President-elect Biden’s transition team 'running out of patience'

President-elect Biden’s transition team is not ruling out legal action as the Trump administration refuses to participate in the transition process.
3:07 | 11/20/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President-elect Biden’s transition team 'running out of patience'
I didn't seem says they are quote running out of patience with the trump administration's refusal to participate in the transition process. ABC's space the debate joins me now from Wilmington Delaware with more on this trade that abiding yesterday said he has no intention of resorting to legal action right now by ash. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi now says that the house is ready to help if trump continues to delay. Well how do you see this playing out. All good afternoon Diana the elect is really trying to walk a fine line here between raising the alarm about the potential damage of presidents from blocking his transition also projecting confidence that everything is still going wild with this transition plans and that he's talking to experts and he's talking to world leaders and making decisions about his administration he's already made several staff announcements and he's indicating that he could make an announcement about his Treasury Secretary each sometime next week he's also reaching out to congressional leaders within his own party meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer today and meeting coming as Biden continues to push for coven nineteen relief package for families fighting and hurting in this pandemic but as you know congress is heading into a holiday break right now with no such relief. Now you've been in Wilmington Delaware for awhile now how people in that community young. We're talking to local businesses in the area and there really like what you've heard from the president elect yesterday that there won't be a national locked down they also like the idea of him fighting for a club in nineteen relief package here's part of our conversation with an executive staff. Of a local business. All the sanctions. You return for atlas of birdie. Any time diner and receiving I have through cables and weather permitting notes that whole. It's not happening. So it really is hope to. Kinda juggle everything in and still have that high level. Service and food restaurants or the linchpin of the economy we have we so many people. And you take that away the economy it's gonna sort rubles to the source noble. You know so many people are employed by restaurants. Not just in the State Capitol most of the country so. Is there really needs to be a step up from the government if we do don't know for sure showed them because it they can't sustain. And right now there is a spotlight on Delaware and a lot of these local businesses are hoping it turns into tourism dollars and becomes an economic boost. The center of everything I think it's really cool for Delaware to have like of the licking at the we'll get more people actually. That would help three. It's always good to to see a local person and swallow it. Whether it's an actor or actress politicians. Sports. You know hopefully he gets and there goes what he's been gone. Get things back on the right track and you know we go back to business as usual. So small business says and the president elect a once they are feeling the pinch just like many others across the country the president elect is working hard to show them that he has a plan in place. Once he gets into office. She can move in Wilmington Delaware thanks thanks.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"President-elect Biden’s transition team is not ruling out legal action as the Trump administration refuses to participate in the transition process.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74326691","title":"President-elect Biden’s transition team 'running out of patience'","url":"/Politics/video/president-elect-bidens-transition-team-running-patience-74326691"}