there how. How harmful had these tariffs have been for Iowa farmers and do these payments that the president is talking about today do they make a big difference. Yet so there they make a difference. I think the biggest thing is the lot the lack but the loss of the traded that that's the big story this doesn't make up for all the loss. All the last seen box mark Hilan arises and yes of this is is a band aid. But structurally the traders having an enormous impact you know and I mean in in town today to testify at the climate crisis talk but climate change and agriculture. And and that's another option where we can be paying farmers for climate services across the country and not be good public policy. Getting something for taxpayers. This is preventing some real hemorrhaging but we're not getting a lot out of it. You're knocking a lot out from these payments the tariffs are taking a bit of a bite hobby or understand. That is he's also hitting your industry to dairy industry in California as well. Your goods aren't directly. Aren't directly be exported to its overseas. First day but you're also seeing the impact of these terrorists out there tell us about that. We. When big companies. Would. It will different products. Yeah. I regardless. The blue. Ribbon. Program. Barton. Oh. And so typical. Have been all in our restaurant. Alone and it will. Be but. We're. Apple. It typically. Yeah and matters that's really you've experienced U farm mostly produced tomatoes he said some beef. It a hobby ears point there is even though he's not exporting a lot of them big agribusiness exporters. Because they're being turned away not gonna sell more dumped domestically which is it making it harder for him is us in the U experience. That's on the fifth generation farmer Mike for months our group on a thousand acre commodity farm my parents her brother social are still farming. In that system so I'm still connected and are far not directly but still connected to the impact that this a trade war and then these payments are having. So it did this is that this is something that impacts as heavier since the whole country. Suspicious especially soybean farmers and they're getting the bulk of the payments but it's it's a catastrophe for. Country it and help us understand what when people were farmers talk about the biggest pain being the loss of markets. In China what does that mean. Well it means they spend any help Brady Johnson they spend years Coulter is a. They lost in the end buyers Reza for signed a man so if you got a lot of supplying you don't have as much demand then you've price goes down if you got a lot of demand. An event then you could hear there's more. The price goes up first as opera so when you we take China off the table for us at our demand for our products we have suddenly a huge amount of supply. And the plot and the price collapse. You're nowhere to go with that and other group countries wells swooped in and and supply chocolate that are grimy and I think. Part of the distraction is this is the big story. Going forward and agriculture's climate change. And how we gonna get farmers engaged. On being part of the solution. And using public policy to do this I think we're we're seeing. Abuse of public policy to throw bandits. And not get something that benefits farmers all over the country it is. Going forward its solution so the trade war is definitely creating a crisis. And these candidates are in response to that but it's not a good use of public policy take to get us into the future ice. Expensive band aids era we're talking now about sixteen billion dollar store and Phelps has go back to you at the White House because. A lot of people online today or when he where is this money coming from. The president obviously doesn't have power of the purse that belongs to congress. And yet out of thin air today he is announcing sixteen billion dollars in payments to farmers. What it what are you been able to learn about where it's coming from and how was approved. DeVon in the short term this money is coming out of a depression era program through that US Department of Agriculture. To supplement with these farmers by. Buying their crops directly but it's important to keep fact checking the administration here because the president keeps claiming that some how China is paying for east Harris. Then it doesn't matter how many times he hasn't it's just not real. I'd EZ US importers are the ones you pay for these tariffs as attacks they think half. That extra cost on to consumers. Meaning that the US consumers whose who are buying these products are ultimately the ones who are on the hook for this. Seven so it's just not true that some how China is paying for an aspect right now damage the money's coming out as I UST. And I want to ask you before that you're Jordan about the politics in all of this and we'll talk to Matt a little bit about that as well. There there's been a lot of reporting in conversation out there but the president. Taking this action he also dropped tariffs against Mexico and Canada earlier this week on steel and aluminum. Because of the impact that was had answered businesses he's got his eyes are on the middle of the country and the politics. That this is having as he heads in the reelection. Yet at and it seems like the president steps back from those other trade disputes to really put the focus squarely on China. But seven farmers the middle of the country that's one of the president's strongholds politically. We now in the president knows well and so that's why he's. Putting his eye toward helping these farmers but as you now in as the farmers even talking to you. Note this aid that say federal government is offering doesn't come close enough to really closing that gap so the president is under pressure here politically. Take in this trade dispute. He might risk losing some votes and one each money. And and take stern felt Schwartz at the White House and map before we let you go. Iowa such a critical state as we head into the toy each when he presidential election. Here to Republican senators their Joni here and struck Grassley Bryan sparks are breaking with the president on this