Stimulus bill in limbo

Coronavirus relief bill is on hold as President Donald Trump demands changes to the COVID-19 stimulus package.
4:59 | 12/24/20

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Transcript for Stimulus bill in limbo
And president trump is in mar a lot of this morning after refusing to sign a 900 billion dollar bipartisan Covert relief bill. He called for numerous changes to the bill including upping 600 dollar stimulus checks to 2000 dollars. And Democrats quickly agreed it's what they wanted originally anyway but Republicans are not on board. White House correspondent Rachel Scott joins me now with more racial where things stand right now. Well this relief for millions of Americans essentially at this point on hold it is just hanging in limbo I mean we hacked. The house and the sample them proved. That 900 billion dollar stimulus package. The chump administration promised that Americans would start seeing those 600 dollar checks as soon as next week. But then you have the president who took a step back from negotiations that went on for more than six months come board and say that he now wants those shacks to be 2000 dollars and so. Democrats are saying hey it's too late the president was passing should have made this suggestion earlier it's something that they were certainly pushing but Republicans. Wanted to keep the overall price tag. On this bill down so so far the president has not signed this bill which means. That aid is not yet getting. Two Americans in a we've been following so many Americans who are suffering during this time. One woman in particular lease and a strategy is a hospice nurse she is out of work for medical conditions. She called that 600 dollar check originally a slap in the face but she says. If there is any more delay she doesn't even know how she's going to be able to pay her rent next month and Rachel money for unemployment runs out on Saturday the government shuts down on Monday without a funding bill. And most of congress is already out of town and now the president is out of town too so. What's the plan is there a short term fix. Yet the president left for the holidays and he's there in Florida lawmakers have left Washington so what you're going to see today is. A Democrats in the house they're gonna try and pass this unanimous vote to upped the amount of those stimulus checks but again. Republicans are not budging on this they do not want those checks to be 2000 dollars which is why that amount was 600 dollars until they are going to oppose that again. It all leaves this in levels there's just a lot of what ifs in this scenario and really what this does. For the American people is just put them on edge those Americans at a party been waiting now for months for congress act. May have to wait just a little bit longer it's unclear whether or not the president is actually going to Vito in this bill or whether or not he's just posing this as simply as the rat. But every single day that he does delay this is days now that relief is not getting to the American people and days now that you're inching closer and closer to that government shut down. Because Republicans and Democrats want to put some pressure on congress here so they actually tied. This corona virus stimulus package to a government funding bill which is why you're seeing these two go hand in hand together you have relief. At stake for millions of people and then of course you have the nation on verge of a government shutdown so much on the line here separately Rachel the president also issued another round of pardons they include Paul Mann a port and Roger Stone both convicted in the Muller probe. As well as Jarrett pitcher's father how unusual. Is this. Yet today's 41. Pardons the president issued that second batch just yesterday and you said it on this list. Are some of the closest allies to the president you have Roger Stone you have Paul Mann of port. These are two men who were convicted after the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. You know you have manna for who who was the chairman of the president's campaign someone that even Republicans like Lindsey Graham had previously said. Pardoning him would be a bridge too far the president had RT commuted the sentence of Roger Stone now issuing multiple part it. And then of course you had Charles. Kushner who is the father of the president's son a lot Jared he spent some time behind bars for witness tapped tampering he's now receiving that full hearted. Let Democrats here are blasting this move they say that the president is putting loyalty over rule of law. We haven't heard from Gary many Republicans criticizing as we just heard from one senator Ben sat saying this is rock and so though core but. Even in all of this the president issuing visas these rounds of partisans he's also have been throwing an op ending legislation you have the corona virus relief package that we discuss. We also have the defense bill and the president. A veto that just yesterday that is something that lawmakers on both sides of the aisles say is absolutely vital for the military so. If they want to override the president. They're gonna have to come back to Washington to vote to do that we could see that happen before the end of the new here and that would be the first. For the top administration. Congress and their work cut out for them that's for sure enough yes. Thank you and Merry Christmas Rachel. Nickerson is banks think you.

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{"duration":"4:59","description":"Coronavirus relief bill is on hold as President Donald Trump demands changes to the COVID-19 stimulus package.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74900125","title":"Stimulus bill in limbo","url":"/Politics/video/stimulus-bill-limbo-74900125"}