Talking to Iowa Attendees of Hillary Clinton's Latest Rally

ABC News' Liz Kreutz shares a behind-the-scenes look at the former secretary of state's campaign event at the University of Northern Iowa.
16:58 | 09/14/15

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Transcript for Talking to Iowa Attendees of Hillary Clinton's Latest Rally
I am glad I'm Liz grades at ABC news thanks for expanding and I thought Hillary Clinton on the putting sixty campaign trail and we. Fun to bring you luck on the road but today right now. Here at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa over Hillary Clinton is about to come on stage about twenty minutes for a win for Hillary rally. Portman for Hillary rally that started a campaign launched this series this month are pegged to the twentieth anniversary. Cover women's rights speech in Beijing next game. I'm coming turnaround. You. Look what it's like inside these rallies I I comes the moment every day it seems like this kind of Hudson. See what they're like here in high west let me turn around show you the crowd. A lot of that a lot of people here are still. A lot of women receive accident that broke into this and it can't have this rally here. It's hot line about gender issues women's rights and health. Pain than when they high. Currently. I think I have a camera rolled on its fifth and technical but it does not need. Tell me patently absurd on race and I'm here next time. We aren't nonpartisan organization. On the tiny ring I'm detained by red hot yeah. Mom and we aren't hanging hit yeah thank you. Hillary and there. As a punching you guys here today or you don't do. And I learned how well a lot of the we have high schooler and yet he members to act on everyone involved. Though not hot spots it still. You know. And do you think that Hillary Clinton is doing enough when it comes time to she did an ethical climate change. Planned this summer it had nothing in the system partner and I mean it's never enough. The only working just like we are always work here but she is. Point here even more like what. Number one. And you don't nobody outweighs their candidate democratic candidate you feel it is me and number one priority. Mountain I think I'll do anything we've got up and really. Make a difference made its eighth mile high land and hot hot. Here. It's taken at face they the first thing means you management. My. I. You know do you hope to right the question ever did Amy put money back if you want to see how you can only get hurt and yeah start haven't won here but yeah. Yeah I'm eighteen. For change about it. I won't let. OK so. We honor and climbing changed advocates here and also a lot of seasoned women there's another. Different topic you our didn't do what and among its receiver they aren't. Getting packed crowd into my everybody. Excuse me. Yeah. Getting crowded at an all time high pets or remind me here at the same name. Questions. Jackie a pagan mrs. Aggies went. Get it right a few days August oh yeah yeah. So we can't live on Right now though hi everybody it's talking to his students at this university. Are you supporters and citing I was that is must place. I I decided that the work Hillary got scared resentment that the air because I had. Like leader. Reach out means yeah. So hard and it wasn't a thing like in you know. Once ran for public office I really inspired by Hillary is like that stepping up and you want a front coming again I see what that office human. I'm I was months ago and like the federal government you know maybe I'll start working like this thing completely battered lovely daylight he repeatedly secretary. Maybe even president. And what about you have you decided on Hillary Clinton. I haven't decided. Those things out just. Shop around her policy nine inches in West End came out. There Wednesday. There was AM a bullet came out today that shows her support among women must be dropped the about 29 point. This summer. You know what your friends your young women your. You're inspired by you feel it from being a woman is the reason that you would want to look. Well not necessarily that season. But how much the worse. I didn't like. The front campaign lake specifically when it's right. I think that's an inkling of my heart my work. Jeremy Hillary being. Instantly the cherry on top of the cake right. That's what and that the credit thinks he's fighting words like the fact that she's a woman and up like her biggest bank and a tired funding that we Neitzel it might be instantly. Yeah company great thing daughter of the fact that she that denigrate M a woman in. Yet doctor about it. I mean I think it's definitely that that this. If you think your friends they they like yeah Antioch. What president Bob conversation morning. In the Rockies and landing everything I felt like. Coming different groups like I'm fine like any parent remains silent. I mean it's. Terrible that the entertainer is one issue that you talked fast and what is. We're about her look right. Like everything we can't really important and it's not an issue that the time allotted time. Apparently meant it off at the net and on the continent continent and that's not there are thinking. I instantly snapped like. Right now. And I think I'm really mean. I think. Anything big thing. I let me talk some more voters let's talk to you definitely hear the signing your Vietnamese neighborhood I'm have a fight yeah that's okay. We talked about earlier you heard it be honest they're gonna talk. I don't weirder on the Internet the pace and keep