Melania Trump delivers speech at 2020 RNC

The first lady of the United States, Melania Trump, delivers her speech to viewers at the 2020 Republican National Convention.
25:44 | 08/26/20

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Transcript for Melania Trump delivers speech at 2020 RNC
It seems like just yet that they that'd be left out of first convention. When my husband accepted the Republican nomination. And then became our forty feet president. Of the United States. Yet energy and enthusiasm. For a coolest would lead the east nation. It is it is today. A day plus four years ago. I know I speak for my husband. And intact family. Clinic days we have not forgotten. Incredible people. Who are being the peak attendance. On the beach and his men who had never over. Work composite geeks. We know because you'll put elected team to beat komando didn't see any no leaking fuel cooler candy. Still look at. The US TomTom but that incredible support then and BS steel gates falls today. I want to acknowledge the fact. That teens minds. Our lives that's teach chastity they. Need to vote and Jamie Colby nineteen. Stepped across our beautiful country. And impact that all of us. Mighty pristine but teen goes out to everyone. Who had lost a loved one. And my pay X Abydos. Boy EU assassinate. I know many people anxious. And sound could how to play. I want you to know you know not to load. My husband's at any station will not stop fighting. Until there is an effective treatment. Or vaccine. Available to Aptiva. Donna until not chest. And he he has done all he can. To take care of everyone impacted by east that it both condemn me. I want to extend my daddy do it to all of the how to get professionals. Can't time workers and teachers. Who stepped up in these difficult times. He spied duties Cleo salads. And your own families. People without Conte furnished. And my husband and I agree. We saw it. I have been mauled by the way Americans have come to that there is such an Unscom media and often dry cleaning situation. If you eighteen times said this did you look back and town then she didn't. Get to kindness and compassion. Strength. And determination. The US aid look to restore the promise. Of few. Check these. Pieces step up and volunteers step team. Beat phone late eager to shed IDS resources. And support them all kinds we neighbors and strangers and a life and it has been inspiring to see what the people of our great nation will do for a run and not dad especially you bend the two most. Speaking of strength and determination. We recently celebrated. The hunted here university. Over the past say it's proved in nineteen a man. Movement. Yesterday on the north lawn of the White House we India. An exhibit dedicated to Lehman's south hates. They've received it Colvin children from a Condit country to send on noting that the meaning of these important time in -- he steady. When I was dodging and she's I don't connected on the impact of Lehman's lawyers say it's in our nation's story. And how proud that I would be to cast my vote again for Don at least November. We must speak Sarah. Did Lehman a hundred. Ended American team continues to try. Growing up as a young child in Slovenia. We took on their common east you'll at this time. Always heard about an amazing place called a medica. And then and its stood for freedom. And opportunity. Isaac who hold their it became my uncle to move to the United States. And follow my genes from bush. Are key in the fashion in just. My parents work very hard to show famine he could not only lead and prosperity in America. But also plenty bit to a nation that allows for people to arrive we did G and make it she added to. I want to keep the moment to thank I'm not there and father pulled all of they have done for our family. It is because of you that I'm standing here today. I arrived in United States when I was doing he seeks years old. Eating and working in the land of opportunity. Was a dream come true but I want to smaller. I wanted to BSE keep them. Up to ten years of people who work and patience. I study for the test in 2000 Sikhs and became an American seeking. Biggest steel line of the proudest moments in my eyes because we toddler and determination. I was able to achieve my own I'm Maggie Kenji. As an independent and a very independent woman I'm this then that would appeal dates and fees to leave here and to enjoy the freedoms and opportunities. Did. He had it. As First Lady I have been fortunate to see the American team come true older. And over again. I have met many spying for the human shield gen parents. And families. Who have overcome life's changing piece youths did include addiction. Homelessness. Family members who would Il or have passed away abuse of all kinds and many other challenges that would make most because Eva. Capacity and a half years have been on for data. They're not alerts to be sky how on act humble. And fortunate that I AM to serve our nation as if there's anything. After many of their experiences. A hat I don't know if I can fully explain how many people. I think home we need in my high. Each day. Can be. Eight soldiers. Who gave up so much so that became VP. Did she agenda of all circumstances. Who I have met at around the world thank. You for inspiring me. It is my biggest honor to serve he'll. When it. It seemed close study of families and the families of first responders. Who often but still loved ones spoke out the door not senator thief or when they will come home. When I speak to families who have lost sound fun they're paying me treat sky high here in their voices sound being I think about often. So thank you to all the seller punchy even meet daddy. And that's first responders. And change due to the families. Who wait for them you heroes. In your. Own right. He'll also be moved by the many children and families that spend time leave a cost because schools. And other patients around the world. She then put dealing because they know readiness that would make even the strongest adults. That ends well faithful. To wake up every day and he didn't get child he's still alive. These families testament. To lots fade in magazine. Saying and sat science can do. On my first international keep especially being my husband and I befits its basis of race at any business. Couldn't teach me