Reliving the 1996 Democratic National Convention

The 20-year-old convention footage of Hillary Clinton dancing the "Macarena" has taken social media by storm.
2:55 | 08/01/16

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Transcript for Reliving the 1996 Democratic National Convention
And it is time for that makes and it this morning we are looking back twenty years to get we're just. It didn't mention season but this is the clue. I'm unclear if people it was Melendez was this summer this process in any case I'm not looking at good. Do vary widely believed that. I've written to me that does not reflect current credit. Country my mother had. But this is I'm people aren't going well and yet. Wisely I think that's what how much can you do it you Rembrandt. I mean that you I would of course be it's the end of his and his visit and at an event giggle and didn't look good look on visiting dad. Pathetic they all want me. Hi I'm definitely going on during. How they have like the promise. So great about it thing there's no evidence based. Right now for the fifth day night Donald ending the longest hours in a McDonald's stance and and that's I I thought blacks and a case studies your Macs one it's a photographer. Wildlife photographer in Uganda. He is he's he's filming this collection of mountain gorillas. He ghosts and he runs and thunder think. They lined sad to say anything so these guerrilla surround happen. App I looked terrified and knew that there is they believe they've they've they've thought that maybe he was one of their own because of his over here in plaque it's like short. Guidance wearing a black teacher. I don't remember the theory that they thought he was one of there isn't so they just that's neck abdomen and went on there. That happened I mean I think they are tailored to your trip well in that with the U. He was pretty self I would not teach them that as if break up that is a lifetime experience can fool proof. Next I believe we're going to Japan that looks is that is go does that Godzilla. It's Stephanie is Douglas okay. Yeah he's trying to take a penalty kick he misses the penalty kick some other guy comes in. And house to save God's into this life and famous Japanese actor Russell thoroughly Zeneca. The guy who then came in and and and took it but then I didn't even so national. His penalty kick was also pretty bad you here we are to hit from the pigment based. The goal keeper. Who had to move that the way to avoid further embarrassment this welcome Roddick got Villa clothing first one and tenure. OK okay. Danica. I want what's it's agenda. When I watch again. Over and over and Liz just had an investment that.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"The 20-year-old convention footage of Hillary Clinton dancing the \"Macarena\" has taken social media by storm.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"41039648","title":"Reliving the 1996 Democratic National Convention","url":"/Politics/video/reliving-1996-democratic-national-convention-41039648"}