Trump’s refusal to concede perpetuates unfounded belief that election was rigged

Courts across the country have thrown out cases alleging widespread voter fraud. Some refuse to believe Trump lost reelection. The incoming administration is waiting to coordinate plans for COVID-19.
11:01 | 11/17/20

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Transcript for Trump’s refusal to concede perpetuates unfounded belief that election was rigged
Christian mchughston is one of Donald Trump's biggest supporters. We are standing be hind him and lifting him up to get through the end of his first term and hopefully to round two. She drove here to be with 10s of thousands of others like her at the million Maga March. Standing with president trump as he continues to contest the election that he lost two weeks ago. We are dealing with Donald J trump he is a fighter. He is not going to back down. Trump thrilling the crowd flashing a thumbs up as he drove by his way to play a round of golf. She is part of a group called front row joes. Nothing has convinced her that Biden won the election. There's no evidence had that any voting system was deleted, votes were changed, votes lost or was in way compromised. And? So, what will it take to convince you that Joe Biden won this election fairly, and he in fact is our president el what does it take to convince you of that? Currently you cannot convince me that Joe Biden got more votes than any other president in hit, including Obama. You will never convince me of that, first of all. Secondly, what president trump is doing right now is legal. And this is his legal right to investigate these allegations. And she will not accept the results until the very last legal challenge is exhausted. President trump, forgive me, he lost in every state that he lost by 10s of thousands of votes. Okay, but that number is questionable depending on who you believe. And at this point, I choose to believe my president. Despite the opposition, president elect Biden and vice president elect Harris are calling on trump to begin the transition process for the sake of the country. Now is when the real work begins. The necessary work. The good work. Of getting this virus under control. It would make it a lot easier if the president would participate. I'm hopeful that the president will be mildly more enlightened before we get to January 20th. So far, trump and his allies in congress are only ramping up efforts to cast doubt on the election. Georgia's ground zero where recount is under way after president trump lost the state by roughly 14,000 votes. President's allies have focused the baseless attacks on Republican secretary of state, he told the Washington post that Republican leaders including senator graham, hinted that he should toss legal ballots over inconsistent signatures in an effort to help president trump. This is extraordinary. A Republican official who is a conservative Republican in Georgia saying he is being pressured by national Republicans like graham, to toss out legal ballots. He is blowing the whistle on what he is saying is an attempt to steal the election. The South Carolina senator was recorded that he denied that allegation. I never said that, I said do you have power to require bipartisan verification of signature. If he has a problem with that question, he has a problem. The pair have called on him to resign over a false allegation of voter fraud. The president zeroed in on the Georgia anecdotes amplified by tucker Karlsson and blew them up in to bs claims of widespread election rigging. Mr. Blalock was a mailman until he passed away in 2006, he cast a ballot in last week's election. It's not -- he did not vote. It was you? It was me. After legally signing her ballot with her registered voting name. Mrs. James rblalock, Jr., was forced to defend her vote on local news. The president of the united States was accusing you of voter fraud, essentially. I know it and I knew it was not fraud. And an apology, one of the people that voted in last week's election is not dead. Today the trump administration has filed 18 lawsuits in six states. Case after case has been thrown out. In battleground Michigan, where Biden defeated trump by close to 150,000 votes, a judge bluntly shot down the trump campai request to suspend the count based on alleged lack of access for Republican poll watchers. What I have at best is a here say affidavit. And in Nevada, Republican lawyers are arguing their poll observers were not close enough, and the judge pushing back at what point does it get They are bringing anything they can in to the courtroom. And judge after judge in state after state, Republican judge, democratic judge. You can hear it in the transcripts, with their voices, they are tossing them out. The coronavirus is continuing to ravage the nation in an uncontrollable rate. 1 million new cases recorded in the last week alone. Bringing the total to a staggering 11 million. Makes the Biden transition difficult. It's not just happening right now, and the U.S. Government is the most complex organization in the world. You can't just switch operators. It really needs to be seamless. That transition is more crucial than ever. Now, with news of two promising vaccines that are over 90% effective. The logistical transition is a priority for the Biden administration. But trump continues to deny he lost. Delaying any cooperation. His own appointees are asking for permission to share information with Biden's team. It's our focus to save people's lives and anything that will slow that process or create any disruption is something that worries, that worries us appropriately. Never theless, numerous publicre continuing to support the I don't know if there's we have to investigate. We will continue to fight for the re-election, until all the votes legally cast are counted. Rcans are not standing up to trump because know he is not going away any time soon. He is still going to be a powerful figure and he will be able to makeeak elections in the Republican party. "Nightline" reached out to every Republican senator to discuss the president's denials and none were available for as the president continues to dig in his heels, only a few in his party are calling for the inevitable. A transition to Biden to get under way. 200,000 people will die N now and inauguration. We have to get on it now. It's critical for other Republican leaders to stand up and explain what actually happened. In some light, Republican Ohioan, like governor dewine is in hot water with president. Trump threatened dewine's 2020 saying it would be hotly contested. It's a painful thing to say. We have seen it time and time again. Trump was a vindictive petty man will come after this them in their next election. Even some of the president's most ardent supporters are trying to move on. In my brain, I have shifted gears and kind of moved on. This pastor leads the rfa evangelical church in Raleigh, North Carolina. He estimates that 90% of his congregation voted for trump. Like it or not, Donald Trump's policies are more in line with conservative evangelical theology than Joe Biden's is. He is skeptical of how the election played out. When you see what happened over the last four years. People scratch their heads and say, is this in a long line of attempts to remove trump from office. He said that the election has reminded him of what truly God does have a plan. It's a message he is sharing with his congregation. It's my way of saying, man, it's time to move on. And stop being depressed about what happened in an election. It's not what we are called to do. It is a call that many trump supporters are not willing to heed, at least for now. Do you think we can get to that point as a nation that people on both sides can show the other side, grace? It would be nice, wouldn't it? It would be nice. But what I'm seeing right now is I don't know what that path would look like. And there's the others saying that time heals all wounds so maybe time will take care of And for more on theransfer of power and how this showdown impacts America. Earlier this evening I spoke to ABC news chief political analyst, Matthew dowd. Matt dowd, thank you for joining us. Why have most Republicans remained in lock-step with the president? It's less about the president and more ahe represent are can base. And I think the Republicans are afraid of the base. But the base fully lined up, it's election fraud. We don't believe anything that the mainstream media said. It's the facts and cheating and all that. The only person that manages them is the president. It's afraid of the base. As you know, we are in the middle of a terrible surge in the ongoing covid-19 crisis and the trump administration is not cooperating with the Biden transition team. How much of a threat is that? It less of a problem that they have not provided the funds for the transition or the security briefings not being I think Joe Biden having been in the white house for eight years he is well aware of how the executive branch works. The problem is pandemic. Every day that goes by when Joe Biden and his group of advisers are not intimately involved in how it will function come January is a day that it could make the pandemic worse, as Joe Biden said today, as T more they do it, the more lives that D be lost. Matthew dowd, always grateful, my friend, thank you so much. Great to be here, thanks Byron.

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{"duration":"11:01","description":"Courts across the country have thrown out cases alleging widespread voter fraud. Some refuse to believe Trump lost reelection. The incoming administration is waiting to coordinate plans for COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"74246907","title":"Trump’s refusal to concede perpetuates unfounded belief that election was rigged","url":"/Nightline/video/trumps-refusal-concede-perpetuates-unfounded-belief-election-rigged-74246907"}