Kentucky governor race too close to call

Democrat Andy Beshear claims victory as incumbent Republican Matt Bevin refuses to concede.
2:55 | 11/06/19

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Transcript for Kentucky governor race too close to call
All right we start with a showdown in Kentucky the general election for the big governor's race. Democrat and this year claiming victory and while he certainly leading in the vote count. Republican Matt bad and it refusing to concede so I wanna go to Lindsey Davis who's on the ground in Louisville with the latest. Not Lindsay why is Matt bad then refusing. To concede. I can label is inside this building last night the before that Kentucky Republican Party he gave that explanation and he said. The there was more than a few there are more than a few voting irregularities though he didn't say. Just what those were look more than one point four million Kentucky is went out to the polls yesterday. In the end it all comes down to 5000. Votes and the AP is I'll agreeing kind of saying that look. This is too close to call but the Democrats a sank. That dog don't hunt. They are already in the process of declaring victory of the top spot in fact at this moment. Andy this year is making a transition announcement he is making his plans today to over the governor's office. The Lindsay may surprise a lot of people that a Democrat did so well in a red state like Kentucky what was his appeal. We'll this year as a long time name here his dad after all was two time governor. Right before or seven he was his predecessor. Additionally. It. DeVon was considered to be an unlikable. Governor he had a number of issues with that split with voters where he had alienated quite a bit. Especially teachers. A health care was a big issue. Is his decision to. Not want to expand Medicaid. And also trying to recall the State's pension so. It wasn't necessarily so much debt this year one as much as it may have been that Bevan lost. And now after the election what are your big takeaways from spending so much time on the ground in Kentucky. And you know I think this is not a referendum on president trump so much because when you see. All of these other down ballot issues. They were run although spots where one by Republicans. And so this was. Particular the scene personal. For governor Kevin inundated disdain for him by by by the state and what by and large it seems like. They of people are questioning. If Kentucky is still read it appears. By all intents and purposes if you'd be hard to gauge by all of those other. Wins last night that this is still are a red stay at me this is the same place where a president from the 2016 won by thirty points. This is a same state that. The last ten presidential elections only voted for a Democrat twice both of those being. Bill Clinton's I don't think that that much has changed I think that this was personal. Dislike for governor Bevan. Indeed Lindsey Davis right there on the ground in Louisville, Kentucky thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Democrat Andy Beshear claims victory as incumbent Republican Matt Bevin refuses to concede.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66793823","title":"Kentucky governor race too close to call","url":"/Politics/video/kentucky-governor-race-close-call-66793823"}