Trump holds campaign rally in Minnesota

The president spoke to his supporters hours after signing an executive order on immigration.
2:02 | 06/21/18

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Transcript for Trump holds campaign rally in Minnesota
A vote for a Democrat for congress is really a vote. For Nancy Pelosi. And her radical again and other Democrats want open bowlers. Let everybody count. Let everybody. People are and we don't care let them comment from the Middle East let them come in from all over the lies we don't care. When I get I'll let it happen today I signed an executive order quick edit keep families to get there but the butter is going to be just stop. As it's been. And we do want people coming because up order going through our ports of entry. But we want people to come in. Grew mariner. Not just through locked or happens. And the Democrats open border policies. Have also allowed MS thirteen to break into our country. And drugs to Laurie doors creates I'd way to stop him. And these countries that send them back we're putting in legislation. We're not giving them any more aid when they said people up remember the original main. Right my originals days they are sending you remember those words everyone's at all out terrible. They are sent you a let me tell you. This sandy and did not sending their findings that I could if you want to create a humane lawful system of immigration. And you need to reach high air that Democrats and elect Republicans. To finally secure our borders. We need. In the senate we need. Democrat votes in the senate we need additional votes in the house. We will have that way is borders that rate is walls we've already started. But it is. A lot tougher than it needs to date we knew he. Republicans to get out and put Republicans it.

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"The president spoke to his supporters hours after signing an executive order on immigration. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"56046648","title":"Trump holds campaign rally in Minnesota","url":"/Politics/video/trump-holds-campaign-rally-minnesota-56046648"}