Trump: Media ignores victims of undocumented immigrant crime

Trump calls for border security, emphasizes victims "permanently" separated from families by the crimes of immigrants.
15:48 | 06/22/18

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Transcript for Trump: Media ignores victims of undocumented immigrant crime
You're watching ABC news live events and few key alongside Terry Moran here in Washington we're seeing president trump he just. Wrapped an event over at the white house with Angel families this is a group. That join the president on the trail when he was campaigning for the White House quite often. It's a group of families that lost a loved one. On at the hands of an undocumented immigrant. I'm here in the United States they're all across the country and families from California to Texas. And it comes after a very tough week for the president we know that he is been. Up against deadline down against the immigration battle. What its deal with these families who have been separated at the border congress now stepping immigrant talked to our folks up on Capitol Hill too long to carry. Let's bring you is this could you you've covered past administrations. And certainly there are good weeks there are bad weeks this has been a pretty tough week for. For the trump administration as a whole are. Today it is he's been tattooed day after day on this issue of Stanley separation. This event I'm so glad that I got this is can I have lived overseas for four years and haven't watched. The trump president to do our updated databases. You can see the energy this sorrowful but very powerful energy that helped. Fueled this moment on immigration and push trump. Beyond the limits of what Americans would tolerate what most Americans a tolerant and that's where he. Had this odd you pointed out of this loss of that excellent instincts that he has demonstrated for his base and four. Four his presidency and it just stepped. Over a line this. And that even many many many Republicans were whipped him on most issues and immigration we're not gonna go along with this an odd loss of of that touches and yet I. Many people Bolton said Donald Trump has a good read on the pulse of what people are thinking and how to react what to say just having a good sense of as we were talking about NIC campaign. Knowing what plea in different areas the country and this one. We're talking about the community as a whole. Not a lot of for fans around the country as a whole to the images we saw a lot of the former first ladies come out over the last week reacting to this mean it's just tough stuff. And first ladies generally are much more Bob than first meant I don't think I don't like what I'm and the president must first ladies to get poll numbers up in the 70s8090s. And times. And you lose them yeah things so. Because you know and so on and about it and it turn the tables and ask you. Why why did a man who has demonstrated on this issue not obviously for all Americans but certainly for this Americans would have voted for and you know. I didn't lose contact to such an extent that they don't know the kid thing we won't do children you know I think if anything years. A real change for this president and the people at surround him rights as I was saying to you before we went on we're watching this event with all of you the president has. Always had a unique group of advisors around him he's had his family those that really bring in that New York liberal feel lot of people talking this week. About when a bomb could trump his daughter thought about this. I'm that your people like Jeff Sessions and Stephen Miller sessions one time deputy now policy advisor to the president that. Have a hard line on immigration so the president. He's taking when his advisors are saying but he is seen those images he is in seeing it more more and I think that. The way this began as you and I both know is we immediate coverage started with it we weren't seeing a lot of what was going on in those detention centers right away. And as the week went on as he went through the week and we were seeing more of those visuals. The president is also the chief communications officer of this administration and he quickly understood. The saying cut. But it took several is and took his foot off aghast but you know for his feast for the people of supported him immigration has always been a winning strategy for Donald Trump as we saw. As one of the key reasons he's in the White House and want to bring in those this conversation ABC's John Parkinson who's up on the hill for us. And John eat you watch that event with us you've also been watching. What is going or maybe not happening up on Capitol Hill the moment there had been a vote. Originally planned for yesterday that got delayed doesn't look like you're gonna get one today. On the table now for next week. That's exactly right John. The president this morning he had a big sweep. Where he essentially said that Republicans were wasting their time with any efforts towards immigration reform. And so there were a lot of questions appear at the capitol this morning just really wondering. Whether. You know this would take all the steam out of the negotiations that have been really going on the last couple weeks. Frenzied pace. So we saw Kevin McCarthy the majority leader he went on the floor shortly. After votes this morning. And he announced that the house