Ocasio-Cortez campaigns in Iowa for Bernie Sanders

In an exclusive interview with ABC News, the New York congresswoman and Vermont Senator discuss Sanders' campaign.
8:22 | 11/11/19

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Transcript for Ocasio-Cortez campaigns in Iowa for Bernie Sanders
I'm moving on now to the race for 20/20. And im pretty impressive weekend out there on the campaign trail particularly for senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont he received a big endorsement from another popular progressive star. New Yorker congresswoman Alexandria across CO Cortez she was on the trail with Bernie this weekend. And sat down when our Rachel Scott to talk about impeachment billionaires in this race. And EOC's big endorsement. I do that's on the endorsement time because it was a big deal brought out the largest crowd that we've seen in the presidential primary so far some state of the voters that say well there's two progressives in the race why not support the female. Progress that what's led to my support senator Sanders it's not just what we're trying to accomplish but how we're trying to accomplish it. And what we're gonna have to do in order to win our future back is to come together and transcend race gender class. Come across lines of religion not in ways that a race each other but in ways that with each other up and acknowledge each other struggles. Do you think you're the only candidate in this field that could be the president now. But I think I'm the strongest candidate the do you think voters deserve to know the difference. Between two candidates in this race that are ally on a progressive agenda what would you tell the voter that wants to know what is the difference between you. Senator it will I think all accounts Erica and Elizabeth Warren is it for in the month. All and we all I am running hog. To explain for the people under way in a Merkel what our sample people make their own differences. Like belief among other things. All of that my record goes way way back in Sanaa the one viewers if you check the 2000. Suggesting her record know not what you see this is what media towards. Well yeah. Arafat will not believe warrants from the moment she's the coast on but we've worked together on many issues. The American people make. That decision as The Who think they bust him but I happen to thing. On that for a variety of reasons we all of the strongest candidate to defeat trump. Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is considering entering this race congresswoman your new Yorker was Hugh couldn't bear. You know I think there's some real issues. That may very had. Today's game he still defends his policy of stop and frisk which impacted families like mine they weren't real issues in Munich city especially along lines of race. That we have to contend wet do you think Alec of the president. You know I don't think billionaires should be president right now think that our democracy should be for at freaking people not for purchase. We're an interesting time the race for points funny bid battle over impeachment right now as senator I do wanna ask you because of an impeachment trial were to happen. How would that affect your campaign which at the break what you break away from trail. Well don't talk to bill me about it spits them. All our happen to believe they're in Donald Trump. We have a president who has obstructed justice. I think he has use the office. To enrich himself and his family which is in violation. Of the volumes close. Have you given any pot that sounds. Really tactic being here and key early voting state being in DC. In buildings Arnold and Elaine. Yes it will be and look are and the senate and it took my oath of wolf for survival boo birds were paid to do. But on him also but wade through papers can pay and of the bus. When my question for you two were on stage together. It's the first five years or older would she be running. Look parts of this for the beastly again and out of what you he'll be. With your head will explode. While I don't know of any person I've been in congress refuse. Who in the course of less than what you she's been in office less than when you. Who has had more of an impact on American politics of the freshman member of congress if you what about a candidate essence elected. World youth again the other one year Schuessel leader in the United States cups. And ideas are resonating all over this country. If I'm in the White House she will play a very very important role no question. In one way or if you props. The points. And our history to Scott for an editor grad Kelsey our political reporter who covers the senator's campaign was there for that area turns out it's great to see is seated behind the scenes there sure are a lot of excitement about these two period together how did they play hard he received. There are not absolutely what what can only be viewed as a positive weekend for the Bernie Sanders campaign three events across the state of Iowa each of them bringing over 2000. Attendees on three different college campuses. As Alexander Kaiser Cortez meet her first ever trip. To the Hawkeye State in the New Yorkers and Iowa cornfield in the cornfields and end as a mention a Kaiser Cortez admitting this is her first ever trip to Iowa but resonating with voters and particularly younger voters as I said. To these events on college campuses one of them in Europe by a college campus I talked to some of the younger voters who told me that. You know they have been progressive they've been Bernie Sanders supporters for most of this year they're considering Elizabeth Warren. Who they view as a slightly more moderate option than Sanders but because you court has his endorsement when he very long way heard the other two members of the squad on Omar Rasheed its lead injecting some new energy some youth. Com and and certainly showing that Bernie Sanders is not somebody who lonely. Relates to. Caucasian voters having this this influx of minority support something that went along. And how does this person how does this involvement this engagement from a very young member of congress as you say help offset. Disney does it offset any of the concerns about his age about his health but what do what do you hear from voters you talked to sure there was definitely some hesitation in the week of his heart attack a month ago lots of voters telling me that they were curious to see how he bounced back. What accuse him come back to the campaign trail when he limited capacity media only doing a few events per week we've seen that's not in the case so far he is basically back to where he was before work. Had health scare and Alexandra 'cause you Cortez. Bringing out. Those big crowds as I mentioned really kind of pushing. I will voters to take another look at Bernie Sanders in sanders' responding. In a positive way looking loose. Up on stage joking and doing little bit more call and response can be seen in the past and a bit of a looser Bernie Sanders after that heart attack you know but what are the interest in things that came up in an interview was this idea. And it doesn't just apply to Bernie Sanders three to four other Democrats in this race that if in fact we do find ourselves. In any senate impeachment trial for Donald Trump. Will likely if it happens to be in the first part of next year that would be right smack dab in the middle of early voting season and look at all these candidates. Who are United States senators many of our viewers will be familiar with them but Amy Klobuchar. Connell Harris Cory Booker Elizabeth Warren of course they would all have responsibilities. As judges in an impeachment trial they have to be sitting up here on Capitol Hill rather than stumping for votes gasoline -- in in a more passive role I think than we're used to seeing from some of these senators this is indeed a Buick the brick Kavanagh confirmation hearing oversaw commonly Harrison Amy Klobuchar cross examining him they have to seat in the senate chamber and be silent maybe they run outside the hallway in. And and make a statement to our cameras at some point. But all of the senator saying the right thing so far saying that they take their responsibility seriously they will be back in DC and actually asked New Jersey senator Cory Booker just over a week ago. What he thought of the situation and to glisan said. Thanks for hope on the senate floor literally six years and one day. I still don't know that I would defend that constitution states. Incidentally there's not a presidential election. So that meant what I wouldn't mind show. Who watched sit my other senators want us and deal with whatever else since it took us. You should do. To challenge for these guys ahead if it makes it to the United States senate and in an opening for people to judge Joseph Biden some of the other folks that don't have to be back and his answer fascinating to watch extra bring us up and Kelsey appreciate it.

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{"duration":"8:22","description":"In an exclusive interview with ABC News, the New York congresswoman and Vermont Senator discuss Sanders' campaign.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66922874","title":"Ocasio-Cortez campaigns in Iowa for Bernie Sanders","url":"/Politics/video/ocasio-cortez-campaigns-iowa-bernie-sanders-66922874"}