Loretta Lynch Being Sworn in as Attorney General

Loretta Lynch, President Obama's pick to replace Eric Holder, will be sworn in as the next U.S. attorney general. Lynch will be the first African-American woman to hold the position.
21:59 | 04/27/15

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Transcript for Loretta Lynch Being Sworn in as Attorney General
Loretta lynch president Obama's pick to replace outgoing. Attorney general air all sworn in as the next attorney general. It took five months a political wrangling but history. Will be made today Oakland Dan Cutler and New York effusive vice president in there about these swearing in of the 83 trio of State's first African American woman well positioned. Let's listen. Who is due in. Nixon administration. I remember walking in this building and thinking you know as a young lawyer the majesty of this place. And how much we. We all off. We're all relying. For all of our basic rights and and your whole families and I hope you'll forget it you'll forgive as a reason to citizen's point of personal privilege and it's so glad to meet I'm so happy to meet your dad dad standout corner way. Chaired relay as you know this a man who never thought it page views silent. In that it phase of oppression of prejudice and so many people. Rivers and so many people not knowing your homestead North Carolina throughout this country. Oh you so much for it. Not just. Your wisdom with the physical courage it took back in those days to speak out as you did. Baptist minister who always taught his children that anything is possible. I think about that. A lot of us tell our children. When the face it Jim Crow in North Carolina. Racine. And aid lovely bright young woman as well last her brother. And saying any hate anything is possible. And the truth of the matter was. He he not only a taught it. He fought for and but he also. As I understand. Made it clear they had to work forward to. And the dad. Take keen. Younger Raddatz in court house. To see important cases. Was a pretty. I imagine even those days fairly innovative why does he have his young daughter with him in the courthouse. And then a local library. Dropper off. And still on her one of the few places. A young black woman could be and with some degree of security. Surrounded by. All those works that is still just an incredible love of learning two language and Lauren. This is an incredible moment. And a Baptist minister who preached during the sit in this is in Greensboro. Finds himself fifty years later. When his daughter in this magnificent. Room. His daughter now a lead in the march. Toward a more perfect union. Something he fought for his whole. Life and still fights for. Ladies and gentlemen it's about time. It's about time. This woman is being sworn in. Many red Harrison none worse used to say. I'm tired of hidden tires sugar. Well we got tired of this weight and but he showed such grace and such humility during this whole process. General. You know this woman who is incredibly qualified just like. Erik Cole who I've known has been my close friends for years and years and years I mean over thirty years. And he's among my view of the finest attorney general's we have had. He has been in this and fire groups such. Political hostility he has stood his ground on principle he is never yielded and he has been right. Murray generics already always so nice to ms. Bauer can tell you. He was unarmed and 82 person committee to decide who to choose vice president. So he owed me. For what he did know I'm joking that is a joke press that they show. Spend a great honor of my life. He's also will one of the great friends and well over the past six and a half years. Madam attorney general Erica sat next to reset next to each other cabinet means there's a protocol. Worried she is and you will sit on my left. During those those cabinet meetings and and Eric sat there. We how many meetings you had in the situation room. Like they're the FBI director and others are here in the Oval Office issue after issue. National security counterterrorism. Civil rights and voting rights marriage equality and immigration violence against women in the criminal justice reform. And funding the cops programs and so much more. He served the department distinction our country and honor and I thank him but most of all I think sharing his wife is found. Is a beautiful family of brilliant and back there for. I'm absolute confidence or rattle and throw eggs to exceed. The high standards set for her because she's cut from the exact same cloth. Associated Erica body demand through one of the their predecessors the man after whom this building is named said the purpose of life. Is to contribute in some way to making things better the purpose of life. In tribute in some way to making things better. Five generations your brother is also a Baptist minister. Baptist preachers who teach you how to make things better. And being so. As I read your dad always taught you to stand up. For what's right. Speak out for what's just. Get up when you get knocked down. And move law. The knitting you should know about. Loretta lynch following her father's example she excelled in everything. Everything she is done. From the time she is it was a child. She'd never been limited by the lower expectations of others. But has always exceeded