Jon Karl on Vice Presidential Debate Moments

ABC News' Jon Karl talks about the impact of vice presidential debates and voters' perceptions of the candidates.
6:05 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Jon Karl on Vice Presidential Debate Moments
Hey let's stick to how long we university right now Jon Karl it's inside the debate hall. For us live right now John you're in the real it struck me when we looked at the picture inside their earlier. Unlike the presidential debate where they were standing behind two podium several feet apart from each other. East to men who are meeting for the first time face to speak tonight are sitting just a few feet apart. So what I think that in fact we think it active that will be on the way that they they go after each other tonight. The Commission on Presidential Debates were doing this for some time this is the way you remember when Martha Raddatz at that rate. VP debate last time you at Joseph Biden Paul Ryan sitting at the table. Dick Cheney and John Edwards and in 2004. Sat down together to table makes for a very different dynamic I think it's going to be a much more genteel affair. These are two. Very conventional running mates in both cases different as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump law are as a usual as those two are. In terms of presidential nominees you know Hillary Clinton a former First Lady Donald Trump all that he is these are. These are two very different breaking the mold. Candidates on the top but they're running mates are very conventional and I think this will be much more substantive affair. Fewer sparks less in the way of personal attacks I think it will we come out of this debate you'll hear a lot of people saying dot. I really which those two guys would be at the top of the ticket and then they'll probably quickly forget about this debate I don't imagine this up much of an impact. On the overall race all but it will be a very different type of debate not just because of others seated because of these two. In past vice presidential debates we've had some moments that stop. Dole being called a hatchet man. Lloyd Bentsen button issue events Quayle. Over John F. Kennedy. Eight. Is it possible that we could have some sort of moment that captures the public imagination and does change the dynamic in the race. And as dangerous mission in life it is the year where we've had so many things that have never happened before the. A you're exactly exactly depart pretty hot but she might favored vice presidential moment. It was admiral Stockdale and not where he said it will lie and why am my here. What do you remember during that debate 1992. When he has Ross perot's running mate was there on the stage. He actually at one point responded to a question by saying. He repeated my hearing was turned down the aisle here. It was my absolute favorite Baldwin. I'm the guy got so sick of the victory the other two he actually. At its hearing aid turned down. That's what makes these things that you just don't know what's you know what's gonna take place. As you mention the eight. These two have never met each other is really solve the Phillies beat that with these two candidates are these are. I've been thinking about the statement welcoming the challenge me on this but I believe that these are the two world overshadowed. Vice presidential candidates of the modern era wolf because they are relatively low key and unknown and because the people the top of the ticket are so overwhelmingly. Well answers superstar celebrity's it all of them. Ain't too low keep running it seems situation. Where he called me and most of the country. You know probably have to be read the eight that there are running mates and be that their names are my parents. Allentown you I think that's accurate although I don't remember any of the running mates from the league era. We're respect I was saying the modern here Chris a lot of talking up if you think about it. You know who was it. Who was the guy with the insider. You know. Arnold's running. The like it was hanging there. Oh. It's not a question for you it will there be any space tonight. For you McCain and to introduce themselves to the American people who are often people are defending their running mates for ninety minutes. Well I mean it's mostly about they're running mates let's Pickler also attacked the other running mate. But this is a tremendous opportunity for all of them when this election is over. Whoever Wayne's you can have that these two will be too. Leading candidates leading possibilities to be the future. That we we've fault. In previous elections so this is a huge bulk purple of them made it relatively. Low key moment in the in the course of this presidential campaign Rockford east to. Audience could reach up to fifty million even if it's on the low end of the estimates that thirty really it's easy passive audience something far beyond. What either of them have seen the first time much of the country will. Apple will see them. Well taken who they are it's a big moment for for each of them up personally and you know I I I believe they. You know all of them were chosen. It was believed it would it would candidates they. He would X packed adventures. In case. First low profile is is is probably accomplished a political figure it's that guy it has held virtually every office in the you know he's he's been governors and senators. City councilman he's the chairman of of wanted to probe party. And I think there's the cynical question. That both of these men want to be present. Jon Karl I'd vote for you just for the record. I thank good god and humanity with party on the ticket off considerate. Yes. Growth and sideburns and I will be your running mate. If I really appreciate years after Arthur Chester are. There's the Chester earlier they were and a painting my. John thank you I hope we'll get Q after the debate.

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{"duration":"6:05","description":"ABC News' Jon Karl talks about the impact of vice presidential debates and voters' perceptions of the candidates.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42571589","title":"Jon Karl on Vice Presidential Debate Moments","url":"/Politics/video/jon-karl-vice-presidential-debate-moments-42571589"}