Inside the ABC News feature: 'Roberts County: A year in the most pro-Trump town'

ABC News' Amna Nawaz gives a behind-the-scenes look at the county where more than 95 percent voted for Trump.
11:00 | 01/18/18

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Transcript for Inside the ABC News feature: 'Roberts County: A year in the most pro-Trump town'
Have Dan Harris. Adam it a bit of a role reversal today because normally when I've come in here I'm I'm in this chair over here where I'm no new one as a city and that with the reason why I'm in this church is that I am an interview not. About her new documentary which is called Roberts County a year in the most pro trump town. So congratulations this just posted yesterday thank you. And so just. Tell me what how would you how did you and figure out that this is literally the most pro trump town. Luckily some announcer in the numbers for these are the statistics that came out academy after the November 2016 election. We had identified some of sort of the highest. Percentage of support for mr. trump post when he sixteen. And also for Secretary Clinton and your kind of examining them and seeing how we tell this story had to be go into these voters lies and try to figure out. Okay what happens now. And we ended up in Roberts counties which has one town it's the town of my Amma. Population 592. Where is where is this Texas it's in the Texas Panhandle it's about ninety minutes north east of Amarillo. If that means anything to those folks out there. So it's it's not easy to get to its very Merle it's very isolated its theory homogenous. And 95%. Of the voters there voted for mr. trots we want to figure out why. We won its figure. What our AB I've changed and how that's like election results in Pyongyang can mean that that's an incredible amount of support yet ended it is something only twenty odd people in the entire county had voted for Secretary Clinton you find them. We found them a few of famine none of them would none of them confirmed to less even that was widely speculated that they were the Clinton voters. Senate in the confirmed to us that they weren't none of them wanted to go on the record. Interstate and that they were there they were worried that there be buster status. They already felt that a little to yes they'd already felt a little bit sort of like we don't belong here our views are represented here why would be go on the record with national news cameras to confirm. Let's just play a clip. Because. To me this is truly fascinating work well at least who it was from from what you can see in the clip to look take a look. I think time you know a lot of things that. Are being fed and RD being done coming out of Washington they may not affect you every day. But they affect a lot of other people right like if they and the dock a program you're talking about 800000 people. Who live departing been thrown into incredible and certainty. And I moved out there. Say that Hillary had been elected and that she would've raised in taxes are high income earners and all that. And we would have had to sell or land. To the point where it wasn't sustainable effort your families and where what we've been trying to build for six generations over should those people that we're down those darker. People should they. In that scenario would they have been concerned about me. If if the roles were reversed I have to charge and take care of me and my. And that's kind of when it comes down to. To tell it tells about this gentleman. So this is Mitchell lock. This is actually the first guy that we met the very first person who agreed to be interviewed for this because that to tell you it was incredibly difficult. To even convince people to participate in something like that there's a distressed in the mainstream meanie media by and large gap I mean look it's really hard for anyone to invite cameras into their home right why would you do that. At the second and they they knew that they were getting a lot of attention especially after the election. Because of the way that they vote mean there was a ton of international press that descended on the town to go IC did one off pieces and then laughs and they kind of felt like they have been burned a little bit by the media. And then I call and say hey we want to do this thing can we come hang out with you for a year in the immediate response was. No thank you very much. Mitchell is the first person that we made some kind of in rats when he was the first unwilling to come forward and say okay let's talk about this how with this for so he's a farmer he's a fifth generation cattle rancher most people who live in Roberts County either worked in the cattle ranching industry or in the oil industry is that the two biggest job producers there. And Mitchell as he heard in that clip there was weighing things like tax reform when he was voting because that is what really really a fact it hits home. For people on the ground there there landowners fat sweat that's where their assets are that's where their family well say it's like that's the heirloom for these families. So he didn't really like either candidate and he made this very clear he does not like Donald Trump he didn't and then he doesn't now. But he knew that if he voted for Secretary Clinton the estate tax would either remain where it is meeting he could stand to lose a lot of their family and when his father dies. Or it would be raised. System that's so interesting he doesn't like Donald Trump not is all that true in the rest of my Amma. It's sort of split which is I think but you'd expect to find on the ground there the people who sort of feel like they held their noses and voted for a man that they don't respect. And they don't like because they thought his policies would help him more. And then there there people who are very very strongly ideologically in line with mr. trump and feel that he is the leader that this country needs right now. He's a forceful leader and he's heading in the right direction. And so in the span of our interviews and meet profiled for families over the course of the year. We kind of cover all the all those he has we have every single one of those characters represented in the stop. And we tiger people who Rorer unabashedly. Pro trump how they feel about. His Twitter feed how to they feel about