the expectations sheep instead for herself. Top of her class in high school. Got to know a lot of universities the decided she wanted to go to Harvard. Harvard undergraduate law school. Did well as an aspiring young lawyers for thirty years she's been a first rate fair minded independent lawyer prosecutor. As a US attorney and a driver practice. She showed the resolve the prosecuted and jailed terrorists. Mobsters can gang members. She shown fidelity to the law. Rooted out public corruption. She's shown determination. To bring down financial starters. And child abusers. And she's shown and dogged pursuit. To bust the brutal human trafficking rings that she's encountered. She shouted unyielding commitment to the rule of law and basic human rights. She forged from. That are force in the battle in violent crime in the mean streets in New York to striving for accountability. In the crucible of genocide and Wanda. And as a top federal prosecutor. She's work Wear them learn from law enforcement officers and agents. You're gonna have a great partners in this would director probably. In her own words she said. She is a better prosecutors. Because of so shady has unimpeachable. Credibility to strengthen relations between law enforcement and communities. That serve and protect. Folks often say that I trust those people Patrick heard me say this many times in public life. Who arrived at the right decision. Not through an intellectual examination of the argument but arrive at the right decision when it starts in their gut. Goes there are those articulated. By a fine mind. That's who this woman it is. That's already. Gets it right in the present aren't cute way to start working repair. Her priority were ring using every tool available deliberately disrupt attacks against our homeland. And to bring chairs to justice she wanted to dance the department's capacity to combat cyber attacks. And cyber crimes should continue to pursue and prosecute. Those who prey on the most. Indeed. More protection. And should continue. To lead where their humble yet fierce determination. To stand up for what is right. Do what is just and not yield to anyway. I will close through this. I imagine being the daughter and English teacher library in the daughter of North Carolina. My Andrews words. Have never been too far away from the red and her thinking. Why aren't who once said. There's straightforward manner she said if someone shows you who they are. Believe that. If someone shows you who they are believes. A very simplistic phrase. A pretty profound she has shown us her entire life. Who she it is. So believe error. I believe error the president believes her. And all the people in this department. Will believe her. Already showed who you are and everything you've done any in Cuba well the very values video you're about to take. And we believe you. To the staff of the United States Department of Justice. You're the best of the best. And we'll read a you again have the best of the best as you lead. All of equality she brings the job attorney general. Or because of what she's learned as a federal prosecutors. She's wondered. She is one. To the American people. Were blessed. Was another remarkable public servant to lead this department. And where that red. I'm not in this where you end is. The attorney general of the United States of America. Would jam when your husband will. Come forward and dad the whole family come on up here. And the way we. Walk here. Our and you can hear maybe. We'll we're. If you're left and violent rage right now. I. While that's where. Or defense. We're. Confident in the United States. Against all. It's all or. Prayer okay. And only. Am. My greatest allocation. Without needing medical. Reservation. Bloomberg. Today. What very pleased charge. Do this job. What Bob. Okay. We'll hear way up. I have to say and as I look out on all of you gathered here today. It seems that such an understatement to say that my heart school. But it is it is full of the most deep and profound gratitude. That I felt in quite some time. And I must of course thanks so many people who made it possible for me to stand here before you today. First and foremost I have to thank the president. Where's faith in me and asking me to leave the department that I love to even greater heights. And mr. vice president thank you. For your presence for your comments here today but also for your steadfast support in your wise counsel through this process. It has been quiet process. But I also have to think senator Schumer and someone who's here today as well senator Leahy thank you so much for being here. But also for your support not just today but over the years and for doing frankly what I thought was impossible. Making the floor the United States senate a welcoming place for me and from my family. Thank you say thank you so much. And of course thanks to my wonderful family as you can see all around you we are quite the force multiplier. Many of you come to know my father throughout this process. He has been at every hearing and every vote. But even just start now. I remember looking up as a young a USA. Preparing to do my very first trial and seeing him in the gallery and he was there for every one there after. He has encouraged me in all things even when my choices we're not the ones that he would have made