Trump threatens to block COVID-19 relief bill after months of talks

In a video released last night, President Donald Trump threatened to block the COVID-19 relief bill, which was passed with bipartisan support by both houses of Congress.
6:05 | 12/23/20

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Transcript for Trump threatens to block COVID-19 relief bill after months of talks
After months of talks congress finally pass a new 900 billion dollar Covert relief bill this week. Lawmakers from both parties say the bill isn't perfect but it does provide some relief for millions of Americans now the bill as in jeopardy after a late night threat from president trump. White House correspondent Rachel Scott has more. This morning presidents from signaling he won't sign that Cole would relief package sent to provide aid for millions of Americans. Send me a suitable bill. Arouse the next administration will have to deliver a covered relief package. The president labeling the bipartisan bill a disgrace demanding congress increase the amount of those stimulus checks. From 600 to 2000 dollars but the president's new threat coming after lawmakers have already left Washington for the holidays. And after the jump administration had promised no scheck's would be in the mail as soon as next week. On the emphasized. That people are gonna see this money to be giving up next week. Now that crucial aid on hold for millions like recent graduate Sharon Tate cat assert. Who says she does not know how she'll be able to support her family and pay her student loans next month. It really nice to get it is a word that I don't come homeland. About. I pay my bill. And just before the holidays images like this long lines at food banks from coast to coast. Democrats say they will take trump up on his 2000 dollar check demand. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tweeting overnight and they are ready to bring this to the floor this week. Let's do it but Republicans have refused to budge on the price tag of the roughly 900 billion dollar stimulus package and one of the president's closest allies senator Lindsey Graham calling the bill in perfect. But saying the sooner the bill becomes law. The better president elect Joseph Biden calling it just a down payment how can you assure Americans that. The relief full content and come soon I predict you get cooperation the public is not gonna stand for us not doing. And racial joins us live now with more racial many lawmakers have already left talent for Christmas the government shuts down on Monday without a funding bill. And money for unemployment runs out on Saturday so what have now. Any yeah have a clock is certainly ticking right now especially with relief for millions at stake as well as that government shut down so as all of this right now. Is on hold that one question that we are getting its kin this bill. Currently be amended in the short answer is no it's already been house. In both chambers a got bipartisan support so you're seeing Democrats saying that they will trying to this unanimous vote on the house floor. To pass the bill that has 2000 dollar as stimulus check something that they have been pushing for. Per month but Republicans would not budge on the overall price tag of the bill. It comes down so what the president wants to do here the president obviously. Has the power to be till this bill. But it hasn't even landed on his deaths yet so after these build it passed in congress and only takes about several days before actually reaches. The president's staff still he could veto it out right balance in the back to congress they could potentially override that beat so which. It's pretty likely here's that they did have bipartisan support. It did doesn't land on his desk today he does have an option to just sit on the bill which means that. It could just potentially expired the president does not sign it in ten days it would become law but. All of the timing here is just. Really thought at this point not only do you have that relief expire in for millions of Americans at the end of the year he also have a new congress coming in and just eleven days. The president has four weeks left in office. So the short answer here is that all of this is is really on limbo at this point and I know that so many Americans so many that we have talked to. Are just holding their breath waiting to see if this is going to come there Diana rituals they're warning from the president on this last week during all these negotiations did he tell anyone I won't sign it unless these checks are for 2000 dollars. And this Democrats are really angry this morning the air coming out and saying look we won at this to be 2000 dollar stimulus checks in fact. The house passed the bill that included 2000 dollars in direct payments to Americans but Republicans. Didn't want to go any higher on the price tag and so. You have the president secretary of treasury steamy new chin he was involved and leading negotiations for the White House and he indicated that though stimulus checks would be out in the mail to Americans as early as next week. The White House also signaled an indicated that the president. Would be signing this bill and so now the president coming forward it's a little. Too little too late at this point trying to say that he once this amounts it increase. When these negotiations were going on for months remember this is the first stimulus bill. That congress has passed in more than six months Diana and separately Rachel president trump issues slate of party in his last night who went on that list. And it do we expect to see more. Yeah half full or weeks left in office president front issuing this slate of party and so it does include two former congressman you have. Chris Collins and Duncan Hunter on here they were both convicted on corruption charges and forced to resign bull supporters. Of the president another ally George pop a topless you may remember him from that Mueller probe and looking into Russian interference in the 2016 election. He was convicted for lying I'd city FBI and the president pardoning four Blackwater military contract guards. Who were convicted of killing more than a dozen civilians who were unarmed there in Iraq back in 2007. And one of the witnesses who saw one of those contractors opened fire on women and children killing them Democrats are obviously. Blasting this at this point they say the president is trying to bring down that house of justice on his way out the door but. You know die and even as the president refuses to concede an election that he lots isn't just another sign that he realizes that his time in his days are numbered. Grant our White House correspondent Rachel Scott thanks Rachel.

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{"duration":"6:05","description":"In a video released last night, President Donald Trump threatened to block the COVID-19 relief bill, which was passed with bipartisan support by both houses of Congress.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74880357","title":"Trump threatens to block COVID-19 relief bill after months of talks","url":"/Politics/video/trump-threatens-block-covid-19-relief-bill-months-74880357"}