asking for him to ease up on the tariffs. I'm it based on the circles that you are in in the conversations that your having do you see a political impact of these tariffs. In 20/20 is is it gonna make it harder for Republican. Farmers that you know independent farmers it's you know to support president trump because the tariffs. I think. I think just from a broad political standpoint the economy has a lot to do with. The party in power. And elections that's just kind of common knowledge. If the farm economy stays in the slump that it's and it's going to have an impact. At least for farmers because the economy is in a real crisis and we're seeing a a cyclical downturn turned into a major crisis because of these terrorists that's gonna happen and. Heavy while the whole economy and I'd be doing well the farm economy in Iowa is certainly feeling the pains and that is laying on a lot of mines. I'm Matt Russell thank you so much has generation farmer great to have you with this in the briefing room from Iowa and our thanks. To Javier some more as well joining us from California Javier and make you so much great to see. Others beautiful buried behind you've been locked up with your opinion season out there that you sir are important are sacred to see Javier moving on now. To those major developments late yesterday coming out of the Pentagon as president trump. Our ramps up the rhetoric with were with Iran ABC news has learned that the Pentagon is pulling together plans to send. Potentially thousands more US troops to the Middle East. I acted to deter Iran and the threats that it poses let's go to the Pentagon. Are right now for Louis Martinez were meeting was convened today Lou we with the acting Defense Secretary and top military brass to talk about those plans. What have you learned about how many troops might be headed that way. That I don't depending on its talking about as the sun comes requests for additional Force Protection now what does that mean that means. Protecting American forces in the Middle East that could take the form of additional patriot anti missile batteries that could mean warships US navy ships in the Persian gulf. Kept to counter a maritime threats posed by Iran. But then pray we had secretary of defense second secretary defense pat Shanahan speak to us just a short time ago where he pushed back on the notion that it. We're talking about 5000 or 101000. Troops may be associated with this he said what's going on right now is that this an initial part of this process. Where Sen Cummings made to request the joint staff is looking at it. He said he would be briefing the president this afternoon at the White House about Iran. I'm but they said it was premature essentially to say that that number of troops to be heading to the Middle East what he did say is that they are looking at additional Force Protection. And he did acknowledge that additional Force Protection could mean additional troops. A siren forget the US sent an aircraft carrying US Abraham Lincoln as well as B fifty twos and eight patriot missile battery. To the Middle East in response to Iranian threats. When we asked secretary today if those threats continue. He kind of did shunted aside the question but. Pretty much said that those threats remain. And Louis it just as do is we want to remind everybody as you said there are thousands of American troops already in the Middle East or put up. Some of your reporting is to Wear those troops are distributed right now just. So folks going to get a sense most American forces in the media and Middle Eastern Afghanistan. Big presence in Kuwait Qatar. A lot of Americans on ships out there and others of course in Iraq. In Syria Louie is as they contemplate these plans they zone and zero in on a number. Where would they like the goal what kinds of troops are we talking about in terms of Force Protection. Well that's one of the things we talk to officials about this they talk less about the troop numbers themselves and more about what those troops would be doing. So in other ours is what they pentagon here likes to call capabilities what what does that mean he won a missile is capable of shooting down an aircraft you want another missile is capable of shooting an incoming missile. You can you can find those on land confinement C. Well if he input and exceed that means putting in seizing ships and may not be in the region. He may have to pull them from some are back stateside or the Far East the remaining in the Mediterranean. So when you had these capabilities that's were you talking about that's when you get into the numbers game about OK how many people do you actually need. To make the systems operate and so that's how we end up with 5000. 101000 may have been the top number that's income was requesting but they're not gonna get everything they're cut is a lot depends on that how stretched the US military is worldwide so. Where of these could troops killed they could go to on ships they could end up at beefing up he resources at three US already has in those gulf countries like Bahrain cutter. In United Arab Emirates. It those would be the likely is places given that they are right across the Persian gulf from Iran and could be. Become terrorists that attacked. Could suffer terrorist attacks. And let's not forget the look what happened. Just last week those four freighters off the coast the United Arab Emirates the Nazis believe that it was Iranians. He hired you see the Iranian Islamic revolutionary guard corps. On that actually placed explosive charges on those ships. Quite a provocative act but so far and nothing beyond that. Yeah it it certainly would be a significant deployment though into that zone obviously as you were telling me earlier with a sign of the seriousness with which. The administration is taking the threat we Martinez thanks reported depending I want every now. Mono most at hobby who is with the national Iran in American council great to see you money to send us and we wanted to bring you win because you're an important perspective. I think that is the loss in all this you were born in Iran you still have family. Over there you could. There is in touch