for me. And in that he has been the best of times and I think. And I hope that you all know that without him. I would not be standing here before you today. Having just been sworn in as the 83 attorney general of the United States of America. Just one week after his 83 birthday. And of course my mother. Who could not be here today but he was never far from my thoughts are from my heart. My mother grew up in a world where she was always told what she could not do you. Or whom she could not be. But she always knew that she could so war. And she did what would have seemed impossible. In this small North Carolina town for use. She raised a daughter who she always told whatever the dream to be a lawyer. A prosecutor for the attorney general of course you can't. I think her as well. And have to thank my wonderful husband. Who is supported all my choices and on my dreams. I would not trade his love and support for all the riches in the world. Because to me they are all the riches in the world. Tremendous thanks also to my colleagues and friends here in the Department of Justice. In the eastern district of new York and beyond. But even more than that. Tremendous thanks go to some people who could not be here today. The literally thousands of people many of whom I've never met personally who have expressed their support throughout this process. From the sister hood of my sorority and all the Greeks who came together. To the churches in the schools who wrote letters and made calls to people on the street. Who stopped me and sometimes it just a word or two you. Please note. That sometimes those words made all the difference to me as I traveled this road and I thank you. I thank you all as I prepared to join once again with the outstanding people of this Department of Justice. It has been the honor of my life in the privilege of my profession. To have stood shoulder to shoulder with you on tour twice before from the eastern district of New York. Because you are the ones who make real the promise of justice and redress for all Americans. I am honored beyond words to step into this larger role today is your attorney general as we continue. The core work of our nation the protection of the American people. Now all of us here at the department are here because at some point and maybe we just a little girl or little boy we said. I want to be a lawyer. I want to be a law enforcement officer. I wanna be a federal agent. I want to be someone's hero. At the heart of that. For me certainly and for all of us. Whether attorney or agent step for principle is the desire to leave this world a better place for us having been a part of it. And the challenge and then. For you for need for all of us that love this department and lo the law is to use the law to that end. To not just represented the law and to enforce the law but to use it to make real the promise of America. The promise of fairness the promise of equality of liberty and justice for all. Have been reminder recently there were all just here four time. Winner in this building and we even on this earth. But the values that we hold dear will live on long after we left the stage. It's our responsibility. It's our nation. While we are here to breathe life into them to imbued them with the strength of our convictions in the weight of our efforts. I know that this can be done. Because I'm here to tell you. If a little girl from North Carolina. The used to tell her grandfather in the fields to lift her on the back of this mule so she could see way up high Green Day. Can grow up to become the chief law enforcement officer of the United States of America we can do any. We can end view our criminal justice system. With both strength and fairness for the protection. Of both the needs of victims and the rights of all. We can restore trust and faith both in our laws and in those of us who enforce them. We can protect the most vulnerable among us from the scourge of modern day slavery so antithetical to the values forged in blood. In this country. We can protect the growing cyber world and we can give those in our care both protection from terrorism. And the security of their civil liberties. My friends we will do this as we have accomplished all things both great and small. Working together moving forward and using justice as our compass. And I'm here to tell you I cannot wait to begin that journey with whole review. I want us thank you all for being here today not just here in this room but in my life. Over the years. Thank you all so much and I look forward to working with you. As we make meal in Memphis promise. Of this. Our Department of Justice thank. Loretta lynch sworn in as the third. States. And is now official. Keep up the latest headlines right here on abcnews.com. And of course all the illness throughout the day by download any ABC news. For now. I'm damned popular New York.

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{"duration":"21:59","description":"Loretta Lynch, President Obama's pick to replace Eric Holder, will be sworn in as the next U.S. attorney general. Lynch will be the first African-American woman to hold the position.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"30615275","title":"Loretta Lynch Being Sworn in as Attorney General","url":"/Politics/video/loretta-lynch-sworn-attorney-general-30615275"}