Kushner's communications in question

Senior adviser Jared Kushner reportedly used the messaging app WhatsApp while working in the White House.
4:50 | 03/22/19

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Transcript for Kushner's communications in question
A son in law the president has allegedly been using his what sap. On his phone to conduct a White House business with foreign governments. Yes so I want to bring in Jon Cohen he's formerly with the department of homeland security and he's on the phone. John why is this such a big deal. Take it relates. If these reports are true injured questioner is using his personal phone and a commercial application like what's up. To converse with foreign officials and we have to assume that foreign intelligence service says. And possibly even criminal organizations. Had intercepted this communications and have access that information. What we have to remember is that. Jarrett questioner because of its proximity of the president and his portfolio is what's considered a high value targets. By foreign intelligence services. And and and others seem criminal organizations which means they are gonna do what they can they he would be a priority. Two gain access to what he's saying to people what information sharing with people. We also know that you what happen application. Can't be compromised. And there's commercial technology available that allow that. And we also know that Smartphones. In an themselves can't easily be compromised. By people who had the technical capability to do so in once a compromise that means. Foreign intelligence service or criminal organization can see which are tightening in the did you contacts. To hand over here your conversations they can even turn on the phone. Into what we call a collection platform where they can activate your microphone they can activate your video. And they can essentially listen in to any conversation your happening. Whether it's over the phone or whether it's because you're simply caring son was hit so. If these reports are true it would be very troubling and it could mean that there's a very significant I'd GAAP. In the have at his disposal through meetings. Or that he's communicating. Over the phone with with other foreign officials. Wow so I mean obviously no waiting for did. All of the drama over Hillary Clinton's emails. You know the famous phrase lock her up so Karen what was the White House's rose. Arms to this. The president was asked about this this morning Kimberly and he said he didn't know anything about it is a very short answer from the president he was leaving the White House. At the White House says it will respond in due course to the letter from the house oversight committee chairman Elijah Cummings who reached down to the White House counsel about this issue. Irate John is this I just I'm just curious as it's actually illegal. Well that's actually an interesting question so yes. If it were you'd simply using. A personal devise. It's not recommend it may not necessarily be a legal. In the last you use that personal device to convey classified information so if Jerry Kushner had access to classified information whether document or something had been briefed on and he then use that not unsecured loans. In order to convey it to somebody else to shouldn't have access to that that that could back to be illegal. So you know we we know that it was pretty difficult for daring to receive a security clearance in the beginning is this potentially part of the reason why it was so difficult. Well. They're there seems to be a recurring being you know we have reports of the president disclosed. I highly sensitive classified information to Russia mr. in the Oval Office. We you know have heard it there have been reports that the president intervened. And and directed that Jerry commissioner and I want to trump. Receive security clearances when security professionals. Indicated they believe they were higher risk and they shouldn't have a security cards. Just the other day the president when he was talking to the media. That displayed a map that has clearly been classified. And he'd you know and and said that markings were scratched out. And now we have the reports that Jerry questioner an even have been some reports that the president. Refers to speak or times prefer to speak over there. Personal phones which would be a significant vulnerability. From a security perspective we have rules and protocols complacent government to protect sensitive information we do not want foreign governments. It can know that information it could directly impact our national security. If they do have backed authority gain access to that information so we did you know from an intelligence community perspective. The keep its continuing sort of disregard. For those protocols. It is certainly causing concern.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"Senior adviser Jared Kushner reportedly used the messaging app WhatsApp while working in the White House. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61870293","title":"Kushner's communications in question","url":"/Politics/video/kushners-communications-question-61870293"}