Jon Ossoff makes last-minute push in Georgia's sixth congressional district

ABC News' MaryAlice Parks talks with volunteers from Ossoff's campaign who are trying to "flip the sixth" for the Democratic candidate.
11:56 | 06/19/17

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Transcript for Jon Ossoff makes last-minute push in Georgia's sixth congressional district
Hi I'm Mary Alice parks are watching ABC news digital me just north of Atlanta on the eve of election days here for this high stakes high profile. Special election this is one of them last campaign stop either candidate. Before voters take to the polls tomorrow the democratic candidates on Assad is just moments away and matching this ground you can't talk to. Supporters given speeches the tightening their last class tonight and tomorrow to witness district. It's a traditionally Republican district and David watts turn it a little. That's sort of energy and enthusiasm across the district over the last few days there is no. A shortage of enthusiasm here and you've also been known shortage of money that's and one of the most interesting parts and this race. The national groups around the country snoring and staff and resource center and dollars on both sides of the aisle. Both candidates really trying to send a message both parties trying to say that this district represented something bigger than just the Texas six. At this district will be well Larry Wayne from what potentially can expect upcoming midterm elections in 28. Clinton sent we're just moments away from John Assad democratic candidates to. Harder since Saturday since his second to last campaign stop before. Voting begins tomorrow. Cameras are turned this way volunteers are ready to get myself eat it. And I am told that tonight evenly into the night. They're going to be laying winning streak down they're going to beat. I'm missing a little bit more they're not wasting any time and they're really gonna. That's scheduled for everything it's part and needs treatment all of these volunteers are working until the final moment. I'm looking off camera because we're trying to see what he's coming. You know what's interesting today I was at Karen hands on his public and in. Opponents and then and she does not hesitate to go on the attack and talking about John not stop him you. Young candidates and only thirty years on. And she has really need a point of emphasizing. It's lack of experience in the teens. The six. Thank you so much for being Arial this is the last in the slot before election. The work. I'll do we have been doing for months knocking on your neighbors doors the most important work that. Is neck and neck race. It's all come down. Who shows up there whisper. And there is nothing more effective. And make sure votes exercised their right vote knocking on the doors helping make them to vote. And all country. Watching and and there are people across the district and across the state. And across the country who have lost faith. But here in this room right now is a team that can help restore some of them as. So remember when you're out there. To be kind and respectful. And civil. Live up to those values that have been the center of this campaign. From the very beginning. Let's go out there and get out vote. Let's give it everything we've got. Tomorrow let's sentiment that I. While the country OK let's do this are right. And of them. Bring. Do. I'm going zero. We are playing yeah. And drink ends. John casa volunteers and supporters anger on the right looks like yeah Nancy self you can see it here Saturday essays in this thing. Credit British. Any interview let's. Girls come here please tell me names and how long been volunteering for a job cuts and what it is bringing yet here at the eleventh hour. I'm since tests and we're actually about we weren't there in the democratic party of Georgia on so many volunteers ready lovers now. It. This is my first day working in the top box office but we just really findings are written you know don't make sure people know where their best ago. Content they know what's in the polls are again and and that they know that this is really important. Now ask Emmanuel yeah yeah yeah the disease can't. Yeah I did have we have the option of coming here remember at last couple of days that his campaign and I absolutely says he's irritating. It is a huge deal to me custody money all and to try to get people my age and Alan especially in these elections little tidbits morning let me haven't you know. Cindy you guys are from the state party is obviously one of the biggest Tennyson's criticisms lobbed against us. Hossa it's that he doesn't represent the six district he doesn't even live. In the sixth district technically they're sent conversation that there's money coming in from across the country volunteers coming in from across the country what is your risk. Meanwhile why doesn't he live in the district. Look. Illustrate the street com and you know he's he's rain down his fiancee is an imminent loss well