Future of the GOP remains in question

Ramesh Ponnuru, senior editor of the National Review, discusses the significance of Mitch McConnell blaming President Donald Trump for the Capitol riots and saying he wants to find “common ground.”
5:48 | 01/19/21

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Transcript for Future of the GOP remains in question
Senator Mitch McConnell gave his final speech as majority leader on the senate floor today McConnell addressed the assault on the capital even blaming the president. The mob pushed Blanche. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people. Conservative Bloomberg opinion contributor and senior editor at the national review Ramesh Conner rue joins us now. For more on this ever match thanks for being here what do you make of these comments. From McConnell giving the penned in bed the pending impeachment trial. Well I think that anybody. Who had a wondered whether. Senator McConnell was truly furious. With the presidential war or whether that Cherie had cooled. Now O has the answer he thinks that this was. Terrible conduct. And I think that it has to mean that he is vote is at least in clay. For a conviction of the president in an impeachment. They were partners in doing so much through these years and I want to touch on something you written. Today we make the argument that. Donald Trump turn Republicans into losers and trump himself is a reason Democrats. Are back in power we're looking at the quote from right now it cost his party control the senate let distort historic disgrace the capitol right. Never stood a chance of keeping Joseph Biden from office. How so how did he do that and what impact does have a Republicans going full. We'll keep in my land. And that if 43000. Votes in different states had gone into restated gone differently. Trump would have won the election. I but he made a series of unforced errors. That cost him the election. On because of his own personality. She do the bare minimum that the public wanted out of its leader during the krona virus I think endemic which was she who shall we resolved in steadiness and cheery as such he just signaling failed to do that so. Even though lots of political leaders got a boost the calls run that this crisis regardless of their policies. Trump didn't release his was bearish news was very short lied. And overall people didn't approve of his handling. Another crisis another. Unforced error on his part. Discouraging Republican voters. From using mail in ballots as Georgia secretary of state. Rack and burger had pointed out. Voted out she in the primary. Didn't show up to vote in the general election. Bigger drop off from their votes and Biden's margin over trucks. That was Trump's too. Losing the Georgia senate races that was because trump. Hatch Republican turnout depressed. He is I think single handedly responsible. Republicans losing both the White House and senate. They say the Republicans to pick their next leader using different criteria for their own sake. If not for the country's why do you think so many supported or in some cases even fell in love with trump. And where do those supporters go now. Well different people supported trump for different reasons but I do think a large large part of it. Was simple partisanship. That president trump agreed wish. Republican voters on the issues that Republican voters care about. And democratic. Politicians don't so they're a lot of Republican voters who care about gun right or the right to life or tax trump was pretty. Kinney in figuring out which issues Republican voters cared about and making sure that he never got on the wrong side of course there were a lot of other issues where. It turned out Republicans didn't have strong views and one of them was on whether officials should have high character. So Mitch McConnell. As also boarded the democrats' slim majority he's called for more bipartisan agreement say this isn't it time for great ideological change but. Democrats might it was good for the goose is good for the gander he hardly was a bipartisan figure in the majority or in the minority. So what's his role going forward with Biden and with this but trumping Republican Party. The fact is that the Democrats have majority in the house a majority in the senate and they had the White House but those majorities in congress are very slim. And I think practically speaking it's gonna be buried very difficult to get much enacted so if the left wing of the Democratic Party. Allows itself to be for old by these majorities and thinking that. They can just sort of how you can take it should roll over the opposition. I think they are whenever in the wake. Sir mash where is a Republican Party go from here and what do you think it means to be Republican in 20/20 one. I think it is up for grabs I think that Republicans need to. Have a real debates over what they're gonna stand for and what president Trump's place in the party is going to be. Once he's an ex president. Yeah and I hope that the breach of Capitol Hill. Was a wake up call to a lot of Republicans about the dangers. Encouraging that the dishonesty. Or conspiracy theorizing. And the indifference to norms and restraint. On that have been part of the package will present trump. From last Cairo it's great to have you we appreciate your time and your analysis thank you. You're welcome.

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{"duration":"5:48","description":"Ramesh Ponnuru, senior editor of the National Review, discusses the significance of Mitch McConnell blaming President Donald Trump for the Capitol riots and saying he wants to find “common ground.” ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75353019","title":"Future of the GOP remains in question","url":"/Politics/video/future-gop-remains-question-75353019"}