Trump nominates Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s SCOTUS seat

Confirmation hearings are set to begin Oct. 12, and Democrats argue the candidate for the vacant seat should be nominated by the winner of the 2020 election.
4:49 | 09/28/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump nominates Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s SCOTUS seat
And now to the Supreme Court showdown president trump has nominated eighty Connie Barrett to replace the late justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg confirmation hearings are set to begin on October 12 with a final vote expected just days before the presidential election. Terry Moran is in Washington with more on this. President trump is brimming with confidence in the fight over Supreme Court nomination of judge Amy Tony Barrett predicting a quick confirmation by the food and haven't done easily. Before the election. Just 36 days out from Election Day it's full steam ahead her qualifications. Are unsurpassed. They should be a straightforward and prompt. Confirmation. Judge Derek is a former law clerk to the league justice Antonin Scalia her mentor and at 48 years old she had decades to shape the law in America. I courts for Justice Scalia more than twenty years ago but the lessons I learned still resonate. His judicial philosophy. Is mine to. A judge must apply idol as written. And Democrats are dismayed they're arguing the vacancy should be filled by the president the voters will choose a little more than a month from now and they're gearing up for what almost guaranteed to be a losing confirmation battle in the Republican controlled senate. But they say it's one worth fighting because so much is on the line here at the right to choose abortion health care coverage and the election itself which could end up in the High Court. Joseph Biden zeroing in on the Affordable Care Act as a court prepares to hear a case in November it could and guaranteed coverage for people with preexisting conditions. This is about. People's health care in the middle of a pandemic. And Terry Moran joins me now with more on this and Teri good morning judge barest nomination. Has drawn attention to her affiliation with a Christian group which brings her religion into it in general. But don't are facing some criticism for that already the confirmation hearings haven't even started but the question of whether her personal beliefs should be part of this. Is drawing criticism how do you think this will all play out in the confirmation process. Well that is one of the flash points to an. And I there's no question it's going to be a controversy in part because the main Christian groups aiming Tony Barrett belongs to. It's called the Roman Catholic Church. And during her confirmation hearing to be an appeals court judge senator Dianne Feinstein the Democrat from California is chairing Judiciary Committee at the time. Said it. If honestly BO too many people of faith across the country I sense. That the dog ma who lives loudly in you and Battenfeld to many people to get too close to kind of a religious test what dynamite that was Al. Terror and what Democrats are curious about. Is it to what extent that doesn't mean Connie Barrett's. Face to commit to doing Makoni Barrett's faith commitments impact and influence. Her judicial work and she has said that a judge shouldn't allow that to happen however she's also talked about how. A judge for example in capital punishment. Which the Catholic Church opposes. There should it did not rule on cases like that but withdraw so this is initiatives. Very tricky for Democrats because. There is no religious test in office in a four for public office by the constitution. And it could certainly backfire on Democrats at the same time they want to make sure that this is a person can judge independently. And Terry were going to be discussing this in much more detail later today as we launch ABC news lives new program your voice your vote the breakdown this afternoon. You will be co anchoring with the me and net I just curious what your most looking forward to about today's. Premiere episode I know I'm nervous I'm sure you're not. I'm I'm planning nervous what I'm looking forward to Diane is that high five there were organized in Washington to New York. I dinner data kept forgetting it at that an ordinary camp we're gonna make that happen but seriously I I'm just really excited to be working with you on this in part because we want to try a little something different. And that is to have a politics show that's no shouting. There's no big you know kind of hands staged arguments to get at the issues as much as possible Serb people. Oh who are actually living those issues not. Hun did say not paid political partisans. But people who are living out the challenges and our country face what their perspectives. And maybe bring the temperature down a little bit who knows maybe we'll all learn something but I'm just looking forward to it and get a high five that the. Tirade came in to try not to disappoint with a high five it means the but I'm also very much looking forward to it and we hope you all at home mark to be sure to tune into your voice your vote the breakdown with me and carried today. At 3 PM eastern.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"Confirmation hearings are set to begin Oct. 12, and Democrats argue the candidate for the vacant seat should be nominated by the winner of the 2020 election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73294030","title":"Trump nominates Judge Amy Coney Barrett to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s SCOTUS seat","url":"/Politics/video/trump-nominates-judge-amy-coney-barrett-fill-ruth-73294030"}