still will proceed to an immigration vote. Next week he didn't say which day but he did say that lawmakers will continue to work this issue on through the weekend. And and over the weekend John you were mentioning to me. That theirs some members of congress not Republicans but about two dozen Democrats that are heading down to the border right. Yeah that's right they have a list of when he eight Democrats that are heading down to the McAllen area of Texas on the US Mexico border. And actually one Republican has said he's going down I don't think he's participating in that event but. Congressman Mike coughing from Colorado is one of these moderates has been working on the compromise bill he's urging. Congress still to move forward and get these votes done. Really kind of player on that and he's gonna go down to Texas as well this weekend to check out the situation there and to meet with some of these families that have been separated. Democrats will be meeting with both children and parents have been separated entering these facilities. Where they're being held and whether it be held from. And we'll be watching that as it plays out ABC's John Parkinson up on Capitol Hill thank you sir let's go over to the White House. Where ABC's Alley Rogen is watching this event without an Alley just before it gets you you know for some people are just joining us is they said we just wrapped up. An event where the president spoke let's just take a listen at how he opened that event right when it started not too long ago. We gather today to hear directly from the American victims illegal. Immigration you know you hear the other side you'd never hear this side. You don't know what's going on. These are the American citizens permanently separated. From their loved ones the word permanently being the words that you have to think about permanently. They're not separated for a day or two days stay here permanently separated. Because they were killed by criminal illegal and Lance. These are the families. The media. Ignores they don't talk about him. Very unfair. Alley Rogaine you know I reminds me one week ago you were at the White House as the president did. That marathon session running up pinned down Pebble Beach as we call it but the north lawn of the White House when he was first asked about days what. He was going to do. About this immigration debacle his administration was up against you know for him though Alley in YouTube like me we bowl crisscross the country. As he was campaigning this is being his bread and butter and just seen those families around him the photos. Those signs a secure our border protect our communities. This is really the area were Donald from feels most comfortable. It absolutely is John Annie gets back to what Terry was saying. About the president's razor sharp political instincts and what he knows cells with his bait. Bates I know it. As you've been discussing this has been a really difficult week for the White House in terms of the court of public opinion and certainly this event. Get him back on track with talking about his message the sort of read me. That his base wants to hear the president talked a lot about the innocent children. Of the people who were present today that were killed by undocumented immigrants that were in the country and of course while. Any. Child that's killed the death of of anybody is at it's absolutely tragedy but there are numerous reports. That show that the rates. Serious crimes among illegal immigrants is actually. No higher. Then among native born Americans in fact there's I was doing a little fact checking as. The president was speaking in there's one study from libertarian Cato Institute from 2015. They looked at crime rates in just the state of Texas and it found that that this arrest rates and criminal convictions in Texas were actually. Among illegal immigrants were lower than those among native born Americans for murder sexual assault and larceny so. There's there's a little bit about obfuscation of the facts here but certainly it's something it plays well with front supporters. And Terry and we were talking about this before we came on you know the president is going into the mid terms it's gonna be the first. Real challenge for him to see where house ends up going but. You know. Everything changes her diamond means we were saying it was what a week ago we were all in Singapore as we work from watching the president. Than sitting across from him general feeling is that ten meters to go with this ray but who's counting. Does this affect them going into November do you think immigration is coming in is realistic at the forefront of most Americans I go to vote. I do I think that immigration is an absolutely driver of an issue in countries around the world because this is an arrow. Migration around the world. And the Americans are dealing with. Sixty million immigrants that have come since since the 1970s. And that is a hard thing for a lot of people to get their heads around. Trump has sense that issue he's crystallized it he's crystallized. A kind of nationalist. Consciousness among a lot of people you know it's my country is not their country and he articulates that and he will definitely drive that. On the other side you have a a much more diverse. Democratic. Voter base and they are also had been crystallized into an energy that we're gonna take this country back to his going to be. And and plus there's I would say one thing there. Economies ha humming along he's at forty. Some percent approval rating. The idea that you should change course radically gun is going to be harder case to make for Democrat. While antley earlier let me bring that to you because when using you don't get lost on your way to work Cali you're using up on Capitol Hill for us. So I don't I don't now is something you've had map quest directions today. But you know at four. For this week we have seen is Terry mentioned earlier we have seen a lot of Republicans. Come out. On immigration. What was the most surprising to you Alley you know who is the trump loyalists of the person that's rear jump in this fight. That surprise you and your normal up. Well John I would say all of them be. