'Wall Off Trump' Outside the RNC in Cleveland

ABC News' Brad Mielke talks with protesters and Trump supporters at a protest outside the RNC.
44:48 | 07/20/16

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Transcript for 'Wall Off Trump' Outside the RNC in Cleveland
I'm Greg milky near here in downtown Cleveland where we are seeing some protests and demonstrations. Unfurled today we're here in the middle of a public park. And right behind me you can actually see. The purpose this protests are calling it wall off trumpet behind me. Clo what is a big clock Khamis comments are represented a wall. People who say they're tied at McDonald's thumbs all they wanted to when of their own to keep Donald Trump. Away from them of the people eleventh and that this won't be the only while we're seeing today we'll see several people dressed in what they call Walt haunt shows forming a human barricade of their own. And actually see if we can. Swing around right here as you see some of the demonstrations are happening today. As you know yeah. Tyson and his unlucky with the and I'm an abcnews.com right now yes that's gonna end women's gym and so let's just get a look at you here. Why are you wearing this is we're calling Walt honest. Today's news the Muslim Obama on Trump's moment rezone it basically promise building only to lose this group. Behind his own hands and with central Ohio workers'. Contact with the central how workers. OK and there's a lot of other coalition. And I know many of the complexity. They lost it and I see you guys and you're out it's what's gonna happen and this is symbolic wall built. Right let people. On wall on the Peter. Okay. Easy. Check out his marker we. No I don't know exactly what's gonna happen and it's it's going to be peace. I thank you very much that in their unit they're BC. Several different groups actually just in the same area. This migrant rights group right behind his UC distorted the diversity of causes. That are flowing around us right now in downtown Cleveland. It's a closer look right now at this wall. There were some good chance in English standings. Earlier he's seen. We have a dinner. Has checked Medford to take measures that might better. People rhetoric by. Republican Party here any politician including. That lived through this is fed up and walk a very big community. Other. Quote good against each other so I'm here as the board of meat and then American society representing Rockford a thing of the war vets. Hurts me inordinately. So. Behavior that. It's not good. I personally that that it could come here because. One of my son of immigrants left Barrett hit Mexico until Baghdad you have Notre Dame. That my father was an immigrant grandmother and members immigrated from experts say that they're rapists or murderers thieves. Does not so memo but here because I'm a Muslim but we don't drive as saying that they're going to deport. Or even abandon. Feel that below the travel look at that the country or get it Gingrich's think that they're going to. Before any Muslim League history elaborately hysteria level of them and let you know and I'm here to. The marbled like communities and maybe even more important and an attack by. Dogs have been ahead and specific constituents and everything that Goodman in the you'll be Martin. When into the Olympics again in the heart and all he's easy ready they're one of the protesters have when demonstrators. Although I. Take it's ball pot perhaps around the park even around the city we've seen several of them go around the city divided. But mainly peaceful although pots and area hi come on these demonstrate. Don't get this hope can't stay technically and people have probably registered firearms thinking here all of that is. A long list Republican Convention. Officials of law enforcement. And let's see if you get. Museum attorney Cameron it. Wall here. People. Good warm. What do what do you say to these tough supporters in his tens of thousands of from supporters of what's your message to them this week. I changed the head. What the law. You want but don't get Hulk we'll end unloaded UK we'll where you drop. Next to city where do you live now planning your wallet fighting. Yeah I. And it right now as we go across and a square on the other side of the square. The human lawless sort of take shape in addition to that big loss that we saw let's go check this out right now. The wall often trump movement the wall off trump protest start to take shape and sending it looks like it's gonna grow slightly. Turning to camera here. Okay. Okay. Yeah. We're now yeah. And yeah. We'll yeah. You know. Yeah have. Okay. Well I'm yeah. Like. Yeah. It's. Okay. I'm flying. Trying to walk. And productive person. Spread those human life. I'm fascinated by Diane certainly you don't Emily looked much like me today for a moment. Today I came out as a matter and today. As a veteran who served in many immigrant. Are working really. Thanks Indian army. Member of Iraq veterans against we'll learn anything brilliantly. Terrorism abroad and military. Walls and a correction being. An immigrant it's not that different from the way it was. Particularly in the in line. Unity and. I think I'm going around you received several veterans here at. Veterans had. Plaques on what what is it about the veterans. Tenements intake from Canadian TV there's a lot of you can stumbles always talks about the best the best events. Apparently sees us as props for his hay and political. Yeah viability. My fellow veterans are among. And you know there are paid and I'm going on what they. Hey yeah. Roughly 1% in here. Learn in the military and any given. And our veterans and don't understand is a minority community. Events regularly overlooked and yes master under the rag. You know not what's currently happening right now we. Have apparently yeah. Oh okay. So there you hear it people deploying as they say. Elsewhere and speaking of deployment of course a lot of veterans. Here right now saying that Donald Trump does not