going. Your is that. Can't parent have right. I reporter for CNN. I really haven't. And I really am. Iraq's third. And Iowa. And it's. Or do community before Iowa. Same thing. Pay up to happen. It's not anything more about nothing. I'm going to hear from our. You might standing on any. Taking classes. Maybe we don't we'll see what it's obvious about it Merrill when he ever read any of her. And he had stories about Hillary Clinton on his statements during this story. Fun running neck and Lilly. Look at that he went on behind me turn this around now and show. Admit it gets kind of funny here obviously the media because that's where in that area and now it's very run into the communications. This is an immediate action. Yeah CNN. We got men and her people we got all the cameras. Hearing filled yeah. Every limb here from the Clinton Campaign. Either. You're like India and media and over here we got some more I can't see we weren't Right now. New York. And it's where. I hope that it. I hope that it's he's seen again isn't it at some young women do are in the it means and isn't. When you meet your mind. Figures shop around when his. Around the eyes and knocks on the island yet again how it MSU has witnessed even going deep and it. Yeah I'm thinking oh and I never looked like he didn't and it. Primaries yeah I know I. Don't know what you like about now we're going to meetings are you. Some exciting right now I have a feeling in my mind I mean I can't quite yet. Each car today. I want to hear more about him. Tying when hundreds. I had wherever Sanders I know a lot of young. They're getting on the I am a little bit you guys. And hunting. If my memory is another pending hearings. It's not really. I'm like but how likely want yeah immediately. And business yet let Hillary Clinton and out tonight Kelly. Count very and but possibly that some things that I am right much. I'm instantly. So having that you might hear them Hillary Clinton and her favorite things to do was let go after trump or. That's a Lotta Lotta dealings but yet that he thanked him especially the women Wear women's event that doesn't bother him anyway when he says. I'm doing it and I don't know I'm. I'm business in the democratic. And it went Donald Trump wouldn't even. Gently touched me. Not an US run. Coming up. Yeah. Yeah. Now you know why why you know worrying. Recent years more but definitely Democrats island. Anyway. But tonight I hate knowing it's it's that is imminent. No it isn't what you see from Hillary cared and I. Anything I think and I didn't. Yeah add anything to ABC. He's not content but he liked hearing not young young male. Pregnant women for Hillary rally. Yeah now the next night of the camera shy and nightclubs and played like yeah. I don't know but I get them to. And let the minority people it. Okay. I say it yeah. The big room here is if you are now behind me my check here behind the media platform. It's pretty much hotter than plant. You know notable that there's an empty space back here some pretty large room I don't I'm not count but. People are still trickling. Thank. We see there. Nothing nice light went. And you're gonna. You're having. And I'm the director of isn't it studies hearing. Hand it's what you hope your birthday. I hope to hear from her blunt doesn't need mountain can't dean he's going to. I'll tell my scenes just because. He didn't have grown women and doesn't mean that it. We can't think that is something. I would be in essentially. It's something that we. So I need to hear that right now my students want to hear about her and I'm in the area. Ten. The winning an election. Oh my goodness I mean that's part of the state because I think that all women holidays. Their economic issues in a national. Friends here on campus. This next song on campus. That's what we're gonna do about act itself is hardly. That's a feminist I would say this holiday. And finally. Evening here you exactly. Thank you can it. Friends ramp is certainly here here here I'm me I'm already laying. Okay why is. Live your life. Like 35. When I hate my. I don't know how to lay. I'm. Anything else can handle it. Still trickling in it. This is 1120 races and running a little bit late that we programs begin any minute if nick parents here even. Hillary Clinton is in the building so she's probably backstage getting ready now. Can't expect that really can't talk about. Women's rights equal pay Kate need. You know. Different things you know the top of hearing talkback live from the rail against properly she says sorry you know laughable comment about when. But he said earlier Lindsay an interconnected as. Women here earlier Hillary Clinton's numbers have declined to little bit today it was 129 points down toward. They see her trying to rally cavities. Hard work ranges some of retailing. Yeah there ended today after this. Not just for Iowa are notably. He's right so we'll begin again thanks for tuning in it should stay on ivory now. Her remarks meaning anything like so I think CNN he didn't quite. And you learn like champions. And then I started to hear from my critics of.

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{"duration":"16:58","description":"ABC News' Liz Kreutz shares a behind-the-scenes look at the former secretary of state's campaign event at the University of Northern Iowa.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"33751197","title":"Talking to Iowa Attendees of Hillary Clinton's Latest Rally","url":"/Politics/video/talking-iowa-attendees-hillary-clintons-latest-rally-33751197"}