with them I'm sure at this time but. You know lost in this debate about troop build up the standoff between the two the regime in president trump is. What's it like on the ground there are people scene about the threat from prison term do you get the sense that as a rule conflict coming. But there's. You know it's it's a couple things they think that those psychological fox that it's having all of this the escalation in recent weeks really has. Really devastated the psychology of the Iranian people. You know we are so. There's a lot of them have already been traumatized by war there's already been generations that have been impacted and you know these tape a long shadow of war and we haven't forgotten Iran Iraq War my family moved here you know in the midst of that kind of violence. And obviously Iranians saw. The outcome of the Iraq War. And they are seeing this sort of playbook and the Iraq war in Iraq we're being re used a gun. And so there's this sense of paralysis on the grounds in a lot of ways. You know a lot of people wanna say well it's like regime mismanagement in all of this that's contributing to sort of this like economic stalemate that they're facing. But if you talk to Iran audience they will say no they blame president trump for the sanctions that he's imposed. They can't access Matta said there's a lot of black market medication that's cut whiff. You know and terrible chemicals that are giving them incredibly bad site a faxed. And the reality is that there are now these opposition forces that are operating in Washington DC that have no support in Iran. And they are stoking this sort of PT SD almost to where they're seeing you know you have the former shah's son pat Levy doing these rounds through the Washington DC think tanks. Very much the same way that Ahmed polity was doing. And he's sort of drumming up support and saying I want to support the Iranian people but you talk to be run ins on the ground they're saying. We already dead fess we don't want a monarchy we don't want the US to come in and change this regime could we already saw what happened in the tried to do that once what do you think the riskiest of. Of a miscalculation. Here broke both viewed by the Americans are by the Iranians I mean. There is a report out over the weekend in the New York Times about how this latest tit for tat back and forth. Boom reverts both rhetorically and in terms of forces who was dangerously close. To an excellent violent explosion simply because a miscalculation do you get the sense that. I don't know that it's possible that cyber risk. I mean I think it's going to be it's gonna conduct like a miscalculated tweaked. Honestly be writing end people and their running government have no energy or political will to get into any confrontation. They are struggling with a flailing economy a really unhappy population. And they're just embroiled in regional struggles they don't have the capacity to take on further conflict they're exercising restraint they don't anticipate that that's gonna change. June and finally won that tutors nation headline out this morning and Politico that senator Dianne Feinstein democratic. I senator from California senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee who Katrina left. It here a few weeks ago had dinner. With Iran's foreign minister Javon sweet. Who was in town said. Surprised everybody in this town to see such a high ranking member of congress a Democrat re having a meal with performance what did you make of that. I mean that eighty know that seems like it's a lot more sounds than meeting it proclaimed opposition figures like John Bolton taking payments from the and the UK. IA I will always advocate for anything that'll advance peace and diplomacy with Iran the problem is that we are talking. And anyone who's willing to talk we should talk to you. If that's what it takes anything out of all president trump back you know I don't know Iranians have a lot of pride. And I guess that's kind of a wait and see you but I don't think we should rule peace and diplomacy and just take it off the tip left on I don't think where we're at that point. All right we'll see that so for peaceful all come in this latest tit for tat back and forth between the United States. And Iran monuments to Tommy with a net national Iranian American council thinks so much for Immelman Angel to meet you have you here. I'd if you're hearing those sirens sounding here in the ABC newsroom everyone's. IPhone alarms are going off as it looks like we have some impending dangerous weather here on the on the eve of Memorial Day weekend. Our turn now to the controversial release. Of an American known as the American Taliban and this is John Walker and then take a look at this picture here. You may remember him he was freed today. After seventeen years and an American prison. Convicted. Of involvement with the Taliban shortly after 9/11. Connected to the death of American CIA officer in Iran he took up. Forces with the Taliban. It just before the 9/11 attacks. And he was released today. Pretty controversial move are whit Johnson is in Indiana near the prison where he it came from today wit. So a lot of people wondering why he was released so early and where he is now what do you know about his whereabouts and and doings. What Evans you hit the nail on the head using the word controversy some might even use the word outrage a lot of people very upset about the release of the so called. American Taliban John Walker Lindh who also as you mentioned. Slipped out of this Indiana prison under the cover of darkness ago or early morning hours. Our sources tell us that live is now on the move on his way actually Northern Virginia to reside just out of Washington DC where you are. But a lot of this controversy comes as the is. Leaked government reports came out suggesting that lean remains radicalize still has extremist views and even expressed. Support for ices this coming through the form of several government reports. Some correspondence that Lin had with reporters over the years writing letters. Reporters asking questions about what he thought about prices and Lynn expressing his support. And