Trump ally Roger Stone sentenced to 40 months in prison

He was convicted in November of lying to Congress and witness tampering.
8:40 | 02/20/20

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Transcript for Trump ally Roger Stone sentenced to 40 months in prison
Oh this is an ABC news special report. Bell reported a short step. Good afternoon we're coming on the air right now because Roger Stone the longtime confidant of president trump has been sentenced in federal court by judge Amy Berman Jackson. Forty month sentence for interfering. In trump brush investigation is charged with five counts of lying to investigators obstructed a congressional probe. Tampering with a witness and now the sentence has come down from Judging Amy Berman Jackson. Forty months remember that the original recommendation from Justice Department prosecutors was about seven to nine years. In prison for Roger Stone that was overturned by the attorney general Dave they submitted a new recommendation. To the Justice Department now the judge has ruled forty months in prison for Roger Stone on a go to our Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas. And Pierre the judge gave a lengthy and blunt explanation for her decision. Well basically she said these were serious offenses that Roger Stone essentially had been trying to cover up for the president. She clearly thought that these were offenses that deserved prison time. More than three years in prison doors it is a very significance and as for a first time offender on a white collar crime like there's George it wasn't she also took she took note of the fact that president trump Hannity and had tweeted on the case had spoken out on the case she said that was serious but it would not affect your decision. Absolutely George she should she was very measured today throughout. As she was also quite upset with the way that Roger Stone had conducted himself. Throughout these proceedings they see it given him admonish was a number of times and it took considerable time for him to comply with a court order. George you'll recall that he was under a gag order at one point he had. Posts is something with the judge New York cross hairs so we see today impose a citizen made it clear that. His act of obstructing congress in terms of their investigation lying to congress and witness tampering. Was not something that the court could tolerate two investor appear and and -- that the prosecutors in court today of course these were new prosecutors brought in after the original prosecutors resigned. After being overturned by the attorney general. And they also appeared not to be influenced by the president's tweets. On this case they said the prosecution was right just and they stood by. And the calls for forced the sentence for Roger Stone. George it was fascinating that one of the prosecutors today apologize for the confusion in from the court. It was interesting to note that the judge set when she looked at those original our recommendations of seven to nine years she thought that that was. Too much in and she would not consider putting him in jail in prison for that amount of time but the prosecution a day over and over. Did make the case that Roger Stone did deserve prison time today Georgian. I thought that was very interesting that they kept emphasizing that there was some upward departures and true to what he can be some as too. And that they thought that he should get quote substantial prison time. OK Peter thanks from us and bring in our senior White House correspondent seemed bigger for more on this a quote from judge Jackson Cecilia he was not prosecuted as some have claimed for standing up for the president. Here's prosecutor for covering up for the president of course that the president himself has won regardless of the Protestant being prosecuted for standing up the president. And he's tweeting right during the sentencing proceedings. Remarkable he has not stopped reading through all of this despite the attorney general saying that these tweaks make his job impossible to do. George you know there's this case has become a lightning rod here in Washington. Unexpectedly so and prickly really quickly take a look at the tweaked the president just treated up this morning. Basically ash implying that the air there is it hard to come for Roger Stone it's not a question of if but when he said what has happened to writers don't should never happen to anyone in our country again he then goes on to tweet a video. Where are Carlson of Fox News talks about writer shown having should be set free. Donald Trump has expressed overwhelming sympathy for writers don't he has said that he has been treated unfairly. Throughout this process they are good friends writers don't is and was a longtime confidant of president trump this is a relationship. That goes back to the 1970s. Ended the eight eased. But really Roger Stone became. A symbol for Donald Trump and not just because he was front but BKT eight he became someone who Donald Trump painted as persecuted as part of this witch hunt this Moeller probe and he did not want to let that go in so really this became still became a symbol of everything that Donald Trump sought wrong in eat smaller investigation of. Course Joseph Jackson also said that one a stone's mother's was the shield. President trump the big question right now we've seen a spree of pardons from president trump this week will be pardoned Roger Stone. Yeah I mean it really seems like this is being that the worst kept secret in Washington georgians it seems like there is a pardon to com. It could be hours it could be days you write I think we're all sort of waiting to see but I don't think this is going to be a big surprise to anyone. When in fact if Donald front part partners writers. Let me bring in Dan Abrams for more on this boy Dan Abrams judge Jackson. Appointed adventure believe that President Obama was in a really tough spot. Right here are facing attacks from the president. In public she took note of those. As well but she also took note of arguments on the other side and rejected that original recommendation of a seven and nine year sentence as too as to extensive. That didn't exactly the sort of sentence that one would expect. Qualifications blows remember any typical case. Prosecutors will often Comden. At a higher recommendation. Billy goat and editing the person to show it is not that the right thing. And that initial prosecutors came in at 79 years deputy you know on the high end they were looking. At certain enhancements it's better or you can greet their 26 page. We own it. And it got the department. Submit its revised memo which just should be equally out corporate concurrent. But remember if the president does. Heartened rockers so now. Seven killing. Real contempt for the department adopt a beat the department dropped it again. Do William Barr it could do prosecutors who work there had again that this is a righteous prosecution. It stone preserved greatly shocked. For the president to step in at this point it to really again I think put him at all. Eliminate the department let me press you on that right there because it's C mentioned rumor and that interview Pierre Thomas last week the press a good judgment. Attorney general Barr said that the president's speech we're making his job impossible it didn't stop the president from tweeting I just for business after the fact yet. William Barr has stayed in the job. Dayton it got so far. And the president has continued weak at continue to do exactly the sorts of things. That balked at debt were problematic. I don't think its stake. It bit Laurie upset and angry at the president tweeting you gotta go back and explain to defeat higher department. Thousands of people well why they're doing what they're doing. When the president of the united state is undermining. So in a case like this the president's words do matter but more important organ immediate action. And if we needed this is all that it set up meaning everything he's been saying and doing and the other important that we saw earlier this week as the Fed up you. Barton Rogers going again I think that. City viewed as a rebuke of his own Justice Department basically saying you guys never should have prosecuted this guy and I'm gonna pick. Dan Abrams tanks when that a cure Phillips at the White House and came here on the scene at the White House today what are is they're saying about a possible pardon. Exactly what Cecilia just said about it's like the worst kept secret in Washington that president trot is not going to let Roger Stone. Go to prison plain and simple but that pardon is going to come senior White House officials a number of them telling me. Within just the fifteen minutes that within fifteen minutes George that that pardon will come and if you look as Dan mentioned at the recent pardons. Rod. Blagojevich and and also up Michael Milken and his softening the battle field. So indeed this relationship goes back more than three decades and we will seat if the president shows mercy on his longtime confidant. Okay Roger Stone has been sentenced to forty months in prison by judge Amy Berman Jackson in federal court also find 20000 dollars on charges of lying to congress. Tampering with a witness when return now to our regular programming coverage will continue. And ABC news live and of course a full report tonight. On world news tonight we did here have a good afternoon.

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