Primary day in 4 states, special election in Ohio

The Ohio special election could be an indicator of what's to come in November.
5:10 | 08/08/18

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Transcript for Primary day in 4 states, special election in Ohio
Hi there on the ABC news political director Rick Klein joined by Mary Ellis park's here in our. New York headquarters at ABC news were tracking all night long one of the biggest nights of primary. And is special election voting that we're gonna have all summer long poles have already closed and that Ohio special election in addition to. The the state of Missouri and and most of Michigan and Kansas. This is an intriguing night on so many levels we're gonna talk a lot about this special election in Ohio but. You look at this overall Mary Alice and it does runs the gamut of some of the most intriguing story lines of the whole year. We're talking about the states with primary voting tonight. Four states three of which president trump one inch and sixteen but three of which Bernie Sanders also want in the democratic primary. So thoroughly surprise that we're seeing Democrats test different theories about what it takes to win. Do you go more progressive and try to inspire new voter or stick the middle and win back some independents. It'll be interesting to see which of those sorts of candidates make it through an. Yeah we're going to be talking about that the big dynamics the special election the last one of the year the last major indicator of where things stand democrats' first Republicans. Big governor's race in Michigan that sort of testing the last testing the progressive energy and of the governor's race in Kansas the testing the right. President trump got involved late for an ally of his and the question of how far how far to the conservative side to the upside. Right it's risky for Republicans to embrace the president. When they and they have to go to a general election we know what the president has such a strong base really. I heard it supporters but how hard is that don't. And during a general election couldn't be a liability so the Ohio twelve district is where our colleague Adam Kelsey is tonight outside Columbus, Ohio views at the headquarters of of Danny Danny O'Connor. L Connor he's seen some of the numbers emerge online is upbeat in the early vote 26 points a game. We're told us not unexpected a lot of people expect the Democrats the do well in the early vote but. Adam give us a sense of the mood there Howard Howard are the Democrats feeling going into this high stakes night. We'll hear it O'Connor headquarters sits. Still relatively empty Coke started circling behind me but I spent most of the day with Daniel O'Connor and members of his team and they are feeling it. Supremely optimistic they want the turnout numbers that they were seeing some of the polling places that you're visiting. They were talking history gets even in more read parts from the north and eastern sections of the district and it felt like you were making some major inroads there. What you did and like I said this morning. Here's the thing that bigger picture here is no matter what we know we're a close loss spike DD O'Connor and it's a win for Democrats because if you look at these results from when he succeeds. President trump won this district by eleven points former congressman Republican congressman pat tiberi want to fight brewing five points in the back. Democrat Daniel Connor is 31 years old his first front federal office and can close that gap that is a huge sign of momentum. For Democrats going into. And he never expected that the Democrats have an opportunity right just a few days ago though Ohio governor our public and John Kasich told George Stephanopoulos that this is the kind of district that shooting in and be in contention. Like ad was saying it's thinner reliably Republican district so the fact that the democratic feeling good the Democrat surging. It really is potentially an indicator of what's to come in November. All right that's art. Thanks to Adam Kelsey Rick check back with you as the night goes on but I want to switch gears and head over to the great state of Michigan. Larry agrees that it Michigan where are our I have a great job they're all great tonight Johnny Ehrlich is standing by he is at the headquarters of the democratic gubernatorial candidate Abdul Al Siad and this is an intriguing one on so many levels because you've got a man. Only in his early thirties. He run to the progressive side of of the party of Bernie Sanders in forum over the weekend. And if he wins this primary he can become the nation's first Muslim American governor a lot of firsts all wrapped into a pretty intriguing medical doctor. In any in Abdul what are you what are you hearing on the ground Johnny U and even their a couple of days. We have been here a couple days that talk Q I talked all three democratic candidates and be in the governor's race. Today and and they all sort of had bearing thinks this maybe you're right and you're right that this race really is emblematic of a larger fight and the Democratic Party. It's about how far the left and how many of those progressive ideals. Do Democrats seem to embrace so I'm here at the picture here earthy victory yet. But the even watch party for Abdul Siad who's one of the more progressive candidates in this race. Campaign with Bernie Sanders over the weekend and and it'll be interesting and interest in Nancy happens in Michigan. All right John he'll be back with us as the night goes on in and here's our plan guys we're going to be back every half hour on the half hour. With the latest updates with thirteen from the field. When our colleagues from 538 you can follow along at and 530. And we will be right back here in about 25 minutes or so with the latest update from all of these states stick with us here at ABC news lot.

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"The Ohio special election could be an indicator of what's to come in November.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"57097493","title":"Primary day in 4 states, special election in Ohio","url":"/Politics/video/primary-day-states-special-election-ohio-57097493"}