some of the things. He said that. Many believe have inflamed racial tensions in the country his comments after Charlottesville yeah. Ass hole countries its that are at center what what we knew. Confront them with in this kind of did these kinds of statements again what do they say. You know it's interesting the one issue on which we got consensus from everyone was the president's tighter feet. None of them wanted to tweaked all of them said we really wish he would tweet last because he gets himself in trouble. Even when he should be focusing on his policies should be focusing and getting the work done we really want him to stop tweeting. At the same time they were staunch defenders of the line he took when he came to things like the NFL protests. It's it's only needed to stand up and say those things because those are the feelings of millions of Americans and I'm glad that he did and even to co. Due largely African American players sons of bitches. Yeah they feel that this is a man who speaks off the cuff he speaks openly and honestly he's not filtered like traditional politicians. And for a lot of people there they like that that is practically every edited in its unquestionably the core of his appeal to those who really really love him. Other than the Twitter feed into the free for the staunch defenders is there any other tweak they have of his presidential style or they just like all it. I would even say they're all in. The most new on. Studio and sort of the the most movement we saw from anyone over the course of the year with this gentleman at the bottom and then in Steve Porter he's in his early seventies born and raised in the panhandle. It was very quick to defend the president and every one of our conversations but we got to the final conversation and I asked you know he he's never met someone like me. There aren't a lot of people like me in this town. And I accept what has it been like for you to talk about these issues about racism and sexism in politics and all these things. And he said look when I look at what the president says and does. I compared to past president and they have all been men of faults and failures and this president is no different than house. How were you treated overall. Given that your last name isn't Smith could fit. I was treated by the people who we profiled. Warm link. And with open arms and I could not have been. I could not felt more welcome you be able to say whether he pulled that we profiles. Because there were other people OK and where not a sky in what way. A few people who turn their backs on us. You would yell at me or my team in the streets. Few who went out of their way to make it clear to us that we worked welcome. They did you think that's because your part of the mainstream media or because of the color understand. Largely because we're journalists noticed we don't know what it's like to live there which is why we were there in the first place to try and figure that out. But they don't feel like anyone who's there with a camera in their hand in a reporter's notebook in their hand is out to do he's right you I don't. I do I'm old school thing. And laurel school accounts so still prefer those of us who were going to watch yes what would dig deeply. Give us a sense of give us elevator pitch why didn't watch what what we've learned what we see we'll let the story this is. I know means a presentation of what most of the country that ended up voting for mr. trump felt like I went through in the last year but we set out to do here. Was track one small town with a few key and represented at members. To be able to say for all the many ways in which the country changed over the last year for all the many ways in which is the presidency. Changed over the last year. What actually changed on the ground in the one community where they supported him more strongly. Than anywhere else in America and that's what we set out to answer what surprised you the most. I think how deep some at these relationships that we formed a week ago. I mean you think about when you set out to follow someone for me here you imagine you'd dig into a lot of stuff right talk about. Their personal fears and hopes and dreams we talked about their finances about their infertility struggles. And reformed of real relationships you know I mean my team members all of them we've all these folks on the corner. I don't think we expected that I don't think they expected that to be honest I think they thought they would sort of tolerate our presence and the as accommodating as they could and then that was back. I had to say we've heard back from everyone who participated in this and they are all extraordinarily. Proud of how they come across they admitted some parts are tough to watch because they're not really pleased with what they set at that at the time and in the moment. But they said that we were fair and at the end of the day I feel like that is the best that we can do. The really important project but he did it and analysts say that that you shall watch the whole thing but if you. That you should also watch the clip that we're gonna run tomorrow night the extended for a story that we're gonna do tomorrow night. On my home broadcast Nightline with the neither should invest but didn't. It's why am I so awesome need to move has been well I'm and I think it's self evident yet that we inherited in the list is so long I don't know we could fill this'll mean I think we would still too much time stressed that we can do and that's fine they're not. Continent of us thank you very much really appreciated thanks for tolerating my present such an up. And again. You can get Roberts County year the most pro trump town on slash features and it. You can get it on all of the places where we put our contents like apple TV and android and next but one. And you should watch it on Nightline Friday night. Think everybody.

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{"duration":"11:00","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz gives a behind-the-scenes look at the county where more than 95 percent voted for Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"52442508","title":"Inside the ABC News feature: 'Roberts County: A year in the most pro-Trump town'","url":"/Politics/video/inside-abc-news-feature-roberts-county-year-pro-52442508"}