Jan. 17, 1997: Bob Dole awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1997

President Bill Clinton honored Bob Dole shortly after their 1996 presidential face-off.
3:45 | 01/22/19

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Transcript for Jan. 17, 1997: Bob Dole awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1997
And finally this evening our person of the week and opportunity for us tonight to catch up that's sort of what ever happened to approach. For someone who has unquestionably made a difference to the country. But who was how do we put this delicately. Relegated to lesser things last November. Here in Washington today we were reminded that his spirit and his wit are very much intact. I Robert. We wanted to be president Bob dual. And I had a dream. An avid beer this historic. Week receiving. Something in the present. But I thought it would be the front door. And let's back up a moment. Former senator Bob Dole was at the White House today to receive the presidential medal of freedom the highest civilian honor in the land. For his service to the nation. I will cherish it. As long as I live. Because this occasion allows me to honor some others. Mourn thought you were clearly quite moved by the experience this morning I look back and saw fellow named carafe sergeant grabbed for the don't rescue me on. You'll 913 on April 141945. C sort of think about those things but you also think about it. Being in the White House. They thought about America. Is still thrill for me and I've been in and out of the White House a lot. Let's back up a little further. Here's what Bob Dole saving his concession speech on election night. I was thinking on the way down an elevator tomorrow is the first time I live. I don't they did it hasn't turned out quite that way you seem to be having a lot of funds since the election all I gotta like the Saturday Night Live did. It's your job and I have no I would not doing those I've been. They I think a lot of them but your funds over the election's over we had fun the cue cards nodded and take a rocket scientist. You can read your end. The committed 200 bucks then. He made a few more bucks and had a few laughs on David Letterman very bad. I never found his glove with red or brown Bob but I never try to live below the threaded it didn't. He made a few bucks and had little fun doing an Air France and nothing to do like me go to Paris. Actually Bob Dole stuck pretty close to home since the election. In Washington. Though he has been in touch with people all over the country. That made. Auditor 300 phone call just random people around the country written letters he's appeared in a sitcom the famous dole humor has been a much demand. How often has the incumbent president lost and lives. I guess that is not our. And only yesterday mr. dole was in Pittsburg Texas. Dressed up to look like his hometown Russell Kansas more it was too cold. Filming a commercial for the Super Bowl lot of Smart people in Texas prepared text. It sure hurt to lose to Bill Clinton. But it's nice to be wanted and he is very proud of this public service announcement warning men about prostate cancer but still wanna make a difference like everyone in America yes. The thing is that Bob Dole has made a difference and while he will not say what is next perhaps because he hasn't decided he wants to have an influence on policy. Not ass senator or candidate but as citizen. Who was given the presidential medal of freedom today for fifteen years of service to the nation which he loves dearly. We've got to be responsible citizen I'm a citizen one up I'm responsible for making this work in America. And so we choose Bob Dole.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"President Bill Clinton honored Bob Dole shortly after their 1996 presidential face-off.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"60545631","title":"Jan. 17, 1997: Bob Dole awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1997","url":"/Politics/video/jan-17-1997-bob-dole-awarded-presidential-medal-60545631"}