represent him when he talks about the vets. And nearly every offensive forces says. In addition to making America ready and he's gonna need a military. And wall. The camera around here and and see that we're. I'd just be joining us I'm right they'll meet. ABC news here in downtown Cleveland is music look around the square right now where there are. August right now I see anti gun activists as he put. Ask us. Nicely right behind you person secretive buildings. And that is one of the visuals that without it candidates it was it isn't over walls all what's wrong. Try to on the human barrier between with the Paula and he hates him and the rest of the community college he was allotted cost designing. Many migrant. Those are confident in this war but also several others are floating selects Barack Alexy. Who exactly sure what they're doing now secede from highway patrolman here embassy just exactly what they're up to let me turn the camera. M. I'm. Thank you. And now he's CD's highly of Albany state police many different Indiana. Goes to show you what a variety of law enforcement officials speak out here in Cleveland 500 officers just in the Cleveland area but 2500. Borrowed. From around the country we scenic California Highway Patrol on your views Indiana State troopers. As well if it had seen. Florida as well. And lots of equipment in regards potential riots as well when. Preston acting normally sell eleven they had said that they prepare. For worst case scenarios we haven't seen any civil unrest anything like that yet. This is a mother's generally peaceful that we had seen some technically illegal protest taking taking shape at points during this week not using it. It's roots and conventions and so on. Through its bases so we'll see if that continues and that could have something to do with life is all on. It hasn't won a court hearing different pockets of this where she's been moving around trying to stay in place for too long. Less perhaps some cops pulled him aside until and that they're organizing. Illegal activity. Let's see here I. But the guys let's see you're we have some some supporters actually your life listen to him insane night and is day. Seals yesterday this ultimately. What Lebanese government it. Yeah. Three but we do have Donald top supporters. Around here today and Dunn and pat let me just see it. We can talk to you. She and ask you questions you don't tell you so we're and see if only to help bring me. He's only going around where I see a lot of a lot of different movements thoughts and well you know. When all other high quality job to do it and yeah Angela letter had actually honestly local and state. It is and got to tell of how well in his music. And a lot of people he's here is an independent. People environments. You don't seem like a hateful guy so what's your what you call when somebody says that about it. Republican nominee we'll let me and my personal opinion on it. He says is. People. People don't want to hear. They want to hear what did. So they'll know if closing ultimately. As Danny and a lot of you know get on CNN opinion independently. You find yourself getting into the richest people if you find yourself engaging the people of Buchanan has some violence I have. Drive. The student experiences and really. I'm right. You see and it common refrain we've heard from some supporters throughout their early business and it's easy to health plan is that some things here. So that some of the words to document any race religion tonight he's got what he says. That that Mexico is bringing greatness yeah how do you reconcile some of the some of those. President incendiary word you were excellent that is a little out of it has hired me. He would suddenly got his along the I hear it. I want to happen. The man who. News pilloried. I'm very much you know guys we are semi here ABC news poll. And policy several different take place let's to go where the wall has moved to just elsewhere in this square right now. We will see if we can talk to just a few of the people. This announcement there isn't a lot of us your questions and we're live on ABC digital right now on the Internet. If you like you like this camera set up on. Until its earnings coming. And so what are you doing here let me let's see what you guys unions in. Lots of wants a world we're living. Four that's. The feeling. It was not 300 hotel opening. Similarly the doesn't mean why. Belies the slowest symbolic and doesn't look like you're reading. Like it's anything. Story like battery is there deity trying to divide. No weird we don't believe in and we believe. You'll feel his role. I see several people veterans had several veterans onto already. What are you missed your mind when you don't talk about it in the military. Further. Doing better for veterans. So the best thing you can do for all of that is. Enrollment. Hillary Clinton probably not advocating for anything anytime soon need as a result is a summary you do support the president also. So the real issue we're here for now it is six. And and I don't even more awkward family all you Hillary. Would you come from a yeah. Upstate New York I would thank you very much as we continue to introduce you to some of the voices. There are just roll off trump. Today just turn the camera around and give you a sense of what it is likely to swear again. Variety of movies happening. And in the convention hall just a few blocks down that way right now. There's a better view where. Yeah it's a. And so right now yeah and holding a sign of victims they did word that we're not sound like. I think what's wall off this guy here you see them actually walking quickly they're blocking his path. With this long. And he continues. Well yeah. Yeah. Recognize America's talking I hill. Aliens in melanoma. I assume that is sort of example of some of the conversations. Urlacher conversations that we didn't seem. Around Cleveland. And ends apparently supports Donald Trump. He was saying they disagree with him and saying. Let's pull him