Labor union support of Biden in the spotlight

Harold Schaitberger, president of the International Association of Fire Fighters discusses Biden's support amongst labor unions.
4:54 | 04/25/19

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Transcript for Labor union support of Biden in the spotlight
Speaking have a lot of support the vice president has that right out of the at the start of this race. I he has a lot from a number of unions in the country the first of which is the international association of firefighters art we're joined now by herald. I sheep herder who is the president of that organization somebody who says he's all in for Joseph Biden Harold great to see you sir. So why is Joseph Biden the man for the moment for you. We'll Devin first laws it's great to be with you and let me start off by just making sure that I'm clear that. We've been preparing for it Joseph Biden's announcement for months. But tonight at 5 o'clock our executive board will be meeting to take its formal position. A concerning his candidacy. And anticipating. And believing that what that decision will be we will be announced senate formally early next week. As far as personnel they have is the reason also report Joseph Biden hasn't. I don't like to get ahead of my executive boards are being making sure that that they hold the the the formal authority but. We certainly have been preparing anybody who watched. Joseph Biden attend our legislative conference with a 900 leaders from across the the country in the only. Potential candidate that time mark candidates it was invited. We have a long history. With Joseph Biden and he has a long history. With us and firefighters across America. And an Arab. Our support over the years for him and my belief and why he will be an extraordinary. Candidate now that he's announced. Is because he'll be able to speak to and connect. With the electorate. With the voters with the workers. That quite frankly did not feel that they were spoken to nor connected to. In the last presidential election. It Joseph Biden is a. Or he'll pay but her decades of service and support. I was its vascular the last election because securitization did a poll of of of your members set after 26 team many of them voted for Donald Trump. Odds are that's a question I have is it is it your sense that members. It now will be more drawn to Biden then then to trump in 2016. Well let me let me answer your question. Yes the me the facts are that that polls showed that. Many of our members voted for Donald Trump but that poll did not include Joseph Biden won the the polling so that's a big distinction of bounds then. And now what our lives are finally lands inches or what what is it that Joseph Biden has and can offer. Firefighters that Donald Trump can't. Forty years of supporting. Firefighters. And every single wave whether it is jobs money to protect their jobs during the Great Recession. During providing. Its support for their families with the passage of public safety officers. Death benefit bill going back to the late 1970s. To provide families of those. Who have made the ultimate sacrifice. With financial support. Guaranteeing over time through a fair labor standards act and not just for firefighters but for all workers he does not because. He's been there for workers he's delivered with his easy to hit her head and neck in the senate he can he has that legislative track record of accomplishment Harold. Before we let you go I want a teacher react. He and mr. devil you know also he also has that he also has an accomplishment of leadership. And experience. And we don't think experienced an extraordinary experience. It's a negative but it's a positive. I'm looking forward to this. Great nation of buyers are taking its rightful place back on the international stage and Joseph Biden has. The ability to interact and have relationships it was leaders across the globe. And to put us back in a place you know where other countries aspire to be. So this is about a track record of service and delivery for the American people. And for workers and those workers who will be voting in the states that matter. Pennsylvania Ohio Wisconsin. Michigan Joseph Biden will connect. And we will be watching men and certainly watching the vote tonight of your executive committee Harold. And that taking that boat tonight tap on his candidacy thanks so much or a particular time. Thank you very much for having me.

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{"duration":"4:54","description":"Harold Schaitberger, president of the International Association of Fire Fighters discusses Biden's support amongst labor unions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62637659","title":"Labor union support of Biden in the spotlight","url":"/Politics/video/labor-union-support-biden-spotlight-62637659"}