Rep. Scalise on the GOP convention kickoff, Trump’s agenda

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana previews what to expect from the GOP convention and discusses the Trump administration’s handling of COVID-19.
6:52 | 08/25/20

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Transcript for Rep. Scalise on the GOP convention kickoff, Trump’s agenda
Joining us now house minority whip Steve Salinas who represents Louisiana thank you so much for joining us. Good to be Wiki thanks. So tonight is of course the first night of the Republican Convention you're going to be speaking there in just a little while this theme tonight is a land of promise to promises will you offer to the more than 55 million Americans have now filed for unemployment since the pandemic began. Well obviously you seem presidential working to get the economy back open again safe way to get schools reopened safely. So that we can recreate that great economy we had before covad. Look so many people were Lou we're we're actually anybody who wanted to cottage was able to get a job there were more openings. Then there were people looking for work green cove it. We've got to get through this pandemic but as we do. You're gonna see that this president better position to rebuild our economy again by Joseph Biden in his 47 years in political office. I never oversaw any kind of economy like this president trump created in his first three years so. I think you're gonna see a sharp contrast. President with a good mission for how we can get our economy back on track. Building on the successes and the promises he delivered for those forgotten men and women that Washington it left behind for so long. As you're well aware more than a 175000. Americans have lost their lives in counting and more than five million have tested positive for covad nineteen. No other country is close when it comes to death so could more deaths have been prevented and what grade would you give. The trump administration for its handling of the pandemic. What I just go by what doctor Trout she said when he came and testified before committee just about two weeks ago. He said literally president trump on so many decisions from manic flights to China and Europe but to the spacing the steps he took took early off. Thought shut down parts of the economy. On president trump made the right decision and those decisions saved American lives by the way Joseph Biden disagreed. What those decisions when the president banned flights from China for example Joseph Biden called Xena phobic doctor Croce said president Trump's decision saved American lives so. Look we've got to get through this pandemic it's a worldwide pandemic. Were also on the brink of a vaccine for them right the fastest we've seen in the history. Called modern medicine where you can literally six months after a virus started. Potentially have a vaccine. Two different drugs in stage three testing. FDA's moving at warp speed because of the president's direction to say get red tape out of the way don't cut corners but look over 250000. Americans. Have signed up to be tested and you seem promising drugs like rim doesn't your approved as well that'll happen under president trumps leadership. And look who we know this disease is out there the virus is out there but we're going to get through it. And we also protocols how to safely get back to doing the things we did and we've got open our economy because people are dying right now. Because they're shot in. Our kids that are didn't immunizations people would argue their cancer treatments while we're seeing a dramatic increase in on Kobe desk in other parts of our society because of the shut in and you're you've got. Now it's all about. Congressman to sort of follow up on that really quickly because it has also been stated that if the president had reacted a week earlier that would have say save tens of thousands of lives if he'd. Acted two weeks earlier tens of thousands more so are you concerned at all that he's. For a lot in large part in the beginning of the year was really dismissing the corona virus is a hoax. Walt personally never sent hoax in relation to that but if you look early off China was lying to the whole world. I was in a meeting in the white house with doctor Archie and others when our scientists were trying to get into China I know what was more. They're cite just one loss by the way it was a Chinese Communist Party that's it we're not letting you win. And by the way there were minute roughing the World Health Organization. And it's not transmitted from human to human which was a lot. If China would have acted quicker and been honest with us and the world there would be. But probably tens of thousands not hundreds of thousands of worldwide deaths that would not have occurred and that by the way China's got to be held accountable we see Joseph Biden's never. A been willing to hold China accountable on anything in his 47 years of service you've seen Donald Trump being very aggressive. Going after China plays going after Russia is going after other countries look at I ran you've got to deal with the United Arab Emirates right now. And other Muslim countries that want to sign he supports with Israel because of president trumps leadership. In a get credit for that but that's the kind of work he does every day. And the RNC has announced it will not release a party platform this time around the Democrats ratified an eighty page list of priorities last week. In the past party platforms have helped voters decide and spell out what each party hopes to accomplish if it gets to govern. What Republicans main goals of president trump wins reelection and how does a party planned to page itself to voters this week. Sure the main goals aren't keep Americans safe to get through this Soviet crisis but also to rebuild into the great economy we had article over at. A president trump had built the hottest economy. Are in the history of our country and by the way was working for everybody. The lowest unemployment ever for African Americans for Hispanics women owned businesses were up. Like we've never seen before we can get back to that end and who do you trust uttered a bill that the guy who would already go separate economy before. Or Joseph Biden whose embrace a far left agenda what their platform by the way. Doug Democrat platform mentions Donald Trump more times than it does jobs or racial equality. President Trump's agenda by the way is our platform which is to focus on rebuilding our economy creating more jobs bringing jobs back from China. By the way and keeping Americans safe especially at home when you see some of these cities being torn up where the some of these folks on the left want to defund the police which is crazy idea. That we're out of time but I do want to just lastly get to this point of the racial reckoning that's happening across the country of course that new incident in Wisconsin and sparking renewed fury today video appears to show a black man shot in the back multiple times in broad daylight by a white police officer tonight Jacob Blake is in serious condition. And his name is added to a long list George Floyd Rihanna Taylor lodged a claim the Saint Louis couple who stood in their front yards with assault rifle. As protesters walked by. They are going to be taking part in the RNC convention tonight are you worry about the optics of that. Well first of all you you know we we all pretty occurred on those that are recovering George towards was a tragedy that it everybody universe. Person recognize should've never happened in by the way let's hold those people accountable let that. Organ run and department run and additional rate Minneapolis. Did they allow bad to exist. You can't tolerate bad and good cops don't want bad. Either by the way the so reforming law enforcement something. But at Donald Trump's laid out a plan to do Joseph Biden. Literally won't even address the violence in our streets right now. Because he literally said quote that he wants to reallocate money away from police that Steve funding police are being answer. Congressman's police to thank you so much anti really appreciate you coming on the shelf. Brigham and.

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{"duration":"6:52","description":"House Minority Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana previews what to expect from the GOP convention and discusses the Trump administration’s handling of COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"72579701","title":"Rep. Scalise on the GOP convention kickoff, Trump’s agenda","url":"/Politics/video/rep-scalise-gop-convention-kickoff-trumps-agenda-72579701"}