Transgender veteran fighting discrimination

Robina Asti, a 99-year-old transgender veteran, is fighting for LGBTQ rights.
4:15 | 11/11/20

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Transcript for Transgender veteran fighting discrimination
And on this veterans day we are honoring the men and women who serve this country an estimated. 100 inch 34000. Of them 134000. American veterans here in the US are transgender. And more than 151000 trans people are currently serving. In the US military today we want you to meet remain hostage at transgender World War II veteran who has been a pot. Pioneer in the OG BTU plus community for more than forty years and it not only nine years old she is showing no signs of slowing down. As ABC's Cano Woodward tells us when she sat down. This seemingly. An opening this. Didn't grew. If you. More huge consume news crew and again. Jones. He needs. They had him in mind turning couple that. The 99 year old Roby nasty is the oldest living. Active pilot and flight instructor in the United States she's also one of the 134. Transgender veterans living in America. You can bet you thing yeah Grand Island hangout really enjoying museum. During World War II as a naval officer Rubino was instrumental in getting radios in to airplanes making in air communication possible. Time you lose. Give me. That we had in the hole and corner. Good communications. With a partner born. Robert she was a husband and a parent to three children. And at age fifty she transitioned. Angry and I. That they will go into being people. Me into investing knives and then try and I'm thinking to milk. At 99. Plus being. Ten me and reasonable people. Kids who. Always a fighter she turned her efforts toward equal rights and leading the charge against the Social Security administration's denial of survivor benefits for trans bounces. Paving the way for gender identity and marriage benefits it was something she experienced firsthand when she remarried in 2004. And as a woman. Was denied her benefits because a state of New York's at her marriage. Wasn't legal. You have signed for our country. Do you have shot for equal rights. Why. Because. I'm a human being. You know who is so I Geiger of time to human beings. I don't really appreciate it and shows he's human being and Iowa and in May she who. And go new that this four. Have they human being can send their ranks him behind united is she going to be to back. In the last year she founded clad dancers an organization that grants at meaningful wishes to senior citizens and LG BTQ community. Written and vision of where you goal along. Schism of Stanley youthful. Got something. Passion and concern. Clad dancers outreach efforts address the civil rights of LG BTQ community. And in particular senior citizens who face issues relating to perceptions. Aging and social neglect or foundation. Is a true reflection of the passionate way she lives her life. Change Hillary years in the eye and don't let the negative kid to hold a news pioneer and food and. I yanked can't get ancient mullah. What happens to you can imagine. And Diana after the interview Rabin a series of wisdom with me she actually opened up mines jacket pocket and she said that I sent limb like that. So that I can let new things into my length. And let go of others stay and. Can't it's amazing how many little pearls of wisdom that were spread throughout that entire piece way more than one hour thanks to cater for that report. And of course are thank you to all of the veterans out there for all of your service to this country.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"Robina Asti, a 99-year-old transgender veteran, is fighting for LGBTQ rights.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74159094","title":"Transgender veteran fighting discrimination","url":"/Politics/video/transgender-veteran-fighting-discrimination-74159094"}