what's interesting here you mentioned that he serve seventeen years of his twenty year sentence he's being released because of good behavior. And for the people who are opponents of this release that's the part that really bothers them how can you determine good behavior. How can you really know what's in his heart and if Lin has actually been reforms of the most vocal opponents here. Family members of Mike's ban. He is that CIA agent who was killed in the prison uprising in Afghanistan in 2001 that's the same prison woman was being held. Those images that we've seen of Lin being pulled out of the rubble. Out of the basement. From that prison Mike Spann the CIA officer actually interrogated and asked leading questions about an hour before that prison revolt. And he was then killed at a close quarters gun battle. Stance family says that this feels like a slap in the face the fact that Linda is getting out orally especially after hearing it from multiple sources that you still expresses these. Radical views today even secretary of state Mike Pompeo went on the record in an interview on Fox News calling span a great American. And asking for review of this process try to understand. What happened here. And there's even a broader question because it's not just Lee and he sort of what is like a case study. Of what we're seeing with multiple terrorist who came into custody who were captured. In that post 9/11 era. And are now in the process of being released it is estimated that dozens of these convicted terrorists. Will likely be released in the next five years in questions remain about it what is in their part have they truly been reformed. And how does the government plan to monitor these individuals going forward. Yet I guess what the big question offer that we it is is how much of the threat is this man to all of us and I do imagine. A basis of your reporting that dead the authorities are planning to closely monitor him. Are going forward I guess is he's moving here near the nation's capital what do you know about. How they will keep tabs on and then. We know that as part of this appeals process how it moves through the judge ultimately. When he granted this early release of those technically not an early release it to early probation shaving off three years of his time behind bars. As part of that. He has very strict restrictions when it comes limited Internet access all of his Internet access has to be on approved devices that is monitored. He cannot associated in any way with any known extremists when he talks to people on the Internet he passed to use. The English language he can't have a passport he can't travel to another country without. Prior approval so there'll all of these issues in an all these restrictions that are in place for told the FBI will also monitor Lynn. Directly but that what happens after those three years is still unclear is he completely then release to be a free man an American citizen and go about his business. It's very alarming to a lot of people including as I mentioned the secretary of state. Given the fact these reports and some over ABC sources as well saying that Lynne still express some of those radical views behind bars. Hey which Johnson thanks so much a lot of members of congress we should say to move as they had out of town. I for the holiday weekend are sounding off about this as well certainly a talker whit thanks for your reporting we'll see at night. On world news finally today some import an important recognition for our friends at the view the ABC. A morning talk show the ladies a Whoopi joy Megan sunny and abbey there they are there a cover. Of the New York Times magazine this week ended they're being called the most important political TV show in America it's quite an honor. Twelve of its 46 democratic candidates declared for president and appeared on the show making it a must stop. On the road to add to the nomination and I come next year and torn each morning they have Elizabeth Warren. Scheduled in the next few weeks the lady's yesterday to it took a few moon moments to reflect on the significance. Of the recognition. At least five women are hosting according to New York Times the most politically relevant shell want to be and I think. It's the first time all woman shows during and our audience is predominantly women and it just. It shows that women are politically engaged in a way they have never had power and our. You know it's always listen it's always ban interest and conversation ranks it's everyone else's had to catch up yeah. This is the house that Barbara Walters adults cannot relax hurdle business. Fit that women five women would be sitting around a table yes do talking the way we often due it at home. At the other day I went to rob a place it just sitting right stuff you know outside have practiced by myself suddenly women are surrounding me and talking led to view. And they were talking back to romp in politics and everything else and then another one came and another one came his big group of women gathered around me to do the video and I think that. I think that's one of the things we provided over the years is to get talking points out and stop the women to just get together and do that. Senator hats off again to the ladies of the view the house that Barbara Walters built that's. Eight in recognition of course of Barbara Walters being the founding member of that show again. In the New York Times magazine this week and most important political shown America we do know either reaching out to all the torn each when he democratic contenders. And president trump to come on the show. Before the end of the election season so will be good to continue following that. Ivory to have you with us on this very busy Thursday and Devin Dwyer Washington be sure to download the ABC news act to follow the latest and all the stories we've talked about today if you. I want to keep up with those star then in the after the finest live there point 47 as well we'll be back here tomorrow at 3:30 PM eastern time 5:30 PM eastern time. Everywhere you can find ABC news live hope you join us. C a.

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