Former Massachusetts governor considering run for 2020 race

Deval Patrick is eyeing a potential late bid for the Democratic nomination, plus Pete Buttigieg surges in Iowa polls.
2:36 | 11/12/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Former Massachusetts governor considering run for 2020 race
Finally today some news from the 20/20 campaign trail. And yet another Democrat ion Iran potentially in twenty Tony this is we get some new numbers out of Iowa right now that show there is a new man. On top let's bring in Mike muse. ABC news contributor Sirius XM radio host from New York also joined by. Adjusting Gomez one of our political reporters guys Mike I wanna start with you because ABC news has just confirmed. That Deval Patrick. Former Massachusetts governor first black governor is on in this race you know Deval Patrick what's he thinking how likely is heating unit. Yeah I think he's taken is really seriously I think Deval Patrick as of regretting not getting in in 2016. I think that he sees opening right now and I think he's willing to take that chance to go forth I think there's something about had a pistol and a lifelong mission to become Prez United States. I think is always is up in the back of his mind I think he sees opportunity I think he sees an opportunity and the what some may consider a weakness in the field meaning there isn't one candidate has emerged. That has roles that top of the pack that has everyone excited from progressives to young that to a moderately in the Democrat. And MI group quickly what what does Deval Patrick bring to this race that in the other candidates don't half. He checks all the boxes Devin is African American and how he is an ability to win in a white state as proven as a black and the government of the Massachusetts. He cares about social and packed an economic economic empowerment. He had a way of being a passionate speaker really bring in bill together and the single most important part is that he believes he can bring the moderates and the progress that together. All right Mike news thanks for that let's bring Justin Gomez and Justin in thirty seconds or give us this headline just breaking on a new poll out of Iowa it has you're got on top. Yup you've religions is leading this latest poll out of Iowa. He's at one point 2% compared to the rest of the field it's his first time leaving an Iowa poll was that a Monmouth University. But somebody other numbers there is net favorability is at 63%. And he's leading among some of the older voters fifty to 65. He is in first place fifty to 64 and second to Biden above 65 plus voters. He's also gained ground among every major demographic groups since the summer and I was just with him on his last bus tours through Iowa at the start of November and you can really see you. His presence there in the state starts ago. A lot of support showing up for him high school jams and larger venues something very different than what I saw early on when he's packing smaller coffee shops throughout the state. All right people who did just on the map and are booty judge reporter Justin Gomez force in New York thanks guys very much.

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"Deval Patrick is eyeing a potential late bid for the Democratic nomination, plus Pete Buttigieg surges in Iowa polls.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66951892","title":"Former Massachusetts governor considering run for 2020 race","url":"/Politics/video/massachusetts-governor-run-2020-race-66951892"}