Sen. Elizabeth Warren weighs in on President Trump's first 90 days, working with GOP women and more

Warren discusses the president's progress, whether she regrets running for public office and working with female Republican lawmakers.
9:00 | 04/19/17

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Transcript for Sen. Elizabeth Warren weighs in on President Trump's first 90 days, working with GOP women and more
See who was speaking for a whole lot of people right now please welcome to the table senior senator from Massachusetts and author of the new book this fight. Is our fight Elizabeth warrant. It's great to be at the it's so good to have you here we have to start with a curve ball question about Redding started patty and trump is in now for 90 days o'clock. All here is there's nothing he's he's Donald lot of stock in ninety days what he'd done. Right so far been. Well actually get. That question very seriously because look. Obviously I've fought hard to try to get Hillary elected I did not want to see Donald's Robbins president. But he promised he was going to be out there for working people. And you know it's not it's not the when he says it's not the tweets I just keep watching what is actually do. And so when nine days she signed off on a law that makes it easier. For employers to steal their employees' wages he signed off on a law. That makes it easier for companies that kill or maim their employees. To keep it hidden he signed off to make it easier for investment advisors to cheat. Pensioners and and retirees and to me Tulkarem was like the whole thing in one micro cause them. When he said on homeland for a plan. To not when he four million people off their health care coverage. Raise the cost for a lot of middle class families so that we can produce a tax cut for a handful of millionaires and billionaires. So what. I wish you are out there working for middle class families aren't really did want working families for the working poor. But what he's doing this delivering want to gut punch after another yeah. That information that you just put out there why I've these track supporters still supporting him. What is your take on Matt so what I think they can't do nothing I I think you're probably a lot of reasons but I think part of it is we have a responsibility here to it. Talk to me is like she should moving up. You remember that do you remember the dog who used yells. He is the master. Of distraction he is the master of don't look at what I'm doing. I'll look at whatever else is gone and boy he's good at it. We have to reach a point Nell where this is no longer campaign this is this is really want he is the president the United States. We gotta stay focused and we can't shoot everything that moves without a stay focused on what he actually does. Until everybody in America knows what he does then like your decision about whether your for him or what you think you need to fight. Senator you've spoken pretty candidly. About how your husband in 2016 discouraged you not to run. And now that we have a president trump in the White House to you regret that decision. So what I know I regret it. What we all have a lot of regrets. But my biggest regret. Is that Donald Trump is president yeah united stay. Well we are that is where we are today so the question is not what it's that it showed up. The question is what are we gonna do today. And tomorrow and the next day and the next week. Talk more about that but I'll tell yet that is the reason I wrote this book. And that's why the title of this book is this fight is our fight. Because it tells the story about what happened but most of all it sounds the alarm and says here's how you've been getting in. Make this fight your fight because ultimately. We don't press don't have the votes in the house we don't have votes in the senate. It's gonna take the people getting engaged don't hold got. Say I'm with her during one of the campaign commercials and it ended up not running. And I know some criticism was that directed her way as well that you and Bernie condit's. Offered her support late in the game. I know you said it's not a what do could've should've but sometimes you think you could have it could something could have been different if you like had jumped in and helped. Yeah earlier. I actually understand that no real crime re going on in the democratic. Turning off addition Hillary offered a somewhat different mission they gave their different arguments for. And to take burning out of every so early aren't hitting me. Bert fish don't. Where the progressive energy of this party is also he was connecting to them when you. Bad do you ban yes and once it was clear how that primary was going to be resolved. I gotta hand and ot Boston might tale to try to help her go last. Bernie Sanders Simeon on a conservative but you I admired you both because your leaders on the left and I think that you do why. Hillary Clinton didn't do what a lot of Democrats have failed to do recently which is outreach. Donald Trump one in large part because a lot of those voters in the sense at the center of the country felt hurt. And they and and and I'm wondering if the Democratic Party has come together and address that issue. There was a problem last time around a lot of working class citizens didn't feel heard a lot of people's health insurance was going up and and solutions might be offered they wanted their taxes lowered are. He would dressing now so don't even within the party like aunt and I think the answer is. That yes all that we are working to make clearer what our values are. What we get up and fight for every day that's all one night he indicated it that's lucky went got to be in the fight. When you can't wait island off the second part is you can't shoot everything that moves because it's not going to be affected but the third part. Has got to see if we get out there and talk about our values for me and what this is something I talk about a lot in the book. For me might values. Are that create an opportunity. Not just for some of our kids but for all of our kids. You know you guys there are in Washington and and see what's happening and do you. Connect to the other. Women. On the other side and say here the things we think we should be fighting for because I saw that two Republican women said we cannot. Enjoy Spezza to boss to do that right. And the pressure from the other side from their own party was such that they ended up having to acquiesce to you thank. That it would be possible. For ideology to be taken out of the equation and the people inserted. So that was good for the people. Works for both sides of the aisle or is that not possible. Know any is possible in fact we actually do some not a want to overstate here. But this little little little known secret are made at wellness thinker we have women's dinner. And we don't. We don't invite those other guys so the did I the difference is not has a Democrat and his Republican and the differences. The girls are getting together. And when we do now we really try to make this not about politics as politics. But that's when you get a chance that you do get to talk about it. And you do get to talk about. And try to be there for each other. And I have to say I really admire Susan Collins. Truly stood up under the glacial and unfettered Internet access to achieve very nervous and Lisa Murkowski yes man she waited to end of that. And said look. I cannot vote for a secretary of education who does not believe in public education you look at god. Is the key to try to get more arm. Women involved I'm not help them get more women assume that that's well.

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{"id":46889261,"title":"Sen. Elizabeth Warren weighs in on President Trump's first 90 days, working with GOP women and more","duration":"9:00","description":"Warren discusses the president's progress, whether she regrets running for public office and working with female Republican lawmakers.","url":"/Politics/video/sen-elizabeth-warren-weighs-president-trumps-90-days-46889261","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}