President Biden addresses Congress ahead of 100th day in office

President Joe Biden addressed the nation yesterday with an ambitious agenda regarding education, infrastructure and police reform.
8:59 | 04/29/21

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Transcript for President Biden addresses Congress ahead of 100th day in office
Let's take this conversation. Now to our virtual roundtable joining us today's ABC news. Political director Rick Klein democratic strategist Ater an L Ron. And former Republican congressman from Virginia Denver red human welcome to all first let's listen to a little bit of what the president had to say about an issue we just heard one of those voters talk about. Lot of people are talking about. Bipartisanship. And what it means let's listen. I like to me. But those who have ideas and third different. The thicker better. I welcome those ideas. Put to rest of the world is not waiting for us. Just want to be clear. From my perspective doing nothing. Is not an option. Doing nothing is now an option Rick president Biden there you know he is obviously getting criticized by Republicans for not being bipartisan enough he says he's got. Republican voters support. Republican legislators are another thing. And yet at the into the Dave also says there inaction isn't an option so how is he gonna walk this line. I think what he's doing he's really deploring some of the lines at unity and bipartisanship they may sound like they are. Similar goals but I think the way to president Biden has outlined this he's he views national unity as it different priority than bipartisanship and it is good for the country. I and if it's good even among voters of all political persuasions. Then how forget about bipartisanship that's a secondary consideration and I think Terry's. You know there's a couple different versions of Joseph Biden is Joseph Biden the senator who was known as a dealmaker and a lot of Democrats even some of them we've probably feared that he would. Don't be too ready to cut deals are the Republicans. And is Joseph Biden as president who views this as a potentially transformative presidency. At a critical moment for the country he's edging I think what every successive day in new proposal would would do with new programs. Toward that latter category seeing himself as someone who can transform the nation whether or not that means Republicans are on board he is making clear he wants to move forward without with or without. He is swinging for the fences in and takes a look at a Republican Party where. Legislators who simply acknowledge the basic arithmetic of his victory getting censured and primary need may not get a lot of votes over there. So the president also struck an optimistic tone as all presidents do it speeches like this they brag a bit. Talking about the nation's recovered from the pandemic here's what Joseph Biden had to say. Now. After just wondering today. I can report in the nation. America. Is on on the move again. And the possibility. Crisis to opportunity. Setbacks in the stranded. We're all no long life can knock this down. But in America. We never ever ever stay down. Americans always get out. Today that's of renewing. America's rise due news. Choosing hope over fair. Truth over lies in light over darkness. Classic presidential rhetoric rhetoric they're eight grand. You'd sell tomatoes laser the president feels like he's got the wind in his sales a little bit for this big ambitious program. That Rick was just describing. How what do you make of his messaging last night. Well Terry first volley he got in terms and no contracting where we. Are five man later from where we were hurt in them thirteen thousand money. I just are different practice including that talent and the White House what emanating from a lot at that all note. Yet the fact that people are getting vaccinated they XT at their backs. Nation expectation the gold I mean they're getting people back to work I mean he getting is older fleets. Is that it had Downey is not trying to be an eye irritation. And really kind of personal president trying to get here and get in and get a job. So I think at least idea in that situation and I went about the spending about partisans that in this isn't the you're coming from this White House. Dialing forward regarded in a little bit where the White House at. Listen just because we can't get the Republican ballot in congress weekend that Republicans so far the most ardent lock step with their party. I'm that doesn't mean that this legislation not just this you know that did the plane he talked about last night not just the American family clan. The bill legislation that he went forward from HR wind see the stimulus bell. And the majority the American people including Republicans support the legislation adds art and what it's White House saying it. We you have bipartisan support and may not be an arm and members of congress voting for that's. And the you know would dip buying I get your party's leadership development that we you haven't nationally got a ride support from Democrats Republicans and independents. I think that as legal steepeners White House going or is able strap. That they have bipartisan support across the veteran and member of your legislation. And just because Republicans in congress not letting Brad did not mean didn't did not widely reported and widely desired. By the majority of the American. What Denver regimen Ritalin former congressman let me take that to you. Polls still show that. Free pre K is hugely supported in the country as is paid family and medical leave as is lowering prescription drug price that is rigged having higher taxes on the rich and corporations to pay for it. A does that make sense to you is as a way of addressing. The bipartisanship. Question given. And then that it seems like a pretty solid wall of Republicans. Unwilling to good to come along with anything Joseph Biden's composing his point. Yeah first of all I think. Issues right now she site. Even on issues I've seen whole chain early release fashion I did and sank the good things. Stimulus so I. Shouldn't be O. When he look at the overall and structure. Get a little nervous. Are some things that rival any mention she went back and transcript. Reporters and pro Mike Healey worked on. And that's something I think it does. In the senate to get through each or one hasn't. Changed. However I think when you're gonna rule and a musings are important. But watching some of the news Zidane you're. Seeing the issue. Case brought us and arranged for prince and Haiti and he. Says. Tax structure is always. There is a trickle down and 40. And what scares me a trillion dollars. Spending. The lower. It worries me. Unit. Sending seeing exciting and east. Hundreds are innocent men. We somewhere around. 600 billion. Trillion my guess as. To. Get them. Our we'll check back Kanye if we get it we get a bill on that or America or dead Denver woman has a point here in their poll show that. President Biden has one of the lowest approval ratings of any president at this point in history Donald Trump had a lower one Jordon Gerald Ford had a lower one. But that Joseph Biden is not popular yet he is swinging for the fences you just has this. Incredibly expensive and ambitious program to transform the country how to how do you square that circle K any. Well on the other the other limiting factor is the margins in congress 5050 senate and instantly the two or three vote margin and on in the House of Representatives. I that isn't much wiggle room day if at all and we talk about Republican support. Adrian knows this and then congress really know this. It right now Joseph Biden does have unified democratic support otherwise you have other imaginations it would be possible to try to get the program the reason that negotiations. The window is open as the Joseph Biden needs Republicans to at least get the Democrats. United he doesn't have that right now and I do think it's fascinating it appears that the president setting up a situation where there are things he's not gonna do when he kind of capacity know that at this point. I he's approval rating may be stronger than another president might be able to get at this time it's possible that no one's gonna get back in the sixties or seventies in the current. Polarized climate but does he have quite the political poll that he's acting like he has I think gets a huge task. And certainly moderate Democrats and Republicans are acting like it at the moment. Well he certainly has that ambition and we'll see how it goes this conversation will continue I know Rick Klein bigger now around and Denver recommend thanks so much for being with us.

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{"duration":"8:59","description":"President Joe Biden addressed the nation yesterday with an ambitious agenda regarding education, infrastructure and police reform. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"77403770","title":"President Biden addresses Congress ahead of 100th day in office","url":"/Politics/video/president-biden-addresses-congress-ahead-100th-day-office-77403770"}