Lincoln Project co-founder: Republicans suffer from 'fear of mean tweets'

Republican strategist and Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson discusses the Bob Woodward book, President Donald Trump’s pandemic response, and why Republican leaders stand with the president.
5:50 | 09/10/20

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Transcript for Lincoln Project co-founder: Republicans suffer from 'fear of mean tweets'
Joined tonight by Republican strategist Rick Wilson the founder of the Lincoln project that's the political action committee made up of former and current Republicans. Trying to defeat president trump this November he's also the author of running against the devil a plot to save America from trump and Democrats from themselves. A newly updated version is now out in paperback Rick thanks so much for joining us tonight. Music so Lister of those explosive allegations about reporter Bob Woodward's recorded interviews with president trump back in March trump is heard on audio tapes saying about the corona virus code. I wanted to always played down I still like playing it down because I don't want to create a panic and here's white house Press Secretary Caylee Mac and any today. This president has never likes the American public on Kobe and the president's been. Very the president was expressing common in actions reflect that. What's your response statement and based on your political experience is an unheard of for officials to try to play down a potential. Public health crisis. It is unheard of but I think we have to address. The outrageous locked chili Mac and he just made that the president is never why the American Pollack about children. We now have him on T with Bob Woodward. Confessing that she knew that the disease was gently. In January. And we have to portray after seeing a lot of truck going out and say things like it's going away. Only a few people have it will happen under control soon it's all should it's gonna disappear like magic. All these things that he said Nguyen we could have been precarious country from humanitarian and her coat its cost. It is a day are you need it is always more recent revelations to the work. But these are in all tribes own words on tape on the record it is really heart. Even where the spin machine around ultra pretend that this is not been a messaging disaster dispersants. The doctor and that he thought she defended the president today saying he doesn't think trump distorted what he's said about the virus. Don't support the White House claim that trump has been listening to his medical experts and has been truthful to the public. No he doesn't support what else Clinton camp that he or she is running Barry never oh. Went through this whole thing is Trenton managed this president and the fact that he eat demands a local loyalty that all constraints for Julie. Why don't trying to maintain his role where he is uniquely positioned in this country fight back against us or against this seats so. I think the Donald Trump's. You know beat the right what evidence of his lies is is overwhelming. It's because she's a Smart control bureaucratic in fighter and what you're trying to maintain his position in this process of that we don't. You know some random front sicker complacent about job. It is so hard today we haven't heard much from Republican leaders about Bob Woodward's book Mitt Romney being an exception of course why is ending do you expect anything to change before the election. I do not and it's a phrase that I use a long time now it's empty beer I mean tweets if you go to any what do these senators no matter how how. You know determined they are they will say civilian sector. Why don't read it I'd seen and I heard about it who is Bob Woodward what is quote what is the team never heard the White House knew whit what. They won't pretend they don't know about this they won't pretend they are surprise. And it would it's ready to go there will say I. I'll appear by. They will not step up and perform their constitutional duties. Because they are freedom Donald Trump Tweety mean things about the so cool stuff that's the Republican party's descended into. After a low and team will all remember that actor in another last week the Atlantic reported based on unnamed sources that trump is called American soldiers code. Losers in soccer's a president and his allies have flatly denied this your group put out an ad based on these allegations but are you concerned that they come from. Unnamed sources I mean if it's true why wouldn't these people just come out and say yes I am the one who said that he saw that. Alternate sources have been long tradition journalism. And Jeffrey goal of the Atlantic is an excellent well considered reporter. The Atlantic is a story publication these are unnamed but they are not I don't know. They have extended the credibility of the you do these individuals. And they determined there are reasons to a lot of and below the record in this piece and so I don't really know what concerns about that. It's also consonant with the exit Donald Trump has said publicly you know calling John McCain a loser because he was capture. Calling George Trevor walker bush a loser because he was shot down. On his 58 combat mission over Japan in World War II. Do these things it it very much shouldn't with the rest of the ultra statements are now our veterans our troops bet. I think America's armed courtesy disturbing. An enormously. Damaging it is quite so it's one of the reasons they've been working here horror. This week's trip push back on that story. The finally presidential and has been nominated yet again for the Nobel Peace Prize this time by Norwegian parliament member who cited his success in brokering a peace deal between Israel only United Arab Emirates. Credit do you think trump should get for this accomplishment and and what do you think of this nomination. Original mideast peace chills come and go over the years will see the sins of us. But ask for a little prize it I was skeptical in the who gave Obama one before he would take your office I wouldn't even deeply skeptical that Donald Trump. Has done anything to deserve a Nobel Prize I think it's one of these one big media stories that Wilson with the disappear because you frankly. That you his role this has been demanded as we go through the deals that hole and it would this was gonna sort of election you're part. Rick Wilson we thank you so much for your thoughts again the new book is called a running again picks the dabble.

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{"duration":"5:50","description":"Republican strategist and Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson discusses the Bob Woodward book, President Donald Trump’s pandemic response, and why Republican leaders stand with the president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"72916202","title":"Lincoln Project co-founder: Republicans suffer from 'fear of mean tweets'","url":"/Politics/video/lincoln-project-founder-republicans-suffer-fear-tweets-72916202"}