Trump admin. rolls back light bulb regulations; says energy efficient bulbs cost more

Andrew deLaski, executive director for the Appliance Standards Awareness Project, discusses how the Department of Energy's new rule will impact consumers and the environment.
5:06 | 09/05/19

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Transcript for Trump admin. rolls back light bulb regulations; says energy efficient bulbs cost more
I finally today some news about light bulbs. News that could actually impact your pocketbook also impact. The environment as well or in Flaherty. Covers our agencies be here at ABC news also joined here in the conversation Andrew Delaski executive director of the appliance standards awareness project. And her great to see you and let's start with you because the president and his administration. Apparently want to make the light ball great again. I'm satellite phone I dare I satellite they are rolling back. Bats. Restrictions that President Obama put on the good old fashioned let the right now he's sneaking in those restrictions go away tell us about. That's right I think went to know about this is this is actually something that was passed in the lot and signed by George W. Bush. And it was requiring that let folks meet certain efficiency standards by 22 money. What Obama did was when he looked at it and 2017 wrecked freeh left office. Is he said you know I think we're forgetting about some light bulbs that you know the recess lighting and having your kitchen especially today eyewitness now yes that that candle shaped the light bulbs are you putting your chandelier. He could I think that there should be covered till. Well than the lobbyists descended in a citizen trump took office he started to look at us and has Energy Department decided we're gonna get these little to pass. Senile manufactures and keep making the good old fashioned specialty label uses resonated like miles Lesotho slightly better at the incandescent traditional light bulbs will probably be phased out and when he twentieth they cannot meet those efficiency standards and we're going to be looking at more LED let bolts from most of the market than ever you've sort of been tracking and past day or two's this news is broken how the end missile impact consumers and your argument seems to be that actually will make things more expensive for consumers tell us about it. Yeah that the whole lack of what wealthier school wolf for sure create more costs for consumers. The Alley let Bob great product a lot of consumers are buying them already. What the standards being was erased the floor to ensure that all flight all of that would be sold out don't quite funny. Would include this Grady technology that not only saves energy but also laughed a lot longer. We estimate that if the scamper kept him place a typical household would say about a hundred dollars per year utility bill savings. And in addition to that out of benefit is that. When we meet save energy in our homes that means that we produce less power and power plants about less coal and natural gas being burned. The country meets the global climate change and the emissions and also create air pollution. So that they'll win win for consumers and the environment everywhere and keep these theater from place so he's become administration on the back will get effectiveness. And these rules are in place right now for specialty bulbs one would would think that the manufacturers would have shifted over to be in compliance with the standards. So does rolling them back actually change anything are there companies out there and still want to make them move the old fashioned way do we know. I think we know is that there are only. Yeah I think we know that the some of the manufacturers lobbied to get rid of these rules so they do want to keep making them but they argued they are gonna have alternatives on the market and consumers can you know. Choose those lesser energy bulbs. We did you see a statement from the industry they say the trend as we've been talking about will continue towards this murder. Efficient ball to look for now in. Very happily cheering this rollback what all that why does the administration doing this and you've covered. So many of these little policy changes that. Touch all different corners of our lives and it does seem that the president has made. A name for herself when it comes to to to bringing things back to the way they were before Obama. You know I think that a lot of businesses that argue that anytime you put a federal regulation in place it's gonna hurt their business to some degree because it's a marker that they then have to meet and and they have to prove that they have to meet at. But I think there's an there's a bigger issue here which is that we're Billy and sort of a culture war so. Trump is gonna bring up issues like straws and it late faults and he's gonna make a point about saying you know this is just selling us. Com and Elizabeth Warren I think told on a CNN debate last night said of course that's what the fossil field wants us to debate strives and light bulbs. When really we should be having a broader discussion about fossil fuels. Andrew. Over at the appliance standards awareness project what do you guys. Planning to do next is part of this back and forth campaign going forward what's your next step and all of us. Well. We think that the roll backs or a legal they will be challenged in court. I'm one and next up would be that that a court will have to decide. Whether or not the administration's actions or our. Our our legal. It's important to pursue because the impact for consumers the impact for the environment are important. And the point about an assistant want to solve the climate crisis all by itself but a lot of things we have to do to improve energy efficiency. I'm can be found bubble climate change emissions and improving energy efficient. He went off just one small thing but god to a lot of small and for a change. Address this problem. Right Andrew Delaski executive director of the appliance standards awareness project thank you so much for your perspective vendor great to see you and I is always and it's great to have you here thanks for your reporting data for enlightening us today I'm eyeballs appreciate that.

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{"duration":"5:06","description":"Andrew deLaski, executive director for the Appliance Standards Awareness Project, discusses how the Department of Energy's new rule will impact consumers and the environment.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65416944","title":"Trump admin. rolls back light bulb regulations; says energy efficient bulbs cost more","url":"/Politics/video/trump-admin-rolls-back-light-bulb-regulations-energy-65416944"}