Secretary of State nominee Anthony Blinken speaks

President-elect Joe Biden held a press conference to introduce key members of his foreign policy and national security teams.
3:53 | 11/24/20

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Transcript for Secretary of State nominee Anthony Blinken speaks
Good afternoon. Which president elect. Bush has like Paris. Thank you for your trust. In your confidence. If confirmed by the United States senate I will do everything I can turn it. This president elect. Working for you. Having you as a mentor and friend. Has been the greatest privilege but my professional life. So many people have brought me to this day. From college classmates. To band mates. My colleagues in the Clinton Obama administration's. In the senate. And at the State Department. I thank them all. And I asked forgiveness. For my insatiable appetite for bad thoughts. Mostly I'd like to thank my family. Sisters and sisters in law Brothers in law nieces and nephews. My wonderful in laws the Ryans. And especially. My wife Evan Ryan and our children John and Lila. They are truly. My greatest busts. For Mike family. As for so many generations of Americans. America has literally been the last best hope on earth. My grandfather. Greece going to flip programs and Russia and made a new life in America. His son my father Donald Lincoln served in the united states air force during world war two and then as the United States invest. He is my role model and my hero. His wife durable and can fled Communist Hungary as a young girl and help future generations of refugees. Come to America. My mother. Choose p.s are builds bridges between America and the world to arts and culture. She is my greatest champion. And Miley said father Samuel p.s are. He was one of 900 children it is school and the all the stuck Poland's. But the only one to survive the Holocaust. After four years in concentration camps. At the end of the war he made a break from a death march into the woods and that area. From his hiding place he heard a deep rumbling sound. It was a tank. But instead of the iron cross. He saw painted on its side a five pointed white star. He ran to attack the hatch opened. An African American Shiite looked down at. He got down on his knees and said the only three words that he knew and in English that his mother taught him before the war. God bless America. That's who we are left. That's what America represents to the world however imperfectly. Now. We have to proceed with equal measures. Of humility. And confidence. Humility because does the president elect said. We can't solve all the world's problems alone we need to be working other countries we need their cooperation. We need their partnership. But also confidence. Because America at its best. Still has a greater ability than any other country on earth. To bring others together to meet the challenges of our time and that's where the men and women of the State Department foreign service officers civil service that's where they come in. Eyewitness their passion. Their energy their courage up close. I've seen what they do to keep us safe. To make us more prosperous. I've seen and add luster to a word that deserves our respect diplomas. If confirmed. It will be the honor of my life to help guide. And so thank you all. And may god bless America.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"President-elect Joe Biden held a press conference to introduce key members of his foreign policy and national security teams.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74383680","title":"Secretary of State nominee Anthony Blinken speaks ","url":"/Politics/video/secretary-state-nominee-anthony-blinken-speaks-74383680"}