Wisconsin official: ‘Get those ballots back as soon as possible’

Wisconsin Elections Commission Administrator Meagan Wolfe discusses how the state is handling the influx of mail-in ballots, and the process for counting on Election Day.
7:03 | 10/29/20

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Transcript for Wisconsin official: ‘Get those ballots back as soon as possible’
This week the Supreme Court struck down efforts in Wisconsin to allow absentee ballots that arrive after Election Day to be counted so. For the latest on the vote from that critical battleground state let's bring in making wolf from the Wisconsin elections commission thanks so much for joining us. Big monster hadn't. So I asked yesterday with Michigan secretary of state in her advice to voters at this point was to turn in ballots in person saying quote don't rely on the mail. So after that Supreme Court decision what's your recommendation to voters to make sure their valves arrive in time in. And where does that count stand right now as far as how many absentee ballots still need to be returned in your state. Yes so I 33 absentee ballot sneaky back in the state was gone by EPM. On Election Day. In USPS it back then sent out and got to meet to keep her. And rat is critical juncture for the election. Returning absentee ballot their interest since your local election there's are. Or any drop outs in your community is really that fast I seem as well she issued close to one point five billion an absentee ballots misty it was guns and and are still quite a few that are out that he Steelers turned sour ice those night and then to get those bounce back as soon as possible. 123000. Bells were rejected and Wisconsin's April primary which is more votes than decided to 2016 election in your state. With more Wisconsin voters voting by mail for the first time this year. Is there concern and all that more balance will be potentially rejected an and what's being done to let voters correct any issues. So we've been doing a lot to actually eat burgers about the requirements to make sure that their absentee ballots ounces. So that isn't getting back in Spain was got the SEC on Election Day. Also in the sky and you're fired that their vote bears stopped paying its city ticket gets an absentee without. And that they have there Whitney Houston sang this city he gets it right there Agence and that is well. In so we've also built an instance cool technology. Two alerts voters if there is a problem because acted before Election Day into kind of local actually start to get that remedy so that it outlines. Voter ID issue in alerting voters if there's a proud. An earlier this month he raised the need for more poll workers for Election Day but Wisconsin is currently seeing one of the highest rates per capped of coded infections as well as rising hospitalizations and deaths. And your governor has asked residents to voluntarily stay at home as much as possible so do you have of the people in a resource is to run polling sites safely. And what's your advice to voters who will wait until Election Day to vote at the polls in person. We have a higher percentage of absentee ballots than you Christine and in general election so many voters have certain apps in. To participate easing absentee buy meow. We're also seeing voters continue to use the in person absentee practices Dylan nasty mouth oh we expect that they expect it'll be about 40% are expected to turn out that comes in the polls on Election Day. And so we asked reports that was really have stepped up to become followers and encouraged local action days are. Not just happened not forward here is but it's clean and port contingency. In the event that something's not eight officer be president elements for other unexpected resent and so it really has spent. Holes in the first and sewer that we are full workers to process that volume. And all the things like getting out some slack is an education or is about what six back at the polls on Election Day. And who inserted the state experience for Annie and she's a bad option. Of course clerks in your C can't begin to open ballots until the day of the election so do you think they're prepared to handle that huge influx at. And also when do you anticipate having the final result for Wisconsin. Yet thanks for that question has also been a big cart over yet but he's very. Like he's that absence the nasty cannot be processed until the pulls full been on Election Day. Absentee ballots are processed his friend Colin processed at the polls on election it's probably certain Walsh is at least be open to rescue sent honey I'm. When axles full. Does not have to continue to be counted and every lap we return ballot has thanked county and so are lower here is will Keating be diligent meet. Sinner process now accountant average one atom Z thanks counted. Citizens each student pilot and voters in the wind that certain teaching always peaks a number of weeks to complete. I election those are effort officials are results. Election without actually in the Eastern Bank at the municipal well. Then he beats county home and I'm the state level which by our state motto is December 1 is considered by the results an election. Anything here that it unofficial results but how does the county a war will you count. I'm throughout the night eight or is stopped at a certain point as it will be back in the morning and continue counting. Yes so Wisconsin state line every every state is different the Wisconsin state locks doesn't look at that tallying is one continual process speech currently gang. It's a publicly noticed meeting where anybody can come dessert that's county acting continues. Sorry local station complaining bad mistake they'd been cleaning for that additional senators absentee ballots neighbor treated additional full workers and absentee ballots out yours. So that they concealed without higher volumes and many don't expect that it's going to be certainly only nice things that are essentially the following morning. But they're resource appropriately. To get that. Count done efficiently and of course and it. Accurately as possible. And lastly of S several state officials if anything it all is is keeping a Moffett Knight is there anything that concerns you most right now as we head into Election Day. They worry me a mouse it mixed in this information about our election process. There our people Chinese can use voters there's. Misleading information Peter from people of good intentions or people out there and pensions as a leader our intelligence community I recently. I think voters really have a responsibility. To find stacks about election. So Steve attacks from your local action against it's fatal accidents are. About trial relaxing and actually Wear because I am more people know and Hispanics are like some progress. The agency Eileen incredible sea stars that going sneak concerning your vote BC. In securing and that's exactly it. Every single state official we have talked to and I Bassam that question answers the same way that concern is about miss and disinformation mega wolf thank you so much for your son's. 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{"duration":"7:03","description":"Wisconsin Elections Commission Administrator Meagan Wolfe discusses how the state is handling the influx of mail-in ballots, and the process for counting on Election Day. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73892569","title":"Wisconsin official: ‘Get those ballots back as soon as possible’","url":"/Politics/video/wisconsin-official-ballots-back-73892569"}