to and he just Islam. Christianity. And do decent. One special man medi gum that she is of a young boy I had even each of these fifteen Y led them being on diesel costs because you don't because. He. Was and I read the need bullet hostility and learned that he and he's famine he had been evading for a hard for a very long time and he had of the imprint analysis. He's situation brought my stuff in me to tears. And these local but he Alex Asif who want to bantam for the next lack of she took it. Upon. Lending just a few our state and we learned that a high had been don't need it and would be going to believe one. I think about team often along we so many amazing and strong gas stations across our own kind. She. More profound. And sadly an unbelievable examples. Of kinds she's tanks and pack there have appeared in their communities that have been impacted by natural disasters. Curry gains that need us and shoddy me showed that ugly side of mother nature. But NBA after Matt they can show it's a beautiful outside of humanity. My husband and I have needed to many cases that have been affected by natural disaster. And the deeply moved by this tank of the people. Who have lost -- feet and that kindness. Of neighbors and community. He and. The common thread in all of these challenging situations. He's got and they've made his soul to pout whine and either. I recognize the stories I just told. About people who survived XO of any circumstances. But Donna denying also inspired the convenience. Of Americans who wake up each day we did seem low yet conveyed his goal of providing for their families. And keeping them safe. You the backbone of these currency. Unit at the pump will continue until May get the United States of America witty piece. And who have been incredible response to BP. Look at adding our future generations. To leave everything being even bag and then they found it. Just as you are fighting for your families my husband. Family. And that he thought it indecent any station. Here fighting for you. Now many are no amount of net fifteen hopefuls media had lies or attacks from the other side. Donna chum has not and will not be useful listen you know. You know. He doesn't if punchy. And he knows how to get things done. As he had learned over the past five years he's not as good decent education. He doesn't just equal rights he demands action. And he gets his sole holds. The future of our content she has always been very important to heed. Any peace some theme that I have always admired. In fact if he's the how to ensure a better future. Clown next innovation to the lungs be best. My niece fifteen to how she didn't achieve their fullest percent show. These baskets of unseen local teaching youth about the importance of their well beaten both men city and PCP. He's also includes understanding on line safety and they've been doing this awful feelings and drug abuse. So deep that smile off peace and I have been able to highlight people programs. And organizations. They're doing X to ordinary people. In our country and around the world. I can too lenient I continue to believe that by shining that I believe these positive that them posts. On others across the punch she and blow would be coming spy. Padilla tied it for our next generation. How I think she agenda is not a sleepy wolf if he's our morrow. Hannity. Clinic Kenya back to a defining moment of the best. My mind to close to a cheap I took to asking. On dec. Vast and beautiful continent. I was able to be easy to kind she's gone up Mulally. Kenya and Egypt. Lineup builds these days think that he can had a profound impact on me. Diana on the coast of West Africa. With the first stop on my Jeep and I experienced firsthand it's warm people. And gifts indecent. Flooded there IV ticket to cape coast paso and learning more about the bikini and we'll look cool and often deadly June me into an will be the slave trade. I was horrified the nation with a guy penny so many teens remains the least. And I gained new perspectives. He signed in he study. We must never forget. So that he can consider that it never happens again. That all of you I have affected. Her invitation undressed. In con. She. If he's a high city addict he did the I'm not proud of facts of he steady. I encourage people multiple twists and our future and went skiing low hanging from past. We must demand and that today we apple blonde community. Comprised of many aces. But allegiance. And ethnicities. We give the pace and story -- duty is what makes our country strong. And yet we still have so much to learn from one another. We decking mind I like to cool on the C gazans of these countries. To take a moment thoughts. And you'll cut seems comfortable perspectives. It's feed song to come to Baghdad. In a see the manner so we can learn and even have to I'll expand their American idea. I also ask people to stop the violence. Ends and eluding. Being dying in the name of justice. And never make assumptions. Based on to Connor both questions ski. Instead of gains fingers down tearing things down its effect on our mistakes. Be proud of our evolution. And Luke. Two or wasteful way it. Andy days let us remember I had this to the one nation under god and we need to charities one neither. My husband's in the station has work to try and affect teens when he comes to issues around duties and that a legion in this country. He's the first president. To gadgets as fashion sensation. Of the United Nations General Assembly to call upon countries across the world to Andrea he just execution. And on the day diet of every person. Who bush sheep a bit too. Was. He has made substantial investments. In historically black colleges. And universities. These president of also continues. To five for school choice. Giving parents more options to have it tuned into the race. My husband knows how to me Cuddy she needs. Them that day that I Mac team he has only wanted to meet these kinds she did best it can be. Many Ares I watched him grow concerned than just hate it and I'm so proud to see the many themes he has done in such a sort. Time and. A merry path he's in he's cart. So wild at times we only see the lawyer's Office Depot and bought it speaks for the evening meals. That demand learn how we come to that there in the most difficult time. And a London based H fallen