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell just this week. Came out before the president issued this executive order and said his entire Republican conference. Is united in believing that separating children from an appearance at the border is wrong you saw stale ward. From supporters including senator Orrin hatch of top is usually. Very. Deferential to the president come out and say that this was wrong. So again I think this was just I had no brainer. Four members of congress to coalesce around but the big question I think we've how weak and going forward is. OK so what happens now the divisions once you get past the issue of families being separated. It's incredibly right there are divisions within parties certainly among Democrats and Republicans about how to deal with as. And those debates are going to be raging on I think this is not an issue that's going to be solved days I think it's you know weeks and months. I don't think you're wrong about that got lost in the real work which got that one right Alley Rogen we appreciated as always thank you and before we leave you. One of the 52 jobs here you have anything. You also watch the supreme court for us you would have forgotten we had decisions this week when everything going on but but two big ones that you had. The Internet tax which is a big win in -- state and local municipalities and privacy. You pick which went on both prefer what I love that the Internet tax because it does affect us all e-commerce is a huge part of central part of our lives. Especially young people like yourself right in older guys like me we had to go door. But they radicalized. Radically changed. The Internet commerce business because with from courts and was states can impose a sales tax previous to that. Based on a decision back in the days of mail order catalogs and states that did the Supreme Court its and you don't impose sales taxes and states the come through the mail. They change that. This week states and localities one. Some of the big Internet sales. Retailers Amazon overstock wave fair which which was this in the case. That I'll have to pay some more good people they really got hurt not consumers though they'll be. You'll pay some more depending on what state your nine year barn. But will be those mom and pop businesses in the small businesses. Which have grown up on the Internet and they now are gonna have to lawyer up. Figure at fifty different state sales tax items and and some of them are concerned and that the privacy. That's pretty interesting while everything we know right now with the government and other companies hacking into our device is seeing what were up to. I mean consider when for the consumers. I win for everybody cares about process in the digital age and it came surprisingly from Chief Justice John Roberts generally thought of as a conservative. It's a wonderful opinion if you can plow through the legal stuff take take a look at it it's it's PUS vs carpenter. Timothy Carter was a guy suspected of armed robbery and several places in Michigan and Ohio. The federal government one after I'm and they got his cell site location data from the phone company. Like as you walk around wherever you go you tell yourself on things the cell towers than when the government could just go to the cellphone company and say we want the location information on this guy he was convicted and he and his lawyers said. They should have had to get a warrant a search wars and the supreme court's yes that has ramifications. Across our digital price your thoughts. They're saying that it's not just personal privacy. But it your digital practicing as well that the Fourth Amendment to the United States constitution. Passed in 79. Will also protect mine every second we're listening in a digital world watching us now. From little boxes and after TV either plugging and we hope we halt at the as a rebuke them. All right and next week travel ban. We have a day it'll be. No we don't and then let him probably the last case terms I'm gonna guess Tuesday and you know who's winning Serbia boxer and I don't know if there is president and my hunch is the president I think present trump will win in the Supreme Court on this travel ban how are you good yen on most of your scores usually critic. Hilliard and I hear from the control room Serbian Switzerland tied OK I'm written for Serbia. That happens thanks much for joining us you're watching ABC news live for Terry Moran I'm John Santa can make sure to watch at any time ABC news life dot com and we'll keep you posted. It goes on.

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