up and it's been a whole. It has been a big debate of course about the role of free speech when it comes from the shut down from the wall lost something movements. And of course in this case. These people were holding up their signs this man with that with the white flag jumped in front of them started yelling over the imminent is headed circle and so. A lot of complaints from either side that they're not allowing each other to be heard. Let's take your around here. And as we look at some. Some of the merchandise. On sale. Here is its season ended things in the big cushions calling him. Sinks Condit and there's Donald Trump's basements or assisted on Donald plus an unprecedented momentum currently sitting at speeds you'll never forgets that the Donald Trump. Only shoddy. I tend not. Numbers and it won't take five is let it play in Italy and take. He's you haven't seen a lot of anti Thompson and I. Thought I can't. An area the political. The political gas bag if they colonies of the questions. Right here is something it's gonna camera running and this if you look here is me try to gets a slightly. Okay. Counting his. Yeah. I. Yeah. Yeah. I'm. I'm out. Yeah yeah. We're then. We're yeah. Yeah. Helping ABC news has become do you live on ABC. All are. They now around. And it's good. It's silly to its. Would have a it's what. We're yeah. Well yeah. I. Yeah. I love it. A. Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. About doing now. Hey is this group says it's going to form a wall around the Republican National Convention. And started a city. It's about a block here since it happens. Around it's still you. Or. Yeah. And yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah okay. You know yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. It all. Here in downtown. See behind me. Our zone all of this convention. Here you cannot go past. Right up against it. It's not me. And so form a bicycle. Here between these protesters. And the convention Arizona it's almost a two square miles of it was locked down by Secret Service this week. Right now this group getting very very close to the front of the Republican National Convention. Right now you have extra thoughts from all over the country including of course we'll put Cleveland police. You hear it again unpredictable they would not Hillcrest we'll bystanders were they planning on going it would not announce their. Seemingly all perhaps strategic and as they try to make. Cleveland here. As police continue to get assembled a looser and a camera around here and. We'll wait for this picture to clear up for you guys. Yeah. Yeah. I. On C. Here right now nobody here feeling he's just telling you not look to be here. Less than talking. Where we are right now. It's okay. In the area here and likes right now. Okay okay. Yeah. Yeah. I. Yeah yeah. Yeah. And. This guy's night out. Yeah yeah. Well it's nice ideally yeah. This. Little trunk. The seats. I don't good. Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well. Well. And this yeah. Member of the Republican. The securities and light up night. As they form with the yeah. And I. Yeah. I yeah yeah yeah. I'm. You yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. I. A I. Yeah. Don't look. Don't. I. Yeah. Yeah. All. Oh. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. I. And it. Yeah. Yeah. Or yeah. It. And yeah. Yeah. I. Yeah. Yeah. Murderer yeah and love man. I. Oh. We're. We're good. Yeah. We're not going nowhere it. Yeah. I mean. You mean that act are popping up. And and then. And yeah. It me. I eat and you can't have that pack. Yeah the. Yeah. Yeah. Him got you yeah. Writes that there you brief pause in the chanting. I decided. Yeah. Actually see this water stretching down the law. Right in front of a security check. At least a hundred. I thought don't. There hasn't talked to some of the other members of this and right now. As we see some of the ladies. Code pink. Relied on ABC. Digital right now. How how you became part of this past wall up some. And it ABC news. Yeah. I'm eyes. Yeah. Yeah. Guys. Vehicles that security checkpoint near this is a land routes. What what are the pros and cons of doing some planning to worry that the consequence. You guys gotta get out again. Three Regis yeah. Yeah and he the nonviolent. Not yeah. I really feel. Yeah. Yeah. It's not an attempt to the season. Hillary and I. Earlier we saw some people some surrounding. This loan home banking he felt like he was. Silencing what are your thoughts and in constant shouting people down under the symbol on the right to say they're being silenced by the. Right we're talking about free speech. An Indian. Show me down here not denying my. Playing our commitment yeah. In his nightly yeah. Yeah. And we're law enforcement. This demonstration. Stomach can't wait until the state PC yeah from the likes the law enforcement officials. 500 from all across the country. The city Cleveland put in for us. Thousand sets of protective gear shooting darts rest face masks. Flexible handcuffed visa something something here it was paid for with the million dollar grant been fortunate that we sell but also all of this here comes at a high price the federal government hates him. Taxpayer dollars going to secure in this area. From what we knew. Early on. It would be of very contested convention if not inside. Here on the streets. Maybe a little bit more on the when we are on the move but no one. Is heading out. What intensive. Intent was to get as close as they could without. Bumping up against any barriers and this wall off trump movement. Well right behind me that's another. Starts here. And we're. We'll. Yeah. Yeah. We'll bury its walled off from it here like this is. Probably end I hope that we will be right. We're going to happen Saturday but it loans arena C was happening on the convention according yep big evening coverage plans. You can keep it right here for all of that until next time. A new B she's pregnant.

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