about issues of race that's vocalist on this diets we have meet and work to that there for a better tomorrow for. Have you run. I don't mean station has also devoted he's voted to sources. And could use lifesaving fizzles but raising awareness around opiate addiction. And drug abuse especially for children. But still off Sunday headlines a feel good glossy. I want thinking these moments to encourage the media to focus even more on the nation's job crisis these. Diseases. Is blinded affects everybody. It pays no attention to release aids bush seats socio economic. Status and. I beach and has that's heavy pack of society. And sound way. And now more than ever because programs in magazine to combat it we just need to talk about it opening. And you won't the media has the platforms. To make that happen. To that media Indus she. And as a kind she. As the video local need to have seen he now fights against Jack the geeks and by talking about it even more. It. Especially as the battle of the call will be condemn me we need to demand that it's good that suicides. On their eyes a steep slope question they seem league that loneliness and geeks and feel they have no they. To to and parents be stopped their children. Teachers and Kennedy thanks the attention to signs of the geeks and lawmakers. Passed legislation. That allows those who ask them how to do so safely. And without fear and to provide. Resources. For the need stations that have people impacted by antiques and Linda steep. Remind him move people will no longer be ashamed to ask for house. And he lives will be saved it. And he if you just rather be included geeks and days not seen. In new Ian next. BC cow field worst thing. In my next four years as First Lady I will continue to be of the bond be best and weren't thinking that we do I speak to pass legislation that the camera -- animals learn about. A plan to continue the work I have started teaching agenda in Foster care as a as a minority communities. And child Venetian. I want to show tune then being protected and can -- keys have the resources needed to combat jacket deduction. And child neglect or abuse. But my husbands and Dave -- station. I would continue to encourage education to support. A child asking to be doing me. Eighties by film that she and defend even the building blocks the sixty. I also look forward to continuing my work to restore the people's house. Which is just the lasting symbol of pride for our nation. I believe decent Connie home needs to be cared for and deserve. To sit can be enjoyed by the people. Of this country and he did their from around the world for years to come. I'm passionate about these beautiful house the grounds. And full database and and now I have a special message for the mothers of these countries these. Modern heroes he's moving so fast and out of tune then faced challenges that seemed to change and be few months. Just like me I know -- do you watch how mean and many believe social media can be and just like me I'm sure many of you are looking for answers. How could take up to your children about the downsides of technology. And the United Nations chiefs beat the appears that. Every parent in this country. I Philo there's so many lessons to teach our son. And dispose of the Yankees as he's not there but there's just not enough Tyler's ended days to do it alone. I remind myself that I'm more fortunate than malls. And steel have days that I don't believe them and sank. To the very best I can but he. It. Commodities and and every event you know warriors. In my hunch is Clinton you have a president. Who will not stop fighting for you and your families. I see how hard Stuart each day and night and east side an unprecedented attacks and the media and the disease and he would not give up in fact. Be attacking heat cannot be done. He just works hard to. The only. Don and he's a husband who supports me people that they do it he has fielded it and station began unprecedented number of obese men. He leadership roles and it's cost Ed an environmental. Good American people believe the PIT. He welcomes it could end points of view and encourage thinking outside of the box. I know I speak for my husband and the family. But I savient so grateful that you have trafficking Kabila president. And that we would be honored to send these incredible kinds sheet for four more years. I think half could be feed mean I don't want to use these precious stunning attacking the other side because as we saw last week that kind of talk only serves to divide the kind she put day. I'm here because we need my husband to be president and commander in chief for four more years. He's black he's best for our currency. The old knowledge Donna Beauchamp makes no secret it's about how he feels about the next. Look good on its feet but beaten by seeking then did there come guys against bad day like it cannot be always know what he's thinking it. And daddy because. He's announced ten feet Carson put love these -- she and you keep them and wants to continue to make it Baghdad. Donna wants to keep your family safe. He wants schools have fewer families succeed. He wants nothing more than put these Conte the prospect. And he doesn't waste time they thought it peaks it. Almost forty years ago we banking collects and the completely unfair estimated. Besides what is being said again this year I know just as you do that America and still look for the pulls. Annual old on the behalf of the families. And our economy. I would national security gate and two against future it. Too low to put those ideas is not the practice and vote it is a common sense vote because. Those struggles and hopes to be able to Levy. I believe that we need my husband cedar seed now more than ever seen or get to being cut back once again to the biggest economy. And his strongest currency ever knowing. God bless you'll give families. And god bless the United States of America how.

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{"duration":"25:44","description":"The first lady of the United States, Melania Trump, delivers her speech to viewers at the 2020 Republican National Convention.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"72613021","title":"Melania Trump delivers speech at 2020 RNC","url":"/Politics/video/melania-trump-delivers-speech-2020-rnc-72613021"}