Jenna Bush Hager, Barbara Bush dish on what George W. Bush whispered to Obama

The Bush sisters discuss what it was like to grow up with their dad and grandfather as presidents.
8:41 | 10/27/17

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Transcript for Jenna Bush Hager, Barbara Bush dish on what George W. Bush whispered to Obama
When you have a father and grandfather who both served as president of the United States that has to mess with your heads just a little. Luckily these two had each other to help them out. Please welcome Jenna bush Hager and Barbara Bush. I body double. People think that Jenna and I look alike on air. When we worked at the someplace, they couldn't tell us apart. Which I loved. I was honored to be the body double. . First of all I'm a friend -- I learned so much about you guys in this book. It's a of lo story not only to each other, but a love story to families how you can disagree and choose each other first, your parents and grandparentings. A lot of crying but a lot of laughing in this book. We want to start to see if you can give us some D.C. Inside scoop. Jenna you didn't know the answer to this earlier in the week because I asked you. Last weekend while president Clinton was speaking your dad was standing behind him and whispered something that made president Obama lose it. The thing with my dad is I'm always like don't go viral. He's like what does viral mean? For example don't put the poncho over his head. We do know. We know what he said. What did he say? We know, but we can't talk about it? Oh no. We'll tell you off the air. Oh, my gosh. Is it funny? It's not racy. I love that poncho moment. FYI -- It's my favorite meme. I thought it was so even Dearing. Do we have that. By the way, I was like dad it's the inauguration people will be watching you. Just don't do anything. He couldn't help himself. He was the president and the daughter is like come on dad don't embarrass us. Talking about your father he hasn't really spoken out that much since he left office. Last week we saw him return to politics to talk about the current state of the country. I thought it was incredible, an incredible moment. Thank you. It was an incredible moment. He was so strong. Why do you think he chose to do it at this time? Well he has been purposely out of the media and really has not spoken about any politic Ness oin our country. He was asked to give a speech. Everything he said is no different than anything he said when he was president. He very much knows who he is. We know who he is. Everything he said now seemed different because it's such a different time and different context in which he said it. We were proud of him, but not surprised at all. That's how we've always known him. He's steady, steady as can be even though he's spunky. So steady I wake up to a text message from him every single morning at the same time. By the way, I don't. I'm like does that say something about me? Just kidding. It just says he's a steady Little Rock. He started because I was broken hearted once. He would call me every day to check on me. He just never stopped reaching out every day. That's the sweetest. I love that. One of the interesting things to watch is this sort of renewed love for your father, enjoy says she misses him on the show. She did? She says it on air and off air. Is the world coming to an end? Is it strange to you? I know it's strange for me for people to be nostalgic? Is it weird for you? First of all our dad admires your dad. We have spent some time with him over the years and he's hilarious. Your grandmother is a true American treasury. You've can't get on her bad side because then she'll be the enforcer. She's always been lovely to me. It doesn't surprise us. As Barbara just said, it's who we've always known he is. Because you're part of the bush dynasty with a father and grandfather in the white house people think they know you especially you Jenna because you're on television every day. What do people say when they meet you? People will say you're so much thinner in person. By the way that's not a compliment. No it's not. I hear that too. People will say to us like y'all are so Normal. That feels like a compliment, but it's also like aren't we exceptional. Aren't we incredible? Of course we're Normal. We write a lot of about this in our book. Our mom's parents live in Midland Texas and no one has probably heard their name. On the flip side our dad's family has an airport named after them. We grew up in Texas with an extremely Normal life. Our dad ran for president when we were in college. It's like two and different lives. It's the before and after. By the way this picture kills me. I feel your pain. I was dressed up in American flag crap my entire life and it was really embarrassing. Only on awkward family photos. You always talk about the different sides of your family. One thing I found interesting you talk about the distance you had with your mom as twins. Well we write about how mother daughter relationships can be complicated. We adore our mom. As a little girl I was a Tom boy. I think my dad understood and I think I have my dad's sense of humor. You totally do. He got me a little more. My mom was an only child. Infertility runs on our maternal side for three generations at least. I feel lucky to have two little girls. Adorable little girls. Makes me want to cry. Our mom -- the opposite of being an only child is to have twins who just are together all the time. We always made each other feel like enough, but we have also gave each other permission to act -- Like a nut. Naughty. She kind of always wanted a sibling. She did. She have loved having twins. She felt there was something beautiful of each of my parents having one child to hold. You've been the private twin. Elusive. Is there something embarrassing about her that you would tell us? I mean now is the moment. There's nothing embarrassing to tell about you. No dirt? Although she did just sweat a little bit. Thank you. I was a little hot coming out. The fabric doesn't hold up well. You blew dried it and took care of it. I blow dried it in the back. Without a twin these stories wouldn't be told. That's why I'm more private. I tried to set her up with prince Harry. She did. I had a boyfriend. I also understand there's a maxi pad story. With her. My cousin told me that was a sweat absorbtion product. We know they're not. I walked down at five years old and my grandfather was having a state dinner. With the head of China. Which Barbara could have used today. Had I known they worked I would have been sitting backstage with them on. A huge thank you. This book is so amazing. The book is called "Sisters

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{"duration":"8:41","description":"The Bush sisters discuss what it was like to grow up with their dad and grandfather as presidents.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"50765201","title":"Jenna Bush Hager, Barbara Bush dish on what George W. Bush whispered to Obama","url":"/Politics/video/jenna-bush-hager-barbara-bush-dish-george-bush-50765201"}