and he's there are supporting her. Oh yeah yeah. You know you they're supporting her and I think that's creamy it's the sands. We're you know obviously history according to him but he's putting her career and first for the time being and then and he grew up in the successor. But isn't it fair just pavement why not have someone. I totally understand not in the meantime like different angle I'm from wondering I'm not. Don't run the existing but I may never ran on time and I think that's. On the piano and didn't Hollywood that I was born here is that feel like you. That's sort of commitment and dedication to where you are currently paying then it really not a where you can live. Precisely. How that sort of medication to help the people's existing then yeah is lobbying and when the other it doesn't commentaries and hearing a lot of these campaigns is that Johnson is right as a more centrist candidate rainy night. Fired reading Rembrandt and talking about the most leftist policy positions. He's actually more progressive than. I'm not more moderate tone. But what do you see and that sort of the true and Johnson and does it doesn't matter how do you respond to. Or my personal thing on the is that anyone he's Smart and running for all things. Can't beat senior graduate more students favorite big problem right now that we have. Yeah. That there's no compromise and there's no. There's no getting anywhere without the tea parties coming together it's happening that we can't eat it more moderate than. Contact me without being in the minority currently right now incontinence. And his. He can't work with the two titans yeah compromise and moderate seen its. Eagleton has ordinances where countries there and I think it certainly lends itself into a greater balance between 1930s and you know I never explain and home. That more productive on some things about it you know. Kind of have to find the candidate that fast that clean line and it doesn't have vehemently everything. I think teens you know really motivated incidents on gonna rain corner you know marketing. Across some things that aren't importantly clean air and ending thing. I can't be my dealer mark potter and yeah somewhere exemplary programs that might yet and now I don't exactly hear an example. The end of the day yeah. You can't get something that cannot. But I think that we're. You know he's saying here type incident volunteers and a full Clancy is watching he doesn't the whole world is watching TV. Here and is there a real pressure here you did you steal that kind of pressure on what is what does that mean. I definitely feel like not like his I'm not. I'm Mary they're not yet hit an inexplicable time collect sent sexually active. You know I can't come down to the the state elections and McDonald's on the yeah. Distant mountainside it feel like there's a lot of pressure on asking him if not the entire world is watching definitely needs in his boxing ring. This scene and let it cannot at this enlightening. I've seen it yeah. Televisions watching what happens it. I mean the money she was not a obviously paying attention anti sixteen in the senate allies now obviously not and hasn't done it down you know it it's really use some and a rallying. Freddie and do everything we can't you get strong Democrats running and other state raced fifteen to twenty teens you really think your grass. Mom with the mid terms and the governor strays and we're we're not gonna get out just because he lives Andrea. I really appreciate it thinks he's a maximum. It'll be a long night's primary Alex wit ABC news giving covering that Georgian special election talking until. Campaign's volunteers. Those two women army staff members for the steam Democrat. Party and every resource center scoring chance in this race but a practice Stephen hospitals and treatment wouldn't be tracking holiday. Continue to follow and Don Assad can't Karen handel's. I'm both of them are scheduled to vote at some point in that race and election days are always interesting. Now the latest polls have these two candidates are absolutely. Never kidnapped. Another Republican congressman. Previously Agassi won in his district my over 20% to eight last November. Right now we are seeing a race and pain as he can beat Sony really interesting tomorrow he started calling yeah. Hi Mary Alice parks obviously in the headlines every tomorrow it isn't really existing rates that will ring and all of it CEO. And I have a media equipment and shot him that I sent and the work that Athens. The final hours this.

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{"id":48144032,"title":"Jon Ossoff makes last-minute push in Georgia's sixth congressional district","duration":"11:56","description":"ABC News' MaryAlice Parks talks with volunteers from Ossoff's campaign who are trying to \"flip the sixth\" for the Democratic candidate.","url":"/Politics/video/jon-ossoff-makes-minute-push-georgias-sixth-congressional-48144032","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}